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  1. ChizuruHishiro

    Lunar Boxes results

    Not bad .
  2. ChizuruHishiro


    Oh wait.....
  3. ChizuruHishiro

    I just did, would YOU? HAVE you?

    yes, Yamato, Montana, Minotaur, Des Moines, Shimakaze, Zao, Republique but the best one is new year camo on my Atago
  4. ChizuruHishiro

    CV emblem

    Emblem means nothing.
  5. ChizuruHishiro

    What is the best Tier for grinding credits

    Just get the Atago. Problem solved.
  6. ChizuruHishiro


    You see? Devastating Strike from CN_70.
  7. You want another shitshow? don't worry we'll give you another one..
  8. Yeah nothing.. Just running away from radar + CV and get Solo Warrior..
  9. ChizuruHishiro

    Santa Containers Thread

    Doubloons, signal, camo
  10. ChizuruHishiro

    Santa Containers Thread

    8 Mega box, all trash.
  11. ChizuruHishiro

    Puerto Rico, time to abandon ship

    this is bullcrap..
  12. ChizuruHishiro

    Winrate mean nothing (just my opinion)

    Mate, i'm just trying to be nice..
  13. ChizuruHishiro

    Winrate mean nothing (just my opinion)

    I don't know & I don't care. I just having fun & love this game..
  14. ChizuruHishiro

    Why is there so many CVs and why are they so broken.

    4 Tier X CV and i'm ok with that..