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  1. XP_On

    free prem time

    Indonesia? why? independence day?
  2. XP_On

    Steam version update too BIG

    Not that different with the game client from WG.
  3. XP_On


    how many hours you play a week?
  4. XP_On

    Launch Day Calendar: September 2020

    WG need to check before posting.. typo on London part.. its not August. Its September
  5. XP_On

    What's your favorite!?

    This ship is fun, you can play as it shoud be, or you can also play it like you trolling the enemy. A CV who rush and face to face with BB and also CL. hahahahaha.
  6. 1 week days ago we got mission for celebrating India Independence day. but no mission to celebrate Indonesia Independence day? I really sad.... is my country not exist for you Wargaming?
  7. XP_On

    Azur Lane General Discussion Thread

    Buy the one with Gem. it have a Manju ghost on top of dead body
  8. XP_On

    Which is the best tier for new player training?

    5 is a good one, if you want to train, Co-op is also fun Tier 1 with 19 point commander also fun
  9. XP_On


    you wont complain if they were on your team and carry you to victory right?
  10. XP_On

    How do you stay motivated to play?

    some tips to avoid get that +2 tier ~ play Premium ships (some have a good only +1 tier allowed) ~ play tier X LOL
  11. XP_On

    How do you stay motivated to play?

    i really happy to be a Tier VI in a Tier VIII match, more EXP 😛
  12. XP_On

    The misery of LtDan_IceCream

    Why you bully my friend????? AND WHY YOU BULLY MY CLAN!!!!!!!!!!
  13. XP_On

    Should I Instal Back WoWs?

    The game yes.. but the player? I am a dd player 😛 the option there for a reason .. and you pick that giving it a purpose.. thanks for not letting it die in vain. no.. no need maybe option. i want a sure answer. not vauge ones i side with anyone except captain america :Palso thanks for the marking.....
  14. XP_On

    Should I Instal Back WoWs?

    Ah yeah... i just get them.... EN server at Sandy Server. I dont think i will met Synda LOL play what? PUBG? LOL.. yeah.. taht free game but I keep spending money on it i wont spend anymore money.. those premium ship i buy will rusting now so 2020? ah... then let use WOWs as screen saver when i go lunch.. i wont be able to oath any ship in here anyway.... i will try more active in forum again Hi.... i think i go for PvE then... the rust is kinda THICC!!! LOL.. more to S 😛 you wont hear me LOL good idea as always bro.. nope. only play them up to Tier -V before