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  1. bundy_1111

    Code for Gamescom 2018 Mission 1

    Hmm dunno if it unlocked.. I'm guessing it did and i didn't see it finish..
  2. bundy_1111

    Have you got your T-61?

    who would spend 25k dubs $125 for a $40 ship to get it a week early. lol the reason why they put these sales on?? for people like you.
  3. bundy_1111

    what happens after 75 loyalty

    switched to eagles as soon as i hit my 195.. got the sharks camo, flag, patch and some extra camos.. you gain nothing by staying with sharks except for a container when you login for a small amount of coal and some shitty flags. no want for an extra tier 10 camo, only after patches, flags and more camos.
  4. bundy_1111

    operation narai is back

    Atlanta with gamescon camo +credit flags can net you 1.3mil credits with a good game over 200k damage and some plane kills. Bigger credit earner than the missouri when you can complete this in around 12 minutes.
  5. bundy_1111

    Knocking out main guns mission not working?

    cheers all. Yeah super sneaky.. been able to disable 2 in 1 but that was it.. HE spam incoming!
  6. The mission where you need to knock out or incapacitate 3 guns with a battleship on the battle of north cape mission doesn't seem to be registering. Anyone having this issue?
  7. bundy_1111

    Kongo shooting

    You can do anything if you have given thanks to your savior rnjesus.
  8. Soo much complaining in these threads.. 1. Most of these are missions that need to be completed over time not in 1 match.. 2. The missions that are more difficult single matches are meant for that lucky game or when rng loves you & you don't get deleted in 1 salvo.. 3. There is no campaign end date. Play your normal game and finish it when you finish it. I did 30k to dd's over a few games in my zoa.. get your positioning right you will be fine.
  9. bundy_1111

    Worse ship in the game?

    Buuut.. when everyone got it for free and there were lots of Mikasa's in the same game... It's fun. Plus if you got it for free you can't really knock it. Also I agree with the original post.. Algerie sucks, only 20k into it and it feels like there is no light to the end of the tunnel.
  10. bundy_1111

    Worse ship in the game?

    Mikasa is fun though, equip secondary range flags use yamato captain & point ship towards middle of map.
  11. bundy_1111

    Proof of MM problem WG! fix it?

    You win some ya lose some. If you don't care about stats you will feel more relaxed about it all. The bigger problem I see is the English BB focus on HE spam. Soooo many people have been switching to HE spam in BB's lately. But they die first.
  12. bundy_1111

    Noob CVs

    I sense there will be piles of salt flowing into this thread over the next few weeks. Bring on the noob enterprises and everyone who has failed there way to tier 8/9/10.
  13. bundy_1111

    Noob CVs

    best to ignore chat other than if you can protect your team as they request it.. Most of the time the team is raging at you for helping other players or losing everything and becoming a floating barge. Higher tier cv play is stressful although I havn't done much of it. Give me back my straife bogue... Oh how I miss you.
  14. bundy_1111

    Confused... and how..

    Could have been, but I couldn't see that either though. Even if I was dodging in the kiev, should still have been going faster than the Kaga. Doesn't make any sense to me but maybe we missed something. I will remember to save replays in future. Cheers for the replies.
  15. bundy_1111

    Confused... and how..

    Was powering straight at it the whole time.. Was going for my final cv kill in the honorable service.. He had put out a fire, was trying to light another 1 or 2 before I got spanked by the 7 ships shooting at me. (poor kiev didn't make it). Kaga didn't actually go for me.. He was hitting the dd next to me who was as confused as me when he got away. But ok, I can't explain how he could have outrun me, but I figured I'd ask.