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  1. CrazyAussie364

    has stopped working

    Hi Mate, sorry i havent gotten back but i still have the same issue after i uninstalled it then reinstalled the drivers, i also did the C+++ install.
  2. CrazyAussie364

    has stopped working

    hey mate, screen shot added to original post
  3. CrazyAussie364

    has stopped working

    Hi Jintsuu, yes i am running a AMD graphics card...AMD Radeon R7 240 2GB i dont know what the dxdiag file is sorry
  4. CrazyAussie364

    has stopped working

    Hi all, i keep getting World of Warships has stopped working, i am unable to get in as it continues to close game....
  5. CrazyAussie364

    kicked to login page

    it has been fine the whole time i have played this until about 4 hours ago. i cant even connect now, its saying "Error connecting server Unknown Error" I have played this since 27 july and this is the first issue.......
  6. CrazyAussie364

    kicked to login page

    Hi, just today since the new patch has been downloaded have i had any issues with this game at all. serious lag in game where game freezes for about 5 seconds at a time or getting booted to login screen during game startup...... . just went t o play again and kicked to connect screen again but this time my ship is in battle and i cant get in there?????????