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  1. DragonZ_GG

    Aircraft Carrier's Status

    Implementing it as a part of the UI, in between of allies ship list and the ship's status regarding the status of team CV will be a great option too.. In my option~~
  2. DragonZ_GG

    Torpedo Hit estimation for Allies.

    I think it will be really hilarious and probably gonna trigger massive TK between them hahaha.
  3. DragonZ_GG

    Aircraft Carrier's Status

    Usually during match, communication between aircraft carrier (CV) and other warships are crucial especially regarding the status of the aircraft. Typing of message through the chatbox to inform teammates on the status is tedious and can be distracting especially when maneuvering manual bombing/torp/dogfight. I would like to suggest function (eg. Shift + Click on the flight) to auto-post the status of the flight. Similar to that of DOTA 2 if you guys are familiar where you press Alt + Skill to post the cooldown and the amount of mana required to cast the skill. Here it will be the status of the plane whether it is 'árming' or out-of-ammo and returning to CV. I think this will definitely a plus to CV player in the game.
  4. DragonZ_GG

    Suggestion for Weather

    Night warfare will be on another level. As estimation of the ship positioning and bombing for CV will be much more tough. And of course will be much more interesting. Totally a welcome features!