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  1. INB4 [content removed] [MEGA]drakon233: detonation Inappropriate. Post edited, user sanctioned. ~amade
  2. it's trendy now? i dunno, i had it when a relative of mind came back for a biz trip to down under and brought this fracking bundle of kangeroo tails it almost ruined my childhood, when you realize ur eating frigging kangeroos "you said you liked kangeroos" "not like this..."
  3. be a good troll, be like drakon, drakon is smart, drakon trolls all the time but only has been banned 15 times for being a salty racist trolling prick.
  4. im not that stupid lol, it's just banter kek
  5. this is a decent~ish match for me, only made 2000 base XP but the credit income is very high, i only had the zulu and prem camo for eco boosters and had all credit consumable, still made a very good profit
  6. send me some kangeroo tail willya, i miss that, the thing tastes damn good when you roast it over a pit wrapped in tinfoil and spices
  7. this actually reminds me of this chill aussie guy i was chatting with yesterday in game and this is why i like chatting with Aussies when they aint salting at me
  8. like, don't you guys go watch opera after getting wasted at the pub and then go boxing with a roo before going back home? that seems like a legit Austrian thing to di
  9. becareful of any aspireing artists with a tooth brush mastache...
  10. thanks for takeing the time to reply, it's nice to see the staff careing about the players enough to interact with them on another note i would like to ask is who can i talk to to arrange a cross server tournament, please PM me if you are intersted in helping thanks
  11. T8 prem level of income
  12. this meme will explaine all, you guys are the EU of Asia
  13. without perma camo i lcan break even in my T10 ships if i do decent (100k dmg), with prem camo i make about 150k credits for each decent battle with all them prem consumables. but generally speaking even most unicums cant make consistent credit in T10 with no modifier (disclaimer, DOES NOT APPLY FOR CV)
  14. i farm credits on DM/montana/mino these days tho, only lower tier ships i play are the UKBBs that im grinding and MK/Loyang
  15. at the beginning of the battle use your concealment and get to 12/13km of the enemy and turn tk kiteing position, go half speed and try to lure in a few idiots (thisisbait.jpg) and get them away from their main fleet when the match is getting to a end you use islands and go for CQC attacks, always remember that your AP is really good against broadsided targets even at range and choose targets carefully