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  1. Wows can not log in China!!!

    im going back to guangxi tomorrow and I expect to be playing on a VPN, otherwise my ping spikes from 50-500 on a regular basis
  2. Firstly, I DONT PLAY PVE. OK? and div probably didn't either. besides, if they lost against bots then it's less of a "I used a stupid tacktic hurr durr" and more of a "im mentally challenged"
  3. khaba need buff

    playing against T10s=/=knowing how it feels to play a T10
  4. khaba need buff

    well, dick isn't a banned word here afaik, but kahbas here is far less useful here due to amount of focus fire there is on this damn server
  5. Lowest damage record as well plz

    triple caps in a montana
  6. Wows can not log in China!!!

    your connection is shitty, it's not blocking you trying using UU to speed up your gaming speed
  7. khaba need buff

    coop dosnt count and high tier as in T10, T8 is mid tiers
  8. khaba need buff

    even Tashkent is mush better
  9. A question on landing hits

    12-17 tbh the best engagement range of each tier is the average max range of the same tier CAs (t9/10 not withstanding)
  10. When can we pay with Alipay?

    they said they are trying to fix it as soon as possible
  11. means you a kasual pleb rich fegg
  12. MM Rant

    that's a screenshot from half a year ago or more
  13. What is it I haven't grasped ?

    ah, I see you might want to go hit up the WG wiki before you play randoms wo brush up on whatever you need to
  14. What is it I haven't grasped ?

    I also have a question, how the heck do you have almost 9000 battles and not know this?
  15. What Am i Doing Wrong ? IOWA IX

    the damage you did was practically useless, wasting all that time shooting at BBs that easily heals back, you'd get higher XP by dealing 40k dmg to a CAs or DDs