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  1. drakon233

    Game is becoming a JOKE!!!!!!!

    really? i usually see a fire per every 1-2 salvos, and if he dares to DCP i just MBR and stack another 2-3 on him, that's easily 30-40% of his HP gone
  2. drakon233

    Game is becoming a JOKE!!!!!!!

    “the T5 BB so good they put it in T6 with exactly 0 buffs and did fine is ok for me but i still somehow manage to get shredded by paper CA/CLs” ok then...
  3. drakon233

    Ship name proposal(s) - Just for funsies

    HMS boaty mc boatface
  4. drakon233

    Ship name proposal(s) - Just for funsies

    倭国 literally means "country of midgets" and was a less of name than it is a insult the spelling of the word 倭 is "wa" and eventually the Japanese replaced 倭 with 和 which means "harmony"( same spelling )
  5. drakon233

    Thank You

    or go to KFC if they really need so scrape the bottom of the barrel, but then again i dont think even they would trust him to not give the customers food poisoning
  6. drakon233

    Thank You

    WG is not a public company so......
  7. drakon233

    Game is becoming a JOKE!!!!!!!

    no, it's very efficient to stack fires with HE with a JB, especially when going up against ships like GK that's got pretty good armor but is ls slow and sluggish
  8. drakon233

    Can someone explain me how xp calculation is done?

    dmg to ships% + dmg to planes% + cap s+ potential dmg + spotting importance in order
  9. drakon233

    CV rework

    i like how a simple poll turned into another ragefest againt CVs, fun aint it
  10. drakon233

    CV rework

    because, saipan, kaga, enterprise and graf zep
  11. drakon233

    CV rework

    old CV/new CV spotting highly consistent spotting over a area, but will sacrifice mg output heavily / can spot a area well while maintaining very strong damage output damage less consistent strike but has the ability to one shot almost everything given the right conditions / very consistent strikes over a longer period of time, but multiple strikes allows for more room for error, and as bonus can stack DOT even heavier than ever before hanger limited hanger, need to conserve planes heavily / unlimited hanger but longer recycle times against AA losing planes per squad means high loss of strike potential per strike / losing planes does not matter since you have reserves in the air, lowers strike number, which aloe lowers strike im not whineing, but pick your poision
  12. drakon233

    Should I Instal Back WoWs?

    dont, i'd hear you rageing from across the city
  13. Des Moins /Worcester/ Minotaur
  14. drakon233

    HE is a disease

    oh ffs WG, why does your forums always suck cock like this, if you cant fix your damn game can you at least try to fix your forums
  15. drakon233

    HE is a disease

    see, this is your issue, when you dont play the ship like how it was designed by WG to played, you will be shitted on, there is a place in the game in each ship, and while you *can* make it work in some other role that WG never intended it to(coughcvtankingcough), you need immense amounts of skill, map knowlage, understanding of each ship you fight ect to make it work, something i seriously doubt you, with less than 2k battles have, so my advice right now is to just go watch and learn what the good players do first and build you game knowledge before playing the ships opposite to how they should be