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  1. Why doesn't WG just give every single ship in the game radar without having to switch it for another consumable. It'll honestly simplify matches. I don't have to gamble as to whether the enemy UK Cl or PA DD is running radar or not or if every ship in the game has radar. If I wanted to gamble I'd play online roulette, but thanks to WG I get a mini-version every time I see UK Cl or PA DD.
  2. Jeruk_Swag

    How to deal with unsportsmanship in team play

    I was going to check yours, but then I saw you were in AUSNZ, so I already what they're going to be so I don't need to anymore.
  3. Jeruk_Swag

    How to deal with unsportsmanship in team play

    I agree with you that bad players need to be penalized but you do know that you're going to be penalized right? Dunning-Kruger strikes again. content modified, stat shaming / insult, user sanctioned ~tc1259
  4. I just finished the current frech missions and received all the crates, but I still don't have enough to complete the collection. Will there be more missions that reward the French crates?
  5. Jeruk_Swag

    Why do i always lose in divisions

    You're probably divving with bad players.
  6. Game has been released since 2015 and to this date people who AFK at the start of the match to the very end without moving at all are still not punished at all? Don't give me the stupid "they don't get any xp or credits" argument. It doesn't matter as they can still click "Battle" and AFK in another match immediately after AFKing an entire match. Sure, there are people who crash or the game doesn't load, but if it consistently happens then they should get banned or punished in some way.
  7. Jeruk_Swag

    Bugs in 7.1

    With the release of 7.1 after every match now all your custom keybinds are reset to default forcing you to reset them before every match. Audio is a bit off on this update as well. Engine sounds are absurdly loud, you can hear random thunders when its not even a cyclone match and when following your shells or torpedoes the sound is 10 times louder than it normally should be. Please fix.
  8. Mate, I wouldn't want you on my team either. You have 41% overall winrate. That is just terrible and you have a T10 WR of 38%.
  9. lmao, you people are still here on a thread started from salt? get a life y'all
  10. Huh, POI guy gets a warning yet if I were to do I'd probably get banned for 2-3 days. Interesting.
  11. Seriously, weekend players are an absolute plague to this game. There needs to be restrictions on people who only play on weekends. All these matches with these trash players are a literal diceroll. I can play and waste 20 minutes of my time trying to carry weekend trash or I can just exit to port and I'll get the exact same result as if I played. There is literally no way of winning or losing on a weekend. You can purposely try to lose on a weekend but you'll sitll win and vice versa. Game is so unenjoyable on weekends because of these trash players.
  12. Jeruk_Swag

    If you're feeling hurt then deal with it

    >letting words hurt you How do people who actually get upset by words live day to day life?
  13. Jeruk_Swag


    The new economy introduced a year ago did absolutely nothing but allow absolutely terrible useless players consistently play T10 because they aren't punished enough for being useless at hightiers. I see absolutely zero difference in high tier gameplay than T4 now. Revert back to the old economy now, WG. I'm tired of people who rush in and die in the first 3 minutes to be able to consistently play T10 because of these stupid fixed credit prices. Someone who is consistently terrible at the game should not be allowed to consistently play at high tiers. Bringing back the old economy will also repopulate lower tiers, so any tier thats not T10 won't spend 90% of their games bottom tier.
  14. Jeruk_Swag

    'Stat-bashing' - where do you draw the line?

    You're wrong, I have every credential to criticize you on your Lex play. It doesn't matter what ship you're in, but if after 120 battles and you're consistently getting 20% WR the issue comes down to you, nothing else. It doesn't require a three star Michelin chef to realize that dog fecal matter will taste like fecal matter, so I don't have to be a super pro CV player to tell you that you are doing poorly in the Lexington. People are trying to offer you tips, but you disregard it because you think you know how the game should be played. You're too stubborn to realize you're wrong and that other people are right because you're still somehow convinced this game is remotely similar to actual naval combat. Pro tip: this game has nothing at all similar with real naval combat. The only thing this game has in similarities with real naval combat is that a good amount of the ships that are in the game existed in real life and that's where the similarities end. Here we go again with you thinking how the game should be played. You don't have the game adapt to how you want to play, you adapt to how the game wants you to play to achieve the most outcome out of your play style. And in this game one of the best play styles (especially for high tier US cruisers) is to sit behind islands and lob shells while being unspotted so they can dish out damage with receiving no to little damage in return. A concept you seem to have a very hard time to understand for an unknown reason. Why do you hate the idea of being able to do damage when they can't do damage in return if you would just simply stop being so stubborn on thinking this game has any similarities to actual naval combat? You also say it's incredibly easy to just sit behind and island to lob shells and that it's "braindead", but have you actually tried? Do you not realize that to get a good position to be able to effectively lob shells over islands your shell trajectory has to be able to clear the island, you are out of vision of anything that can potentially spot you and you always have to have awareness to see what your team and enemy team is doing to adjust your position effectively? I call players like you 2D players. Which means they are only able to process the information that is directly in front of them and not try to think of ahead of what the enemy might do or how their positioning will affect the match. I doubt you even look at minimap when you play, and the minimap in my opinion is something you should always be looking at as you can process so much information with what you get out of the minimap. No, you don't. You come to the forums to point out that you expect a naval game to have "the dynamics of ship-to-ship combat." Which this game has, just not how you want it and you need to adapt to how it's actually meant to played int his game to be effective or you could just play how you want and continue to be terrible. I'm sorry, didn't your earlier post claim that anyone who is half decent at the game to be a no lifer and that you have things to worry about such as a wife and responsibility that these "no life pro gamers" don't have? You accuse me of ad hominem while you were the first one to dish out personal insults in the first place. If you're going to talk smack expect to get hit back. You also know nothing of me or anyone here, so don't call them "no-lifers" because they excel in something you don't.
  15. Jeruk_Swag

    'Stat-bashing' - where do you draw the line?

    I'm sorry, Skeeter, but you are genuinely a detriment to teams you join and you don't seem to actually be improving in any way shape and form. From what I can see is that you're trying to relive your glory days when you served on the Cleveland. I'm sorry to say but this game is not in any shape or form in any way similar to actual naval combat. You have to adjust to how the game is actually meant to played and not play it in the way you think it should be played. All you're doing with your play style is letting yourself lose without helping your team at all. I highly recommend you to play co-op as games are much easier and people who mainly play co-op aren't as competitive or care as much about winning than they are in random battles. You say you are about teamwork when you clearly are not. Anyone who cares about teamwork will not have themselves playing Lexington with a 22.50% winrate. You have played 120 battles in the lexington and you have won 27 of them, meaning the team you are on has lost 93 games with you as their carrier. You can not possibly say that it is your team's fault once you have achieved such a low winrate. All you are doing is being a detriment to your team and almost ensuring the enemy team a sure win if their CV is mildly competent. "I hate to lose and play to win." I'm sorry, but no, you don't hate to lose and you don't play to win. You seem to be fine with losing as you don't seem to have improved at all with the 3000+ games you have played and you don't seem to care enough about wining to change your mindset on how the game should be played. This quote by you also ticked me a bit: "I do not need some no-life" amateur gamer to motivate me" Please don't berate people who actually try to improve on something as no lifers. I am more confident you're just dishing out that "no-life" insult because you are insecure of the fact that someone younger and more competent is better than you at something. Something I know most boomers like you have a hard time to accept due to the nature you grew up, I have never met a boomer who was not selfish or not a know it all. And now to go say what I would tell you if I were on the same team as you ingame: Hey, Skeeter, do us all a favor and uninstall.