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  1. EULA_violator

    New Clan ....

    Hatred to the name is understandable and the modern association is shit, but it's not a ban on the name except in very few countries, mostly it's a ban on displaying flags, symbols and iconophilia accosted by that regime
  2. EULA_violator

    New Clan ....

    If we are gonna talk about that, then shall we talk about the killstreak "democratic" countries and ideals racked up? or there are going to be people who are going to pretend stuff like Serbia, Korea, Nam and the clusterfuck that are all the orchestrated coups in the middle east, SEA and SA never happened The only reason that the Nword party gets dunked on so hard now is that there's no surviving lineage of countries or mainstream parties willing to associate itself with them or defend their actions, and the fallout in historical context was so bad that the very word invokes images of war crimes. but that doesn't mean that people get to bring in other "ideals" as somehow worse or tote other ideals as better politics in a stupid ship game is even dumber than just the dumb game itself
  3. so if the game is buggy they aren't allowed to play? yeah no, this is on WG for not fixing for this long, there's nothing in the rules that says they cant load battle when they have no idea if they'll DC or not, esp when it's out of no fault of their own, I've deadass DCed and couldn't reconnect when streaming 4k youtube in the background. or if you want to penalize players for "playing when shouldn't be playing". then shall we start to hardware gate ppl with FPS too low to play well, or ISP gate people with bad ping? or shall we region block the Aussies every time a shark chomps the underwater cable? it makes 0 sense
  4. dosnt work like that you get a few games where there's no issues, then out of nowhere you get kicked from loading screen or the middle of the match and cant reconnect there's literally no way to predict it, I've had streaks where I DCed for 3 games in a row, I've also had games where its all good for up to hours
  5. EULA_violator

    25% debuff for selected Ops thoughts

    the best case scenario if that's a thing would be MAD, the world is better off with neither of them around if parasites gets into a tumor, you cut them off together and leave both them out to hang, you wouldn't hack one off just to reattach the other would you? Quote updated. ~ADM_dude
  6. EULA_violator


    1. yama's belt is actually quite thick, it's just that it's not a layered cit 2. there's plenty of things that cant cit yama at T10 unless it's at decently close ranges 3. RNG is a thing
  7. EULA_violator


    dont bring politics into this
  8. EULA_violator

    No ASW?

  9. EULA_violator

    No ASW?

    as of now she's my 4rd favorite t10, only behind salem, bourg and immel
  10. EULA_violator

    No ASW?

    No problem get deleted bish
  11. EULA_violator

    3.4k BXP Salem hypercarry

  12. EULA_violator

    3.4k BXP Salem hypercarry

    the best part was deleting the sub from full HP, screw subs
  13. EULA_violator

    Des Moines DON'T work for me anymore

    positioning issues from the times that i've met him in game
  14. EULA_violator

    How long till subs are dropped out of games?

    ??? what are you talking about, as of now subs are free rentals
  15. EULA_violator

    SHARE your Tech Trees

    T10 on every line except for the tashkent one with a few ships unpurchased