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  1. Still, without proper ranking or implementing of ELO system, MM would be screwed, periods. ROFLSTOMP when one side get like 5 purple, another one get 5 with less 10 battle in the ships, the result? go figure. Still waiting to have a DFAA on akizuki, look how USSR DD get DFAA while AA ship like Akizuki dont get one
  2. YetAnotherNoob

    what's wrong with the server after the update

    Could be worse, on windows 10, you'll have to restart the PC as the game getting freezed, lead to the hard PC freeze
  3. YetAnotherNoob

    T.o.d option for Ports

    Convert the same port into 3 with the weather up to your choice. Sunset/Sunrise : Okinawa Nice day: Yokosuka Daybreak or Okinawa cloudy Winter day: the new northern light
  4. YetAnotherNoob

    Wargaming server DC at 0005hrs (GMT+0800) on 19 Feb 2017

    also, AAG cable is broken again, my isp uses IA instead
  5. YetAnotherNoob

    [Update 0.6.1] Release Feedback

    Strange behavior of loginScreen, you had a password and email saved (aka token saved), you change the server (aka region changer mod), you enter the appropriate password then the client just take the saved token and send to the server regardless your choice of server, you re-enter password, email or not.
  6. YetAnotherNoob

    TEMPORARY FIX For Chat Censoring in 0.6.1

    it only applies to personal chat, but not in-battle chat where server filter involves. i tend to turn all those kind of filter off because i'm not having dun guessing what anyone else is chatting
  7. YetAnotherNoob

    The video on the login screen

    Sorry, I forgot it All my mean is to extract the damn thing off usm file and enjoy yourself whenever you want with it. (so surprising how much detail those mpg contain despite being low file size)
  8. YetAnotherNoob

    The video on the login screen

    It's a mix of videos Yamato is the new one then, the Wait for me video, then, German BB introduction video (include the HMS Hood detonation)
  9. YetAnotherNoob

    Free xp Calculator?

    in the convert windows, hover the total amount of xp on your warship, then the amount of doubloon will appear
  10. YetAnotherNoob

    The video on the login screen

    you can extract 'em tho and extract 'em, just for science
  11. YetAnotherNoob

    Sink the Alabama ST!

    It's the time bois
  12. YetAnotherNoob

    Suggest a nick for me....

    IAmNotAHotel, then btw, YamatoNadeshiko sound isn't bad tho some thing more on the table, ZMeYamato
  13. YetAnotherNoob

    Suggest a nick for me....

    JustAnotherFloatingCitadel, lel *you better play DD every match since then
  14. YetAnotherNoob

    Why no Damage Control Party II in Tier 1 ship?

    "Aren't port slot missions on going? that's 9 free port slots, I will grab 'em all on both NA and SEA, it's quite a deal (2700 doubloons right?)". <-- that explains it all
  15. YetAnotherNoob

    Why I keep crashing?

    Windows 7 likely runs on par with Windows XP, without some really outdated hardware, you only need new drivers for Windows 7 x64 after installing it. Nearly all CPU you can get on the market is x64, so the choice is yours, so, WIndows 7 x64 all the way to go.