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  1. Bismark or NC

    If you hate CV, go for NC. If you want to middle fingers those DDs with your secondary then go for Bismarck. Either NC & Bismarck had their own advantage, i've done really well & love both of them..
  2. Should Atago be strengthened?

    Umm.. She's already OP even with that mediocre AA, no need to buff or anything.. Just don't touch my beloved CA..
  3. what is everyone's fun ship?

    Yamato & Atago
  4. Just keep in silence and play normally..
  5. Ship with >500 Random Battle

    Yamato 1k+ Atago 1k+ Kongo 500+
  6. Well.. There's nothing we can do about their behaviours.. It's Asia server, what do you expect??