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  1. ​that is true, but akizuki not died at all, because it have similar firepower like Khabarovsk so that it can kill every T8 and most T9 DD easily with IFHE, but it's true that akizuki can't against BB and CA anymore
  2. I don't like 'stealth firing' but I don't like the change of 'stealth firing', the purpose of "kill" 'stealth firing'​ is stop player firing from the maximum range but not make player who trying caping point fall into danger
  3. ​for me, it's very easy to hit a DD if one DD near me about 10km, for BB or msk I even can hit a dd in 12km easily. I know that not every player can do that but you must know that DD only have about 20k hp, which means every hit on DD is very important —— one overpen BB shell or cruiser HE shell can make 1K+ damage, if you play lots of rank you will know how easy for a BB to heavily damage a DD , from undetectable, which means safe at all to possible to get heavily damage is a big nerf
  4. ​it's hard to use torpedo to get stable damage, during the dog fight gun always most powerful weapon unless you have much more better detectability range( for example: KIEV and kagero ) and powerful teammate behind you(like R1 player ), or you lose will HP/lose point
  5. ​yeah that is a good idea, but punishment for player who keep fire for long time should be longer, like [(firing time/(some value))/(reload time)]* (basic punishment )
  6. as we know, detectability range of the ship will be equal to the ship's maximum firing range after 0.6.3, which mean most of DD will get much more punishment after fire (for example, fletcher have 12.9km fire range, and now the detectability range after fire is 9.7km, which is 3.2km more punishment) before, after dog fight, DD can out of the dangerous zone by low detectability range, even after fire. but after 0.6.3, DD can't or much hard to do that if you don't want to lose one value somke. I think most player know that what will happen if you get 3 kagero and enemy get 3 benson, before the side with benson always can win the dog fight, but after update, benson is very easy to kill by BBs even already kill the DD, 20s is a long time for DDs (think about radar) and most high tier BB can Devastate​ Strike on high tier DD —— even they are unlucky, DD always lose more then 5k+ HP —— that is only one BB: so the problem is, fire punishment should become big when ship keep firing, like akizuki —— everyone hate that, but shouldn't become big when DD do what they should do: cap, spot and somke fleet and BB ap do too much damage on high tier DDs, less over penetration on high tier DD now, which means BB don't afraid anyone: CV and shimakaze just died (stronger and powerful), Russian DD just like CA is the food, USA DD can be killed when they dog fight , German DD will be spotted whatever , and the game will be world of battleships
  7. Well , today I play minotaur,T10 RN CL and play a good game when I return to port I receive 7 report . I don't say anything bad word, just ask my friend to give me smoke and we did good job in that game. commend​ and report system should be rework, it's so bad Authenticating... Processing... Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. Several functions may not work. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Cookies are disabledYour browser's cookies are disabled. The system cannot operate. For the correct operation of the system, enable cookies.
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    <Content Removed> WARGAMING

    Asia server have Minimal player and the worst event.
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    Верный​後來改造拆除了3X2的127mm火炮 加裝了2X2的130mm火炮(T6蘇聯驅逐艦使用的那個) 拆除了3X3的610mm魚雷發射管換成了2X5的533mm魚雷發射管 強度也就是6級水平。。
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    ​A B C D組 分房標準啊 A組R5-R2的分一起 B組R6-R10分一起 C組R11-R15的分一起 D組R16-R22分一起
  11. 现在在B组,RANK9 根本没有人打,见到的全是水平差不多的熟人 你赢一局我赢一局,上上下下上上下下,打了那么久还是一个样子 说到底这次RANK的保级点在RANK 12 B组又在RANK 10 - RANK5, 好不容易进来一个水平一般的玩家到B组 一下子就被打回C组了 我们这群玩家在B组根本打不了啊
  12. 回報單處理非常非常非常非常非常非常非常非常非常非常非常非常非常慢 特別是繁中的回報單 試試看提交英文。。
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    TAT一般需要处理多少天呢?​ 我被冻结账户的时候还有20多天的高级账户到现在只有16天了。。