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  1. the real qustion is, why are you thinking of fighting them in a T8?
  2. hard to kill? you're joking arent you
  3. "something something less developed countries cant speak english" are you talking about that screenshot?
  4. you use 202 to defend the team, 013 to have a chance of carrying them, and 111 if you hate them
  5. you dont have fun? ok, go play another game then, complaining about "no teamwork" and "no coordination" on this server and how teams always fail here wont do you any favors, whineing about how you've spent a fortune in the game either wont and im not sure if you are saying im using a bot in game or if im emotionless as a bot, but i dont care either way, and i dont see WG being upset loseing just one player like you over things like "i cant change servers", so for all anyone cares, go start anew on NA or play another game that's enjoyable, why would you keep playing the game if you "suffer" from it?
  6. repost due to shitty internet, can a mod delete this pos please
  7. there have been at least 2 NC guides on this forums, i highly suggest you use the search function
  8. im salty? that's news to me. i ALWAYS pick TYL containers
  9. did you say MM?
  10. that's not LOL MM THIS is lol MM
  11. ofc, this mission dosnt give super containers
  12. well know to you, not to everyone, cultural differences does that