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  1. drakon233

    Server Connectivity

    *order from amazon, next day delivery, buy one get one now with amazon prime* this message was sponsored by amazon.com
  2. drakon233

    remove CV or give me stronger AA

    are you drunk sir? would you like to try to repost that again when sober?
  3. since when did the french have radar?
  4. drakon233

    New premium ship spotted?

  5. drakon233

    New premium ship spotted?

    bathe them in blood more like in CN, we call those ppl who never speak up normally, but show off when they get something good in crates or gatchas "seals" they spend most of the time submerged and unseen, and only let the sun of day shine on their ass-cracks when they have something to show off to everyone. the term of "sealclubbing" is actually used when you want to mute some dickwad that got missouri in one crate drop for his stupid luck and how jelly it makes everyone
  6. drakon233

    New premium ship spotted?

    or your firstborn will also do
  7. drakon233

    New premium ship spotted?

    https://bbs.nga.cn/read.php?tid=15828941&_ff=441 https://bbs.nga.cn/read.php?tid=15855988&_ff=441 i know you can read chinese
  8. drakon233

    New premium ship spotted?

    from the statistics on the CN forums, starting from 1k usd, if you are lucky and already own mst prems
  9. idiots play this game like a slow paced FPS, while the chad unicums play it like a RTS with FPS elements, and what's the most important aspect of RTSs? information CE denies the other team of information for a few critical seconds while you get info in advance. it's true the since everyone takes CE that it dosnt give you a edge over everything else, but if you dont take it it's intentionally handicapping yourself. which is stupid so yeah, take out of that what you will
  10. drakon233

    Was getting Black Friday Containers a waste?

    the drop rates for T8 in mega containers are close to nil, be happy with what you got
  11. drakon233

    Musashi Counter?

    no, the overmatch also applies when going against heavily angled ships, esp the likes of conq and rep as well as all the T10 CAs, even with the wonky Penn machinic they still do more than enough damage to nullify the troll armor that makes everything else shooting at them useless unless you go for superstructure
  12. drakon233

    Musashi Counter?

    after playing yamato for CW and grinding out the Degen mod, i'll beg to differ, overmater is not overrated when you can aim
  13. drakon233

    Change server

    it's not hard, in fact it's really easy, it just dosnt fit with their intrests
  14. drakon233

    Musashi Counter?

    being accurate=/= good guns the USN guns have the worst penn apart from the German 406s, and worst reload if you choose to take accuracy over reload, which means you either get decent dispersion with the longest reload at the tier, or ok dispersion with normal reload, none of which is that good of a option, frankly if not for the radar and credit gains, Missouri would not be nearly as populous as she is