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  1. XP_On

    How many Fish in the Sea

    05.02.2019 09:42 ?????
  2. XP_On

    How many Fish in the Sea

    i wait till last time la 😛
  3. XP_On

    Should I Instal Back WoWs?

    The game yes.. but the player? I am a dd player 😛 the option there for a reason .. and you pick that giving it a purpose.. thanks for not letting it die in vain. no.. no need maybe option. i want a sure answer. not vauge ones i side with anyone except captain america :Palso thanks for the marking.....
  4. XP_On

    Should I Instal Back WoWs?

    Ah yeah... i just get them.... EN server at Sandy Server. I dont think i will met Synda LOL play what? PUBG? LOL.. yeah.. taht free game but I keep spending money on it i wont spend anymore money.. those premium ship i buy will rusting now so 2020? ah... then let use WOWs as screen saver when i go lunch.. i wont be able to oath any ship in here anyway.... i will try more active in forum again Hi.... i think i go for PvE then... the rust is kinda THICC!!! LOL.. more to S 😛 you wont hear me LOL good idea as always bro.. nope. only play them up to Tier -V before
  5. I uninstall the game long ago... so should i re install or should i keep my sanity and keep play Azur Lane ?
  6. XP_On

    WG staff have no Balls

    LOL...... well the forum still have moderator, i still get warned for my post.....
  7. well, if you want to act like that then it is your right. but that make you not a team player also. and the dissease will spreading LOL
  8. What i Quote from you on the first reply above is the thing i dislike about your attitude. You hit a teammate and not feeling sorry about it. let me ask you this, if i hit you when i am your teammates, will you be happy or not?
  9. XP_On

    Furataka is the worst ship in the game

    Atago / Takao quite fun but too bad she is premium
  10. your attitude is not fitting for good captain . you bettter paly singgle player game then
  11. XP_On

    Atlanta needs a serious Buff

    i dont think so... you are [content removed] . LOL also if you said you got 70, i will say learn more hahaha nope.. i hate her enough when i use my DD Inappropriate content. Post edited, user warned. ~Beaufighter
  12. XP_On

    Atlanta needs a serious Buff

    what wrong with my post? i wonder if US Ship will still powerful with new CV meta
  13. XP_On

    Atlanta needs a serious Buff

    19 point commander is better
  14. XP_On

    Getting Gud ... maybe

    try play in division. go to discord to get teammates
  15. XP_On

    Atlanta needs a serious Buff

    is this thread a joke? she is one of the beast premium ship. not many player who play dd and dare to face her head on. or without back up