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  1. Can't wait fot the Last ARP Event....

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    2. XFallzX


      Ships you need:


      - Tier VII Cruisers

      - Tier VI Cruisers

      - Tier V Cruisers

      - Tier IV Cruisers

      - Tier VII Battleships

      - Tier V Battleships

    3. XFallzX


      i only have tier III cruiser, tier VI battleship and Tier V battleship

    4. XP_On


      it will be hard to get all ARP ship, but if you focus, you can get some of it.

      use your BB 5 to get ARP HAruna

      use your BB 6 to get ARP Haguro

      Use the ARP Haguro to get ARP Myoko


      when you research and buy Nagato, you can try to get ARP Nachi


      but most important thing is, go get takato first. that is the most greatest ARP ship in the game.


      and yeah. this is final mission. so any ARP ship you didnt get, you wont get it anymore