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    2 weeks and no response for refund

    hi, ticket ID is #189897
  2. I bought 2 items on the .Asia web instead of my normal .na, as I am in Australia I was redirected to the Asia site without knowing when I made my purchases, I sent a ticket to .na who said to send a ticket to .asia and I have done so. but its been 2 weeks and no response..? why is this taking so long I had a response from the .na server in less then a day yet 2 weeks and nothing from .asia. I only want my money back so I can spend it on the right server. the 2 items where 4800 gold and 30 day prem. only reason I have this account is because I downloaded Asia first before my friend told me I downloaded the wrong one. can someone please get back to me about this.
  3. Borgy117

    Moving Commander?

    I have a Q about the retraining and moving commanders, if I have a Langley, then buy the next ship, move the commander over to it and retrain him, sell my Langley. am I able to rebuy the Langley again and place my commander on it without needing to retrain him again considering he has already commanded a Langley before or do u need to retrain for everything? just seems strange that if he has served on that ship before and goes to another that he wont need to retrain again to go back to it.