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  1. Does it even make sense to anyone? anyone? Could you content modified not ruin my day with such stupid much making????????? content modified, bypassing chat filter, user warned ~tc1259
  2. OK guys, thanks for all the replies above! And I'm here just for showing you guys some examples, you are welcome. I got these screen shot just now. FML.
  3. Lately, I've been always suffering from the ridiculous matching. 4 destroyers on the opposite and 2 on my side, what's wrong with the basic maths? And there's also tier unbalances, why the heck did we have ships up to T9 but on the opposite they got a Yamato? Is the matching mechanism has anything related to intentionally manipulation of the gaming results? I don't know why I always got into a team full of commanders who act like a bunch of noobs? We are not talking about something occurs occasionally, Like today, I got [Redacted] 10 loses with 1 win, and yes thanks to the matching. What is this all about? Wasting my time? I am sure I contributed a lot in most of the games I both won and lost. I am disturbed, I am confused, I got [Redacted] pissed off. WTF is this game designed for? Sorry for my being aggressive and offensive. I need some place to vent. And thanks in advance if anyone could enlighten me. Profanity. Post edited, user warned. ~Syanda