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  1. CV_NMSL

    How is this possible

    70k is less than 70% of full health, you got detonated
  2. CV_NMSL

    How is this possible

    you arnt whineing, you're lieing, you don't even have a T10 ship on your account, you don't even have a T7 ships on your account and I'm not a hater, you're just a shitter
  3. CV_NMSL

    So many bot

    not nearly as many as you think
  4. proudly the country to be the first to cure corona virus, who needs doctors when machineguns to the job just as well /s
  5. it is, but with the level of confirmation bias out there... you'd be hard-pressed to change their minds
  6. im not saying that english speakers are bad inherently, nor am I saying that box speaking players shouldn't bother talking to non speakers. I'm just telling you what the box speakers are seeing from their POV. heck my clan is basically the last bastion of "good" English speaking players in their eyes and they barely interact with us as it is also I feel you on the timezone thing, it really did suck back when REPOI had lots of aussie players to organize CW matches because by the 1st half of the time period ended the aussies were already off and we needed to rush to find replacements
  7. i do mean what i say, the majority of the good box speakers don't consider it worthwhile to speak English when they can for a good reason- the good players are mostly box speakers too. this is for just for clans BTW, in ranked it's the same old story, all the good players who can or might speak English would just rather speak boxes because usually 7/8 of the people in the chat can understand that better than english
  8. CV_NMSL

    honestly I hate CVs

    you mean, back to RTS? why not
  9. language barrier, unfortunately. there's plenty of banter, communication and even "teamwork " amongst the square speakers. unfortunately if you cant speak in the same language as them they'll just ignore whatever you say most of the time, even when fluent in English since the majority of English speaking players on Asia suck so much, they consider it below them and a waste of time
  10. CV_NMSL

    Stopping statpaddler from playing low tier

    NTC, credit grind, new players practicing protected MM the very intention that WG had when making NTC was to redcue high tier population and to repopulate lower tiers
  11. no you cant, there was a limited time offer to switch servers but that's already expired
  12. CV_NMSL

    Jean Bart

    this is out of date, when there was massive proliferation of 155/152 W/IFHE she was liable to get burnt and alpha'd down almost instantly, but after the change you only get that if you somehow ended up in a bow on duel with a DM
  13. CV_NMSL

    Jean Bart

    HE at bow ons, AP at sides, abuse MBRB and speed to get good shots/get to good positions
  14. in indon land too, yeah, ping's been pretty shitty the whole day
  15. CV_NMSL


    so you're a part of the problem of people getting bad teams?