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  1. honestly yeah, if all 3 DDs went alone that meant the rest of the team is fked
  2. apparently they considered it "griefing" dont ask me how or why
  3. i will say this tho, he seems to be going around asking other CCs about... certain stuff, I know for a fact that he's PMed a certain CC about some rather spesic stuff, I won't say any details but it seems like he's trying to gather evidence or wood for the rageing anti WG/CV bonfire boner he's got his community in right now meh, a bigger bonfire to roast my popcorn and marshmallows over then
  4. mfw i dont even consider CVs that good overall anymore, sticking with my cruisers and DDs thank you ver much, people who complains about CVs should at least make a effort to understand the class, but we all know they wont
  5. reminder on how you cant argue with floupies with facts or reason
  6. Drakon233

    So.. uhm.. I datamined the forums.

    im not sure how i feel about this
  7. Drakon233

    Roast me!!!

    are you sure? welp, since people are already doing it below I might as well I would shame you but your stats already speak for themselves thank god you aren't an Asian or your parents would have disowned you over stats like that nice bot BTW, congrats on making everyone that those stats are from a human player, a few more tweeks and matches and it might even reach the server average
  8. Drakon233

    The Zoupening

    zoup, larf
  9. oh, oh no.... how's your wallet?
  10. Drakon233

    Should CV spot or deal damage?

    both https://forum.worldofwarships.asia/topic/45520-drakons-cv-guide-for-intermediates-and-ama-too-i-guess/ i never finished the last 2 parts and meta's kinda changed to be more conservative, but most of what I typed down there still applies
  11. Drakon233

    Possible cheating player?

    it's normal, i had 10k higher damage in midway back when I only had around 30 games, haku is also doable
  12. Drakon233

    Guess what I killed

    1. smaland is a outlier thats so op that they are taking her off shelves 2. thats still not a excuse to not take SE on a DD, 3.5k can easily be the diffrence between life and death when fighting against a enemy DD 3. why would you facecheck a smaland when you know that there's one on the enemy team
  13. Drakon233

    i played the new patch

    nice to see my suspicions of the meta being terrible was true, AFKing never felt so good
  14. Drakon233

    Guess what I killed

    if you're a dumbass who eats other shimakaze torps or get caught bow on in radars consistently, then yes, it wont make any difference