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  1. Greebo

    Prime Real estate, sea views...

    Well pizza floats, see attached image.... Its more of the delivery surcharge. Tirpitz's... only Tirpitz's... its the new REAL digital currency.
  2. Up for sale, POA, Prime real estate Beautiful Mediterranean 2 storey villa, beautiful sea views. Property continues to be on the move... all 7 seas available. Disclaimer: Property is prone to water damage, fire damage and regular sinking.
  3. Suddenly, I log in and there is these cartoony ships I can't sell/delete/remove/hide? Anyone know how to get rid of them? Thanks, Greebo
  4. Ok, so I've really been enthralled with new mission/events/challenges completely revamped system. It encourages me to play more... But I only get progress towards using my T6 Cleveland, but not the T4 Karlsruhe. Issue: Started fires not going towards target. Screenshots: Not sure, how best to illustrate.Ship: T4 KarlsruheMap: ALLOccurrences: How often does this occur? I havent got any other cruiser other than the T4 & T6. So it works fine with T6 but not T4 Every time you play? Yes Only Once? NOTested: Could you reproduce the error? Consistently.Severity: How much impact does this have on your game play? Not much . Is it an annoyance? YES Does it stop you playing? Generally just pisses me off.Details: Pretty much covered.
  5. Greebo


    Cheers m8. Lol, that was the POINT. Cheers for the replies Capt's
  6. Wargaming, can you PLEASE give us an option to REMOVE the CAPS from all the names. Its EYE wrenching. Checkbox option is fine. On the PLUS side the complete mission/events/challenges reworking has enticed me to play more. G.
  7. Greebo

    Your Questions to Developers #1

    Anyone know why the service rank has stagnated? The game got released instant service rank increase. But stuck at 9? I sorta figured once released in would be a career progression. Like other games. Bonus' being anything from signal bonus' (eg. 50% XP boost) to silver?