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    How useful is vigilance?

    It stacks well with Hydro, especially with the special German commander.
  2. G3nesis_Prime

    USN Battlecruiser (CB)

    This has also been discussed to a fair bit on reddit. Alaska best fits as a tier 7 BB. She is the American Scharnhorst with better guns and AA but worse armour and no torpedoes. Alaska has guns comparable to the KGV but the size of a North Carolina. Her AA is somewhere between Baltimore and Iowa in effectiveness. Her AA will make her formidable but her lack of armour will make her vulnerable. Also another thing that makes Alaska specifically a cruiser and not a Battlecruiser or Fast Battleship is the actual armour and hull layout. Alaska uses an enlarged cruiser design and not a battleships. There are specific differences in the way the bulkheads, armour plating and tds design between battleships and cruisers.
  3. G3nesis_Prime

    Beat those Torpedoes

    I'll throw my hat into the mix. Nagato on Ice http://wowreplays.com/Replay/8491 Torpedobeats @ 7:55m 9:15m 9:50m 10:30m 14:00m (Kinda they where quite wide of me)