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    Low FPS after 5.12

    [EDIT, SOLVE] Hello, I have same issue, I use intel core i5 4690k , 8gb ram dual channel and Radeon R9 270x. Windows 10 pro. (desktop PC, not a laptop) before update 0.5.12 my client running well without any issue (max setting play at 60-75fps), but after update, I run the game, my FPS drop to 9FPS in login screen, and only 25-30fps in battle and port, thats very lag (usually not bad for 30fps but this is different, I dont know how to say). I try to update the vga driver, and the game running well without issue drop fps,but only 2days. in the morning I open the game, my FPS drop again like before and I dont know how to fix it. please help me. note. I already try to Re-download/install the game client and my Windows. but still same. set the graphic to Very Low doesn't effect the frame rate. I think the problem in the game client, because I can play other game like FC4 ultra setting without any problem 60fps. . [sOLVED] I do not know what happened, I just Remove the AMD Graphic Card from motherboard, and Trying play game with Intel HD 4600 just for testing, after that,Shutdown PC, I install again the AMD Graphic Card to motherboard, and open the game, my FPS back to normal
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    Team killing