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    Someone said I cheated!

    Lol, you are a Kongo which is a BB tier V, shooting a tier III Cruiser from 9.6 KM with AP, deals 7.6k damage with citadel hit is normal. Although it is close to max which I think is about 8K or 9K per citadel. Heck even I used Phoenix which has half the mm of Kongo cannon can citadel kolberg or St Louis for about 3.2k ~ 3.8k++ damage per citadel while Kuma gets 2.5k or so. Albeit very hard and needs to be around 6km to 8km with straight broadside hit to penetrate (I don't know the recommended plunging fire angle though) But I agreed like above, perhaps many newbies who first time receiving such hit will probably surprised and jinxed. Luckily, I figured out first the fact torpedo hits harder than a citadel.
  2. ChaosFred

    Kills steals everywhere

    Checked player stats, the TS has 29k average damage and 1.70 KDR While I only got 32k average damage but 1.36 KDR === Don't worry I know the irony getting KS-ed. I deal more damage but less kills.
  3. I agreed, with reduced milestone what I worry more about other than players could obtain the said milestone by the deadline time is the numbers of players who could obtain that before milestone reached. 1.400.000 pearls for m8 / 145 pearls to get that = 9655.172 = about 9655 players able to get that ship IF all other players get 0 pearls. Assume interruption where other players get at least 30 ~ 50 pearls, this would reduce the number of players who could obtain the ship down to only 5k to 6k players. Seeing the average in this forum, most players already reached 50 to 70 pearls then I would say it is limited to 3k to 4k players instead. Suggestion: With the reduced milestone, WG should also reduce the nuber of pearls required to obtain the ship to say, 60 or 80 pearls instead perhaps? This is to keep balanced the number of players who could obtain the ship before the milestone reached. Also, please make clear statement whether players could obtain the ship AFTER the milestone reached as long the event not ended yet ( before29th Dec) or not at all. Example: Milestone 8 (1.400.000 reached) on 24th December, any XXX player who reached 145 (or reduced numbers) pearls contribution on 25th to 29th still could obtain the ship.