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    Unusual word censored in battle chat

    Found something. Apparently it is a bug so we have to wait for a fix.
  2. AdmiralAckbar13

    Unusual word censored in battle chat

    I searched the forums and found no explanation for 'you' being censored. Did I miss something?
  3. AdmiralAckbar13

    Unusual word censored in battle chat

    Yeah I will have to start using 'thee' instead.
  4. AdmiralAckbar13

    Unusual word censored in battle chat

    Just wondering why the developers decided to automatically censor the word 'you' in battle chat? Makes it very frustrating when asking team mates questions, such as 'what are you going to do?' or 'do you know where the destroyer is?' Can we get it uncensored please? Doesn't make much sense to me.
  5. AdmiralAckbar13

    World of Lagships

    Are Wargaming ever going to fix their servers? I am sick of massive lag spikes, freezing and getting dropped from games at random. I never get such poor performance in any other online game that I play, so why is this one so frustrating that I often end up throwing my wireless mouse across the room? Get your shit together Wargaming, or people will get sick of this game very rapidly.
  6. AdmiralAckbar13

    World of War: The Trio Combined

    Now that we have worlds of tanks, planes and warships, I think it would be amazing to see Wargaming combine all three into huge multi-player games. I know it will probably never happen, but what are people's thoughts and opinions? I think it would make for heaps of fun and drop some of the barriers between the three separate games.
  7. AdmiralAckbar13

    take ocean out of the map rotation

    I enjoy Ocean. Only map in the game that represents how navies would realistically engage in real life. There will always be a bit of that 'border syndrome', but I still enjoy it.
  8. AdmiralAckbar13

    Tier 10 BB. Yamato vs Montana

    It is a pointless discussion to have really. It was never looking good for the Yamato, because the Montana-class was designed specifically to counter the Yamato-class of battleships. Of course the newer ship will have the advantage. Apples and oranges. Let's assume that the aircraft carrier had never taken over from the battleship as ruler of the seas. Let's assume that the war went on another ten years. The Montana-class would have been launched, so the Japanese would have started designing a larger, better ship to counter it and which could have defeated it. That is how modern war works. The technical superiority swinging back and forth as they try to one-up each other.