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  1. Judder_K

    Ranked sprint is 1 vs 1?

    When ramming just make sure you have a Ram flag on. I found out the hard way that if 2 ships the same ram if one has a ram flag it wins. Giving 50% extra damage whilst taking 20% less. Also, just be aware Cruisers can do the same as its 50% extra, Baltimore can achieve a 63600 hit point ram with this flag.
  2. Judder_K

    Technical issues found.

    Me Too same message. Tried Paladinum's repeat on connect and it finally worked.
  3. Judder_K

    Hallloween my BB secondary's not working

    Thank you, it's the first time I have chosen this perk. Problem solved.
  4. Just played Halloween game BB secondary's did not fire at all. 20171026_140148_PXSB004-Tirpiz-1942-H2017_e02_Halloween_2017.zip other BB's in game secondary's OK
  5. Judder_K

    Coop, Bots targeting priority

    Played a game recently, on the NA server, where as the following a DD was perceived a threat and was chased across the board by 2 BB, 1 CA & 2 DD until it was cornered & sunk in the top right hand corner of the board ignoring other ships or caps. It was so funny as that DD would not have known what was going on. They would have been like you "why me". They at no time fired at any other ship. Never before and never after have I seen this. Wish I'd keep the replay now.
  6. Judder_K

    Anyone notice any unexplainable torps?

    What I should have said was:- they have just come from behind an island and is the last DD left on there team and lasted only for a very short while before being sunk, like the time for my shells to hit them.
  7. Judder_K

    Anyone notice any unexplainable torps?

    Recently I've found that torp's fired at max distance have reached me as I've moved away expecting them. I've had torp's from a DD fired at 8km hit me at 9km. Sunk the DD at 8Km as I was moving away reached me at 9.5km and no they had only a 8km max distance range. it was most strange ???????? they where IJN DD tier 5.
  8. Judder_K

    if usn destroyers have homing torpedoes

    In the latter years Germans had acoustic torpedos they where more or less homing torpedos that did not hit a ship but exploded underneath the ship and caused huge damage. Forget the US it was the German's you should be worried about.
  9. Judder_K

    My average xp goes up a few points

    have a look at this site http://na.wows-numbers.com/ It will show you how you compare to other players. Which ships you are best at or not etc.
  10. Judder_K

    Losing streak

    Like you I've had a bad run of loses lately. Go play another game for a while. War Thunder, where you can fly planes or takeout tanks or World of Tanks:- tanks. It worked for me, came back got a new ship. It's a new toy. Go play Co-Op club some BOTS.
  11. Judder_K

    M Y O G I

    For fun, if you have any Hotel Yankee signals for the Die Hard Achievement and are against another BB try and want to scare the hell out of them try ramming. This signal gives 50% damaged to be caused to the other ship against a 20% reduction to damage to your ship. The Myogi is a very fast ship and can catch any other BB in its surrounding tiers, combine it with Sierra Mike which increases Max speed by a further 5% and you have a mobile ramming machine. You should survive this ram and continue on. Pity it only has one forward main battery, but it can still do a lot of damage to the ship you are chasing. A Kaiser found that out the hard way 2 days ago before a good tail ramming. Use the spotting aircraft for over the mountain firing and it also increases the main guns range and can take the opponent by surprise as many don't realise that they can be hit in such a position. As stated in the previous feed back: move in closer to where you feel comfortable in hitting the target and reduce it's dispersive effects. Have fun.
  12. Judder_K

    What is with everybody.

    PEROSITI:- you should play on the N.A site to see the difference in game play. They play a different style which is more constant with going forward and supporting.. There are some players who hide but not many It's fight to the end stuff. I have just come back to the Asian site and played a few games to see if t has changed and no it still seems to be the same when I left. Your "the number of people who will not engage or try to spend the whole game hiding behind islands etc is just getting ridiculous. Even dd's are to scared to go in and cap at the start of a domination match, BB's are hiding behind islands and then just try to snipe, other people just spend the game running away." I have seen some simply amazing gameplay in my past time on this site and they where not good and where getting more and more frequent. The last game I played was especially painful. It's is so frustrating it's just not worth the effort playing this site. I will try again in another 6 or so months for any change.
  13. Judder_K


    Hi just on the other side of the discussion of damage to DD's. I've had my Farragut recently sunk by a Colorado with ONE secondary hit for 10900 points of damage (no detonation) it was the first and only hit. Don't tell me that they don't do any damage, I'm still fuming.
  14. Judder_K

    Asking for Opinions on CV State

    I am not a CV owner but I've got a Cleveland now. What I'd like to see is a more realistic response to when 2 CV's are in a battle and 1 is sunk that there remaining planes rebase to the remaining CV given that the remaining CV has enough room. It would be much more real life given that plane crews would choose to save themselves and there planes rather than flying in circles over there sunk CV waiting to run out of fuel.
  15. Judder_K

    Crashes since update

    There could be a program that is running (with permissions given to, such as, automatic upgrades) that is causing the problem as it access the net intermittently during the game. I myself have to close Internet Explorer as it randomly pops up during games saying it must close due to an error, otherwise the game is now rock solid. When all else fails if you can go back to windows 7, if you still have it, its what I run after trying win 10 and finding it very wanting. Also I have been told that there is now a windows 11 coming out soon? I feel sorry for the WOW programmers as they have to contend with a very fickle and controlling Microsoft to produce this great game. Not to mention us poor sods (I am nowhere near competent on computers) and the games Moderators (such as the insightful and wonderfully named dead_man_walking) who are next in line for the resultant programming outcomes.