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  1. drakon233

    DD counter to CV

    or this, been a while but the point still stands
  2. drakon233

    Moskva Legendary upgrade worth it?

    henri, yamato, grozovoi, DM
  3. drakon233

    Server Crisis / confusion!

    if one actually gets made can i go club in it?
  4. drakon233

    Server Crisis / confusion!

    CN server had way higher of a population than every other server by far, it made sense for them to have their own while aussies makeup a small portion of asia, the smallest server, it's the same case as with the Korean server. it makes no sense to open one especially for you guys. in fact it's probably a good thing even for you
  5. drakon233

    Server Crisis / confusion!

    i would call the great Korean/Chinese exodus of 2017/2018 a pretty damn big crisis #MakeSEAgreatAgain
  6. drakon233

    a new personal best

    i dont think i've ever had this go so high, anyone else here have a picture with a higher record?
  7. drakon233

    Friesland build?

    you have 95% the DPM of a darling and better hydro lul, just spec the same as it and you'll be fine
  8. drakon233

    thoughts on rank sprint

    finished tonight after a few days of casual play, it only took 24 game, much less than last season for some reason, even tho back then i was cheeseing with belfast divisions speaking from experience in both CVs and surface ships, this sprint CVs are not OP, gunboats DDs, BBs with excellent accuracy/ROF/overmatch and perth is. contrary to some people's claims, they wont save star unless your team is bad enough to let them. and due to the low ammount of rockets/bombs pre salvo they carry"just dodge" actually does apply to DDs at this tier, it's the bulkier CA/CLs that get screwed over by TBs and rockets the planes are also much slower at T6 too, but why does that matter? The lack of strike power in all the T6 CVs means that you actually have very little impact in the game. Unlike in T10 where the amount of armor that everyone has makes it quite difficult to dislodge entrenched ships for everyone except CVs who can consistently do a large amount of damage against extremely tanky ships like GK, Kremlin or yamato, everyone in T6 can over-match each other, making the TTK for these ships much faster than in T10, thus the effect of having much worse strike rotation & alpha strike capability tier for tier is amplified to a level where they simply are not as effective as surface ships at T6. also, Aigle OP, WG please dont nerf this thing so i can cheese with a 19k HP gunboat that can easily shred other DDs and even CAs&BBs while having excellent torps and maneuverability
  9. drakon233

    WG Buff CV plz

    again with trying to twist the facts? that's the first reply you posted to me after i replied to you, so yeah..... being a pathological liar is a serious mental issue, i suggest you get that checked with a physiologist
  10. drakon233

    WG Buff CV plz

    oh yes, because resorting to insults in the pinnacle of human intelligence when logic fails you, as it does every time you try to argue(and fail) and prove that CVs are "OP" and if you have to resort to insulting my offline persona for being a weeb, then i might as well use the fact that you actually think debate is a university major really just goes to show who the ignorant one here, if you want to "fight me irl bro" lmao
  11. drakon233

    WG Buff CV plz

    but you already did
  12. drakon233

    WG Buff CV plz

    oh gods no, RTS is a whole gigantic can of worms that no one wants. i for one do NOT want to start get DSed in a surface ship at the start of the game again
  13. drakon233

    WG Buff CV plz

    you know, if only that chrome that made trump's tweets look like they were drawn by hand in crayon applied to forum tweets, at least then your replies will be interesting, better than enduring your usual ramblings and stupidity.
  14. drakon233

    WG Buff CV plz

    this i agree with wholeheartedly, T4 CVs and hosho in particular is way way too OP and WG needs to whack it with a nerf club the size of Russia
  15. drakon233


    oh but he did have a very personal vendetta against me, i murders both his div-mates and their pushing superior flank