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  1. shh, dont disagree with the OP. he'll threaten to spill your milk
  2. they... aren't remotely the same kid kitakaze is a pretty decent hybrid DD that can do both brawls, capping and HE spam, combined with good concealment for such a heavy broadside of guns at the tier she's considered one of if not the best DD harugumo gets 1 extra gun in exchange for worse concealment, eating full penns from BBAP slower speed and a turning circle the size of Jupiter, and she's considered one of the worst DDs at T10
  3. ehh i wouldn't mind, but honestly watching a few vids on youtube is really much better for learning the basics
  4. eeh, i'd say if the can help remove a pesky mino or wooster lurking and AA screening then i count it as an absolute win anyways, i typically don't even go after DDs unless they are doing something important or about to, it's actually much more efficient to just pop a FT over his head and continue on your way to zoning enemy capital ships do remember that if you waste too much time hunting down a single DD then there's a pretty good chance the enemy CV has bloodied your main force already, rework CVs can certain hunt and chase down a single DD late game, but it sure as hell isn't going to stop a dedicated push without significant help
  5. for DDs? they need to tell me if they are going to a cap and if they need a FT, i have low expectations of BBs and CAs so i usually don't actively try to help a specific one unless im sure that he's good player, in which case I'll coordinate with him via F-keys to bring the smack on someone, extra points if it's the enemy CV at the beginning of the match. i guess the most important thing they can do is to communicate with me, if they need a DD removed then they need to tell me a approximation on where he is and confirmation that i do need to go help, apart from that as long as they can keep in mind i cant be everywhere on the map doing everything at the same time then we're all chill
  6. my pride as a native speaker will not let me use google's shitty translate for something that I've worked so hard when i wrote it in Chinese for NGA, the peeps there are far more judgemental and strict than here (now if only i can find the time to translate the bottom half too)
  7. very concise, this is exactly what you should be doing, tho in the chaos of high tier Asia server it's usually 2 teams kiting against each other and see who gets whittled down first when one flank gets whittled down enough they push up and get crossfire, the enemy's flank gets crossfired and panic retreats, and then it's usually just a matter of clean up, also for you example you should also add interrupting DD spotting
  8. the longest guide not for beginners, this is the stuff you study after you get the basics of positioning, dropping, flak dodging etc down to a T if you want to start CVs then i suggest you watch youtube to learn how to drop first and play a few games with hosho before jumping into anything else
  9. depends on the plane type and nation IJN and USN rockets can power their way through flack if you time the distance and boost while the flak is reloading IJN TBs can get their conceal to 6.1km so you can stealth strike and be below flak before they start firing, USN and RN TBs just dive and use your heal as an immunity timer to get your strikes off DBs... flak spawns directly in front of you plane based on your past speed and heading, so playing with W and S works, try to fly in small zigzags if you run into heavy flak, if the enemy ship doesn't have AA that's that great then it's better to just power through with DBs, saves time and effort compared to taking the cautious approach
  10. pray angle your ship so the CV needs to spend a longer time to turn in your AA circle before dropping torps, if it's rockets or DBs the unironically prey that the CV has shit aim or shit RNG, since most of the strikeable kiting ships don't have enough solo AA to stop a CV and you know kiters like to find their own little angle to spam from, so no AA overlap and make extra sure that if you turn to dodge them torps that you ain't showing your fat old belly to the ships you are knitting, that's a pretty surefire way of going back to port with nothing but a repair bill
  11. that's sadly unironically how WG expects players to learn tsk.
  12. CV_NMSL

    Unique upgrade

    it's the same as premium ships, when you sell them you don't get refunded in dubblons or cash but in credit instead this is so you cant play something a lot, decide you don't want it and replace it with something else for free, standard business practice on maintaining the value of in-game economy system
  13. you adjust the flight path before you commit, there are tricks that can help you avoid some of the nasty out there like spiral dropping with USN or the specifics of how some reticle closes relative to how far in you are into an attack, but most of the time it's just plain old prediction. the best advice i can offer you is that if you are going to move the reticle, do it gently with you mouse, and for many planes the reticle closes much faster in the first few seconds, so it's better to get the circle smaller, then enlarge it slightly by moving rather than moving your reticle early and ending up with a massive circle the whole time through does this answer your question?
  14. er, can you explain that qustion a but further? do you mean adjusting for reticle size increase when dodging or plain up unable to see past the flak
  15. i was there too, but my old account was on NA and being new to the internet back then i didn't know how to updated it and wound back on the Asia server instead