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  1. if we penalized the playerbase for being shit, we wouldnt have a playerbase left
  2. oh, you found the debater's chart, nice one lol
  3. not indonesia tho a bit of background on SEA/china/korean culturesstorytime when WG decided to make a flag that wouldnt offend the majority of asian players, they really hit the mark with the dragon flag. unlike in western culture, where dragons were monsters that attacked, destroyed and made off with princesses so that some plunky knight could ride in, kill the dragon and ride off into the sunse as the hero, asian dragons are much more varied. in many cultures here dragons are instead idols of worship that were said to be the bringers of rain and good harvest. these beings were oft accioated with the water, fire, air and thunder(i know it's not a actual element but still) In china, korea and japan where the culture and belives were a pretty big melting pot back then, dragons were also accioated with good luck(one of the 4 beasts of fortune) imperial privlige, and were used to describe "things that are extrodronary" , pretty fitting for the only asian line we're probally gonna get in thailand, vietnam and cambodia, dragons, or "nagas" were very closely accioated with the 2 major religions of ancient eras, hinduism and buddhism. here they were the mounts of buhddas and sometimes manisfetion of the gods themselves, so dragnons can also be used to represent these countrys due to the historical connections they have now indo-malay arias on the otherhand... they are muslims now and that's what their national identy mostly are these days, and muslim culture devoloped in the arab regions, so historicaly speaking, even though they had dragons in the lore and culture, they were drowned out by the muslim culture and so isnt so closely accioated with them anymore (correct me if im wrong, im intrested to hear what local ppl from these countries think of this)
  4. 16 battles, how bout you bring out your non alt account and say it again eh? updated quote ~tc1259
  5. actually, apart from indonesia which dosnt have too much history with dragons, china/TW, korean and thailand are all represented quite well by dragons in lore, culture and legends
  6. Calling All Hindenburg Captains

    putting on more surival skills
  7. Calling All Hindenburg Captains

    usually it's more the zaos and utility ships that take RPF, hindy needs to maximize its damage output and make sure it can win against any solo target it comes across and fights back, its not a must take for CW hindyhindyhindy
  8. Calling All Hindenburg Captains

    this is my CW build hindy this is a AA spec troll hindy (replace CE W MAA if you dont worry about BBs outspotting you) this is double rudder surival build hindy
  9. Calling All Hindenburg Captains

    y'all crazy, obviously AS is the best choice
  10. Scharnhorst vs Gneisenau

    she's faster then scrn IIRC and has the most troll AA in T7 apart from lanta/fint
  11. might have had sth to do with my clan tag? ppl dont generally mess with us, one of my clanmates went into ST same time as me and he's still there (i left), and he VERY rarely gets TKed, prerhapes once or twice the entire last year...
  12. during my time during supertesting i never had anyone try to tk me...
  13. legendary kaptain hanz when
  14. The US camouflage

    cuz we all tried to remove it from memory