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  1. Mate I hear yah whenever I say G'day or anything for that matter, all I get is crickets chirping...chirp chirp chirp lol
  2. Thoughts on the new economy changes ?

    Yep had a WTF moment before in my TIER X boat no damage to my boat none not a F#@king scratch but I received a 162,000 cr repair & service bill.
  3. Taskforce44 - Sign Up Here!

    G'day Rimpac-88 here I pretty much play everyday usually around lunchtimes AEST due to working at night but if you see me hit me up I'm keen to play with anyone who likes punching holes in battleships cruisers destroyers & carriers. Also can someone point me in the right direction to link up with task force 44 voice chat please. Thanks
  4. Taskforce44 - Sign Up Here!

    We got an ex pusser MOD telling us what to do....
  5. Taskforce44 - Sign Up Here!

    Gday I was playing with you yesterday Dan I'd like to join up thanks.