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  1. camevad

    Runtime Error

    Thanks for the reply....will try to do that.
  2. camevad

    Runtime Error

    Hi, been playing WoW for a year or two and I noticed that over the past couple months I seem to be first getting "chunky" play, then it progressed to getting "frozen" windows in the game whilst in battle. In task manager I stop the process, restart and takes me back to battle position - most times. Now the game wont even start. I am not a guru and in researching the R6025 error, I can see it is beyond me to fix without advice. Any ideas on how a non technical person can fix this issue please? Cheers
  3. camevad

    any aussies playing?

    Perth here and pretty new to game but would love to join a group of Aussies. Trying to work out basics of game but cant work out how to "join" a group or chat ingame. bbl. Gonna have a look in game again.