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  1. I want to ask this question to WG. What do you think the Clan is? Surely, there're many Clans that just want to play this game easily with friends. Many Clans want to be the best of the server. The players' levels are uneven. But do you really think this is a competitive game? Or just a "Play for fun" game? Even if only a little bit like a competitive game, then all these practices and the tactics for the battle are meaningful. I used to be looking forward to this Clan Battle. But after reading the announcement, I think it sucks. Forgive me for using such strong words. But it SUCKS! First, only 1 BB and no CV? Have you really played the game and understood what their respective roles should be? I played over 11,000 games and about 3,000 of them are used CV. I can tell you, the CV has an indispensable position in Team Battle. Scout, let teammates know what do enemies going to do, spot the Torpedoes. Yes, the AA is too strong for a CV in T10 Team Battle. But I believe all the players who are willing to play carriers in team battles, that they know the difficulty to be a good CV, and it's their duty. Why no CV? To give the noobs an equal chance to fight? As I said, this game, at least the Clan Battle this single Battle Mode, should be a competitive game, should be a stage for good players, to show the teamwork between all ship types. Except CV? Why don't delete the CV branch from all tech trees? Second, the rentable ships for Clan Battle. I know this is to attract more players to take part in this new Battle Mode. But as I said before, the players' levels are uneven. Maybe they don't have the ability to control them. At last, they lose and lose again. Do you think they will continue to play Clan Battle? Or maybe they will think some T10 ships are weak and stop clamb that branch? I have a suggestion for this. Why not continue the play mode of Team Battle? Maybe use scores or stars to distinguish the rank of the clans. Maybe same Tier in 6 or 7 or 8. CV no more than 1, BB no more than 2, the rule is well known by many players, and there are lots of mature tactics. Easy to get used to. English is not my mother tongue. I don't know if these words can be heard by WG. I love this game. I just don't want this game to get worse. Or all these 11,000 times of battle means nothing.
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    When is the operation dynamo?

    Really? For all teammates or just 1 guy? Parks_Saved.wowsreplay
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クラン正式名:Legio O Patriota
-[beta] クランタグ:_LOP_ 
連絡先IGN:Toorak zao_haru AsagiYukina 
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クラン正式名:Legio O Patriota
-[Alpha] クランタグ:LOP 
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    Supertest Recruitment Round 4

    IGN: MabelKyan I would like to apply to be a Supertester.