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  1. The transfers are going through. They are simply locking all the accounts associated with the transfer so they can undo their colossal mess up. I had already been transferred and my account was good to go, however they decided to lock it as well.
  2. Jeruk_Swag

    What a let-down, Wargaming.

    There's still time to click on that Transfer to NA button.
  3. Do note you're going to lose around ~2 days of progress doing this. I'm PMing femnenly to see if it's ok to just hop on and start playing. I do not mind losing that progress to get off this awful server.
  4. Can we please get some updates regarding the upcoming transfers? SEA is the only server with an update on the transfer page saying that there will be a delay. Does this mean the delay will go past the listen completion date of December 10th and if so, for how long?
  5. Jeruk_Swag

    Server Transfer Delay

    If anyone hasn't noticed, they updated the server transfer page with an Update that there will be a slight delay. https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/announcements/server_transfer/ Okay, so how long exactly is this delay going to be? Is anyone at WG going to at least let us know how long this delay will take? I seriously cannot stand this server and just want to get my account off of this server. Why is there always ZERO communication from WG on anything.
  6. Jeruk_Swag

    Server Transfer and Stats

    Yes, I've read the FAQ. Im asking to NOT havr my random battle stats carry over.
  7. Jeruk_Swag

    Server Transfer and Stats

    Hi, with the recent news of the server transfer I was wondering if it was poasible to not have random battle stats carry over? Can players who did the Indian transfer shine some light on what happenes to your stats?
  8. Jeruk_Swag

    Moving to NA in 3... 2...

    How did you get that prompt asking you that?
  9. Jeruk_Swag

    Server Migration

    Yea, I'd like a transfer to NA please. Been trying to get one for 3 years and randos in India can get a freebie to EU.
  10. Why doesn't WG just give every single ship in the game radar without having to switch it for another consumable. It'll honestly simplify matches. I don't have to gamble as to whether the enemy UK Cl or PA DD is running radar or not or if every ship in the game has radar. If I wanted to gamble I'd play online roulette, but thanks to WG I get a mini-version every time I see UK Cl or PA DD.
  11. Jeruk_Swag

    How to deal with unsportsmanship in team play

    I was going to check yours, but then I saw you were in AUSNZ, so I already what they're going to be so I don't need to anymore.
  12. Jeruk_Swag

    How to deal with unsportsmanship in team play

    I agree with you that bad players need to be penalized but you do know that you're going to be penalized right? Dunning-Kruger strikes again. content modified, stat shaming / insult, user sanctioned ~tc1259
  13. I just finished the current frech missions and received all the crates, but I still don't have enough to complete the collection. Will there be more missions that reward the French crates?
  14. Jeruk_Swag

    Why do i always lose in divisions

    You're probably divving with bad players.
  15. Game has been released since 2015 and to this date people who AFK at the start of the match to the very end without moving at all are still not punished at all? Don't give me the stupid "they don't get any xp or credits" argument. It doesn't matter as they can still click "Battle" and AFK in another match immediately after AFKing an entire match. Sure, there are people who crash or the game doesn't load, but if it consistently happens then they should get banned or punished in some way.