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  1. the guns are quite underwhelming though, it's decent as a credit cow, but T8 prems are still better
  2. yuro makes the video, shakbait do the script
  3. dont, start off with either german, IJN or french CAs, RN CLs are VERY hard to play (unless you mean the RNCA line)
  4. T4& above
  5. meanwhile only one of the 10 ships in the tech tree is communist, ironic
  6. as a ST are you REALLY sure it;s a good idea to advocate breaking the EULA? Quote updated. ~amade
  7. well, as long as it's not the exact name and im just using his nickname, it should be fine because that name is only really known in the Chinese circles
  8. jqs?
  9. 6 compliments in 2 battles just this morning
  10. you know what, as much as sharkbait is troll, you have to give it to him for the sheer dedication to ridiculousness that he puts into each post kudos to you sir
  11. and your post were not humorous
  12. that's more your ego speaking then anything else
  13. and someone who knows how to use aimbots and use it to predict their shots will be better then you
  14. no, that's conqueror