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  1. the Belfast's gimmic is the HE, smoke, radar and concealment mod, with out smoke and radar it's still got the concealment mod and HE
  2. no ship is really that op tbh that no one can deal with it if a unicum plays it, it only makes it more difficult, just remember that even unicums can be killed through HE and fire the only real exceptions to this is if you are spesifically countered in the ship you are in, like if a unicum belfast fight a a unicum DD, the end result is pretty easy to see. the biggest impact only comes when you have 3 unicums working together in a div, which in that case means that they are highly likely to smash your team reguardless of what they play and to be honest, the most op ships out there are not reward ships, it's the belfast, loyang, saipan ect ect, ships previously or still obtainable in the prem shop
  3. wow, i hacnt seen so much salt in one thread since the hacker incidents on the chinese forums, i sure did miss a lot on my long nap.nap. spicy
  4. proving you didn't even bother to read the post when I wrote it, I added that edit just a few secs after I originally posted it, why bother responding with these nonsensical replys if you don't even bother to read through what others posted here
  5. huh, got this post mixed with the other one whineing about the rewards, whoopes
  6. well, I have asked him to put all his arguments in a single thread so we can sort it out but he's just been lashing out, cant stop someone who dosnt want to be stopped
  7. it isn't equal solo players and CW players are not equal solo players don't spend hours coming up with strats and ship comps solo players don't sacrifice very specific hours that are really valuable just so they can play solo players don't spend the time needed to cultivate the community that their clans are in and the clans around them solo players take the long way around to get a reward from a mode that they didn't invest as much time in how difficult is that to understand
  8. https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=whining actually I can and I will, because I can use my rights to speak freely on the forums just as well as you can, so until you can explain why your arguments make sense in a way that isn't easily rebuttable, I will call it whining edit: why don't you list all the points you think makes your argument viable and let us rebut it one by one, hummm ? makes it much faster and easier
  9. look at me, my clan was top on asia for the 2nd week of clan wars and even im not getting the Stalingrad, no one sees me whining about it since I know I didn't put in as much commitment
  10. and you are implying that WG is discriminating to you for "being solo", it's just rewarding more to those who invest more, get over it
  11. so what's your point, large and organized clans are not excluded from those? are you saying you wont be satisfied until you as a solo player gets all the benefits of them without putting in anywhere near as much effort and commitment? get off your high horse
  12. RSTC is a entirely different matter all together, they play on CN and were the top ranking clan there in CW
  13. "MEGA" most embarrassing gamers Asia god tier noobs most typhoon clans are decent, hurricane clans are reliable, and anything below that standard I don't trust too much