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  1. Drakon233

    WOWS age demographic

    Lets say the lower end of 20ish
  2. Drakon233

    kansas rant

    even so, after the repair cost changes the costs are all but negligible...
  3. Drakon233

    Jutland or Z-46

    jutland is stronger tier for tier, but i would say that z46 is a bit more fun/flexible
  4. this is the same WG that said "we assume that our players are literally too stupid to look at 2 things at once so we're compensating for their stupidity" so I'm not surprised, just disappointed because that was a pretty good idea
  5. Drakon233

    kansas rant

    so, i played kansas up to 90k XP because i wanted to grind past this turdpile when It still had prem status so i didn't have to actually assign a high leveled captain to make this manure cart move a few things that i noticed as i played more with the flameing trash bun the armor is actually pretty tanky at mid to close ranges but since the ship is so fat it's actually harder to angle proper while keeping your guns almost trained compared to something like a NC or bama the AA is very, very good. despite having short range if the enemy CV or the same tier wants to strike you with something that isn't a TB that can dive below flak then he can expect to get his whole squad wiped off the face of the earth, even if you are alone the speed is still ass the guns have progressively gotten worse the more i play it, the dispersion is borderline unplayable with how long the reload is, it actually has lower penn and damage than 380s and honestly i would take 12 balti/buffalo 203s over these failures of democracy you cant snipe because the guns are ass, you cant brawl cuz you'll burn down before you get there and the reload isn't good enough to "brawl", you can only play at mid-range being a damage sponge and hope that the enemy focuses you and not the team, but not too hard cuz you still burn down easily and cant disengage in conclusion? prepare medication before playing it, because you're far more likely to die of aneurysm or stroke IRL before someone on the enemy team does in game from this floating offense to humanity
  6. yeah honestly that's a good idea, most of the time what kills you in a DD isn't even the CV's drops anyways. it's more getting spotted when getting to close to the enemies trying to reposition and getting monged down by their fleet as for lower tiered CVs... the only one I would consider to be overpowered (and it's extremely overpowered) is hosho and maybe the pair of prems at T6, the rest of them have pretty shitty damage output in even the most skilled player's hands that's hard-capped by the low speed and low damage on the strike packages, it doesn't really matter how suriveable the planes are if they arnt doing damage...
  7. Drakon233

    What do you think about Marceau?

    it's a pretty overspecialized DD that's very strong in certain situations, but those situations are either rare or hard to force you are the strongest dogfighting DD, but with more than 1.5km gap between you and the typical torp boat it's not easy to catch up to them and run them down without eating massive amounts of damage from his teammates you have the highest DPM of any DD and you can spam BB/stationary tanking CAs very hard, but your arcs are so bad that if you do it without cover even with engine boost on you risk getting whacked by returning fire you have the best AA for a french DD, but your air concealment is still ass and while you can take chunks out of an incoming squadron's planes if the enemy CV isn't an MVR or a Haku he can still make you very dead very fast I would say that it's a ship that's very unfriendly for newer players of this type of ship, when played in the right hands it can be terrifying
  8. Drakon233

    code still works

    not working for me anymore
  9. it's a RJ, which means that he had to have been eating torps. the rockets are crap on that thing and 2 minutes isn't enough for him to rotate a 2nd squad in to whack him again I mean he could have been broadsideing the rockets and waiting for them to drop him but if that's the case then getting whacked is on him
  10. "MuH Aa" people here, on Reddit and god, knows where else they've been complaining about this have said probably hundreds of times. AA isn't designed to lock out planes, they are fundamentally designed to act as a deterrent and a delayed measure to make sure the CV cant come back for repeated strikes. what's happening now is that WG wants the CV to get at least one strike in before the squad get wiped since singular strikes do terrible damage for the amount of time it takes to actually initiate one, and if AA I strong to the point where a single ship can stop a full squad then CVs might as well be useless since ships travel in groups and the AA stack up in layman's terms: WG hard-capped the damage per strike and made it so CVs need to come back for repeated strikes to get their damage, the AA mechanic has been changed to prevent repeated strikes as opposed to prevent getting damaged at the end of the day, it's still all about map awareness and damage mitigation. are certain CVs OP? sure some of them are, like how belfast, musashi and GC are OP. but people don't complain about them as a class anymore then they are whining how Albemarle, GK and NY are UP tho to be fair, it's not even the AA isn't doing what it's supposed to, it's just that captain skills/modules that boost AA don't generally do much and MAA is literally a debuff to AA... so WG did screw up there, I've honestly like to see AA lowered a bit across the board and make the AA skills more effective so there are actual incentives and bonus to taking them
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  13. Drakon233

    A rant

    Battleships(x) Thunderers(√)
  14. that's cuz they cant steal any jobs from the yanks if we already stole them all