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  1. Tanglefoot

    Indonesian's WOWS Community

    Sundul did anyone here yesterday follow the WG Gath in Pluit ?
  2. Tanglefoot

    Musashi or Yamato ( skip Izumo)

    I agree with you,, go for yamato and its worth , imo
  3. Tanglefoot

    Wargaming Gathering Indonesia 2017

    thank you all for yesterday
  4. Tanglefoot

    Wargaming Gathering Indonesia 2017

    See ya in there
  5. Tanglefoot

    World Of Warships Feedback

    Fix UI When in battles . Sometimes that problem make the client crash.
  6. Tanglefoot

    ASIA Server crashing ?

    Get the same problem in Public Test, I cant log in
  7. Tanglefoot

    Server down? 3/5/17

    Yep// Me Too
  8. Tanglefoot

    Launcher Script issue

    i still get the same problem too
  9. Tanglefoot

    ASIA Q&A, round 1

    Hi Sub_Octavian. - Any info about Pan-Asia tech tree ?
  10. WeekEnd make my day.... .... ... " Ngam00k" |≖︿≖|

  11. Tanglefoot

    Container Animation

    haha.. agree
  12. Tanglefoot

    Leander Citadel hit on a New Mex

    Yeah..Tea Shell ..xDD