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  1. EULA_violator


    yes, there's a lot of easter eggs on the maps that WG stuffed in
  2. EULA_violator


    nope, they fed into the enemy blob one by one
  3. EULA_violator


  4. EULA_violator

    Would it be worthy to build a secondary gun Thunderer?

    what the actual fuck please be satire
  5. EULA_violator


    yeah basically this, first game i played after the rework i had 0 idea what to do against them and died to a single CV in one pass, and thought they were completely and utterly broken, even made a forum post about it i hate CVs and so should you - General Discussions - World of Warships Official Asia Forums but then I played CVs and it was.... yeah CV punish people who misplay against them, just like any other class in the game, the biggest difference is the way that the misplays happenes
  6. EULA_violator


    because it's mathematically impossible to lose 90k in 2 runs unless you fucked up hard DBs does maybe 10-12k on a brand new Montana that hasn't taken any damage yet, with that kind of AA still intact he'll get 2 full drops off at most, so that's 20-35k tops unless you DPCed one fire the torps are very easy to mitigate unless you're alone and the alpha is terrible individually as well, so thats like 8-12k at most per drop, again it's at most 20kish dmg so that's 50k dmg at the best of circumstances, like you literally not even trying to dodge, and being alone from anyone who might even help. that's a very big difference from losing 90k
  7. EULA_violator


    who could you possibly referring to
  8. EULA_violator

    Silver Ranked Battles

    ofc, and the various times that people who strolls the forums do push up and support you, surely you support them in return? hmmm? no lol, you don't even know how to play and you're just making excuses, we know it's excuses that you make to yourself to feel better. we've seen you do the exact opposite of what you claim to do, and we're saying that your reasoning and logic is bullshit. you don't not do what DDs should do because you don't want to, you don't do it because you have no idea how to do so, and those BS excuses you post under every reply that even mentions teams being unresponsive is just your way of self vindicating your point of view, and you know what, we're sick and tired of it. you play like crap, you screw over your team, it doesn't matter at the end of the day what excuses you give to justify it. You are playing a team game and taking one the most important roles, and yet when it comes time to do your role you don't do it, screwing over everyone on your team. and you know what's the worst part? it's the fact you have the nerve to try and promote that stupid ideal to other players so you can make a bigger hugbox around your own sheer incompetence. stop it
  9. EULA_violator

    Silver Ranked Battles

    no, you arnt suicidal, you're shit any DD worth his salt knows how to be aggressive, do his damn job, and not be "suicidal" stop making excuses for your incompetency
  10. EULA_violator

    Silver Ranked Battles

    oh no, the reason we call you out on your bullshit isn't that we don't know what how you play or what you say, the reason we call you out is BECAUSE we know how you play, and the sheer hypocrisy you spout on the forums disgusts us we have people here who actively pushed past the point of no return only to get screwed over when you did jack shit with your support, and we have people who's had to suffer your BS hiding in the back doing nothing. again, you can pretend you're doing nothing wrong, that's fine, but don't get asshurt when people point out how badly you perform, regularless of whatever BS excuse you give
  11. EULA_violator

    Silver Ranked Battles

    why are we having this convrosation again @Mechfori you are wrong, that's why you suck so much in game you can pretend that you aren't playing the wrong way, but the stats don't lie
  12. EULA_violator

    Going from ranked to randoms is frustrating

    and yet here you were assumeing that players with high karma get them because they were complimenting eachother in divs.... turnabout is fair play ainnit
  13. EULA_violator

    Going from ranked to randoms is frustrating

    it's so sad that you dont have any friends to play with, if you did then you would know that divmates cant complement each other
  14. EULA_violator

    CV Thought

    ah yes, another person who comes and whines about stuff he doesn't know about FYI many CV players have suggested nerfs and change to CV mechanics, especially the most busted issue of spotting sharing. ya know, the stuff that actually is busted from a game sense instead of brainlessly whining about stuff they don't understand like "muh infinite planes, muh AA dont work, muh cant hurt CVs back". But of course, informed suggestions that are given knowing what the capabilities and limitations of CVs are could never be fair because it's the CV players suggesting it
  15. EULA_violator

    Going from ranked to randoms is frustrating

    ah yes, throwing your ship away to lose your team a game certainly counts as breaking a stalemate, you aren't wrong there, and you did get your fun, but where's the fun for your teammates who have to carry your deadweight that's pure BS, spotting the enemy team via consistently engaging and having them shoot back at you should only be an option if your DDs and CVs all had a collective seizure, and even then keeping them firing =/= "I must have them shoot me", unless the enemy team is all AFK there will always be people who are shooting, feeding them a free kill does nothing except weaken your team's firepower and capacity to spread out damage. If you're in the "thick of it, fighting for our lives" , still doing peanuts for damage, and drags the team down, then consider not doing it, no one asked you to take that risk and no one asked you to throw you enabled jack shit, there is 0 circumstance that losing a ship is favorable to any ship unless it to complete a goal trade your ship for a cap that's very difficult for the enemy to take back? trade your ship for a higher tier/much more useful ship? prevent a critical location from being taken/ship being killed? sure, you'll get nothing for praise for it, but I highly doubt you are doing it for anything other than "much play for fun" and reward? the only reward anyone is getting is the enemy being awarded a free kill and points, as well as your team being rewarded a deadweight you're in a ship with no heals? staying in cover/in concealment and spotting/dishing out damage is by far more useful. In a ship that has a heal? you can spread out tanking with your teammates a lot more usefully and still deal a ton of damage. stop making excuses for feeding, curb your sense of entitlement and self-satisfaction for bring practically useless again, if you're tossing out a number as "much vindication" then at least have the courtesy of getting that number right, if you cant even get this right then why should we trust anything else you say?