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    Dragon Flag reservation!

    The flag will be existence forever. I am a Chinese player.and the dragen flag are used in chinese wows for a long time. Players even buy them in the price of 3¥(about 0.45USD) per flag. So I think they won't take away your flags. My English is also bad.Can u understand?
  2. Bismarckhood

    See you again same time next year!

    LOL Can't agree more.
  3. Bismarckhood

    See you again same time next year!

    AISA,the WORST server.jpg
  4. Bismarckhood


    I perfer chinese server.Because doublons in chinese is cheaper than over servers. You see,6$ for 1250doublons just need 4$ in china. And it is already have SCHARNHORST.
  5. Bismarckhood

    Some Myoko's are rigged

    Not play this rubbishy game. Let’s play overwatch together.