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    Taskforce44 - Sign Up Here!

    Another Kiwi requesting assignment to TF44! Now, I need to make some things clear up-front: » My work-schedule is all over the place, so I play irregularly, mostly 22:00-02:00 NZT, though I try to get in a match or two a night » I have a very old laptop that means the WoWs client routinely crashes during random battles or high-population timeframes, so I generally stick to low-tier co-op games » I don’t have TeamSpeak or any of the related paraphenalia (see above re: really old laptop), so voice-chat in-game is not an option Nonetheless, I’ve had better results and more enjoyable games on the few occasions that I’ve been able to coordinate by chat, so if there’s a team that’ll have me, I’ll make myself known. Current ships: USN: Erie CL, Wickes DD, Clemson DD, Albany CA, St. Louis CA IJN: Wakatake DD, Tenryu CL (I really prefer the Wickes and Clemson to the others, and I may ditch the IJN DDs for the Soviet DDs when they drop. IJN long-range-torpedo-bombardment tactics just don’t seem to be clicking for me, and the Derzki’s potential for knife-range torpedo-spam looks to suit my “WITNESS ME!” play-style much better. )
  2. Petty_Officer_Ralston

    An Aussie Wishlist

    Yeah, odds are that you Aussies and us Kiwis are going to have to use Royal Navy ships and pretend they’re flying our White Ensign(s) instead of the Poms’. [shrug] Meh — as long as we can get our grubby mitts on a Leander (for HMNZS Achilles) and a Dido (for HMNZS Royalist and/or its fictional counterpart, HMS Ulysses), I’ll be happy.
  3. Petty_Officer_Ralston


    Meh. A free ship is a free ship — especially when it comes with its own free(!) pier — and with Jingles’ video as pre-warning, even a starter-player like me knows what they’re in for. I’m just waiting for the game to finish installing so I can experience how bad it is for myself. Thanks for the giveaway, dev-team! It’s a nice way to start my fleet.