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  1. Hey there, 1. It's easy to find people but when you adding a contact to the wows client, the request will not go to the target person to accept from their end. so we need to add from both side each other, ***My request is fix this to one person adding from their end and invitation should pop up from the target contact to accept the invitation. 2. we love the game even tho it's in beta.and it would be a competitive among the friends you have in the contacts if we could see their "PROFILE". its like what's their levels and how ships they got so far and the information. (and that prolly have to have an option to hide/unhide our profiles if we do not want others to see) 3. we know most of games are 5v5 or more than that, in my team there are heaps who want to play the game in the same division but we got only 3 slots available so far, got no clue if that you guys gonna put more slots in to it further on but still it should be really good we have a competitive mode to play like *Solo pub match and ** team match making option i cannot imagine if we have 5v5 mode on and to play with 2 Destroyers, 1 Cruisers, 1 battleships , 1 air support Pirate, reporting for duty Cheers
  2. Please Look into this suggestion...

    Hey there, I would like to see an option to goto Main menu while playing match, there should be a button linked to the main menu Advantages: *to check Contact, chats, *to check info of the enemy ship what we are dealing with in battle at the very second *etc,.. + there should be an option to personal chat to online players who have met in the battle and as well as to check their profile stats (the profile should be hidden on/off ) cheers mate

    mate World or tanks has competitive perspective and that game also slow yet still people love it

    you re argument still more than 3 in a division,, so we need a bigger slot match making

    since all the famous games are competitive 5v5 game mode Its really good when this game also comes to that 5v5 match making or 8v8 how ever team mates should have an option to team up more than 3 in a division !!! Please Look in to it Cheers !
  6. Module clash BUG

    Thanks dead_man_walking Solved, its the SLI, the game still not compatible with sli.. cheers !!!
  7. Module clash BUG

    good idea,, illl try cheers mate
  8. Module clash BUG

    Um very new to the game, but i lvled 4 now, and um experiencing a bug since i play this game from the beginning. when i goto Tech tree even to see what ships are there and when it come to see the module all the time i get to see things from the previous ship and/or huge lines kinda boxes,, I play very high performance (i5,760sli,8gb) at 60fps beside i play other games without any graphics issues (bf4,titanfall,COD:aw,dota2) very high and smooth. i do not experience this issue all the time, if only i goto see the modules in the tree tech, ATTN: eg: *goto a match without going to see the module = no issues at all *but going to see the module then get the issue to see the module as well as i start a match still there, so every time i need to restart the game http://postimg.org/image/qy141diep/ please help me to fix it cheers
  9. Bug : ship overlay mixed

    yeah did it, still the same mate
  10. Bug : ship overlay mixed

    Playing other games without probs, Only when um seeing the modules.. Cheers
  11. Bug : ship overlay mixed

    in tech tree to find out about other ships and when i select a ship in-between to check the modules the ships clashes and i get to see things from the previous ships. and i have to restart the game to play battle even properly + things can be seen as texture failure or something playing under Very High performance with 60fps (i5,760sli,8gb) that only come when i check modules ! How can i fix that? cheers