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  1. drakon233

    Expensive Exercise to Play Halloween Ships

    well you only really need to do it once to fivestar for farming the stuff..
  2. drakon233

    Expensive Exercise to Play Halloween Ships

    if we're talking about sunray... unless you actually have a team of 7 very capable players in a VC together it's almost impossiable to do the tasks without the modules
  3. IJN hibiki after the soviets changed her turrets to the SVN 130mm as a T7 or even a T8, like the old gunbote fubuki on steroids
  4. drakon233


    what, montana is more likely to win, better armor and good guns makes her a bitch to kill with a yamato, a well angled montana is immune to yamato shells unless the yamato know to shoot exactly for the bow, aft and superstructure, which saturates quickly
  5. drakon233


    it sounds a lot more like a case of "properly angleing the best armor against AP in game", but upload your replay and we'll see what's going on https://replayswows.com/
  6. drakon233

    Hiding Profile

    git gud
  7. have you ever considered that you are the person that the server is using to balance the teams?
  8. all 4? damn, care to donate one to me?
  9. drakon233

    matchmaking algorithm

    WG keeps that a secret for "preventing people from rigging and abusing the algorithm" meanwhile CV botting and 788s are repents and they don't give a shit. go figure
  10. drakon233


    WG UI is imfamously bad across the board, you'd get the same complaints from WOT and perhaps even WOWP players
  11. drakon233

    Anyone buying these?

    it's a sign ralph, that anyone who bought that camo would have been so wasted that he emptied the entirety of that massive beer barrel, how else would they have been able to have mount it without the contents spilling out
  12. look on the bright side, I carried your arse last match
  13. drakon233

    i feel punished because played only focus on one ship.

    only 3 detonations? those are rookie numbers also, play zao like a torpboat and you'll do fine