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  1. ttvG1_K1LL3R

    APAC All-Stars: English speaking community vote

    @Sherpington Best of luck!
  2. ttvG1_K1LL3R

    game broken?

    cheers fellas
  3. ttvG1_K1LL3R

    game broken?

    done the download for the game. tried to login failed, check integrity of game cache tried logging in again still cant login
  4. ttvG1_K1LL3R

    Port Lag/Port Freezes

    very very weird then, honestly have no idea what it could be was working perfectly fine b4 the update.. seems to be the only game im having issues with played a few other games last night just to check and pc ran fine in all other games non wows related. booted up wows again later on in the night and still the problem continues cann you upload vids on here i could possibly stream the port lag
  5. ttvG1_K1LL3R

    Port Lag/Port Freezes

    since the latest update to wows with the release of the new cv rework and ranked battles, ive been experiencing in port lag/port freezing from equipping signals, to camos, opening clan chat or clicking on any tab window in the port screen right up to clicking the battle button for a game. it locks up for around 10 seconds at a time every time i change from signals to camos to battle or clan chat. ive done a verify integrity check of the game through the settings tab on the launcher incase there was something wrong with the download and it still having this issues. it seems to take me 30mins to play a 20min game by the time port unfreezes.. for the record i looked for posts relating to my issue but decided to make a new 1
  6. have noticed 2 times 2day ive used the T10 henry when i activate the main battery reload booster i keep losing my turrets, i press fire and my turrets become incapacitated , used it again the 2nd time round and same thing has happened again. it seems fine if you dont use the reload booster.. any1 else having the same issue with the same boat?
  7. ttvG1_K1LL3R

    Dasha letter who can Decipher

    the clues wear camouflage and hide at the bottom?
  8. ttvG1_K1LL3R

    USS Black

    whats the go with the coal anyhow, after the update ive got 37,500 coal. i have mates who also opened up the game after the update and they've got 80,000 coal some have in the 100,000 coal
  9. ttvG1_K1LL3R

    any aussies playing?

    Yup yup Aussie here down in wee little place called melbourne.. XXGhostieXX is my in game name, originally a Battlefield player but reside here in the mean time.. Theres a fair few of us that wows together on teamspeak3 all in all theres around 20 of us scattered all over aus.. Weve all got a variety of ships from as low as T1 right up to T10's Most of the time we generally play alot of lower tier's but towards the end of the night when all are on we climb to the Top Tiers have got a few newbies who have only low tiers so we do our best to divvy up with them.. private message me for ts3 Details all are welcome to join us anyday/night of the week
  10. ttvG1_K1LL3R

    Australia - World of Lagships

    im on Optus Cable Unlimited dl's upload isnt all that great at the best of times.. sits on a steady 80-103ms ping lately but never the less thats on ASIA server. haven't tried US.. Also BTW any keen War-shipper's looking for Div's invites feel free to add us XXGhostieXX
  11. ttvG1_K1LL3R

    Australia - World of Lagships

    i generally ping out at 80-90ms personally from Melbourne..