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  1. Cheers for the reminder, got the collection for 11k coal
  2. EnochIsHere

    New Coupon Purchases - What Did You Get?

    Cool looking boat
  3. EnochIsHere

    Reminder: Epoch Camos

    Now all our ships can embrace nudism without losing any bonuses
  4. EnochIsHere

    always the way

    Do well and... You could get some karma from the team You could get reported by enemy ships for daring to shoot/sink them Bringing balance to the force
  5. EnochIsHere

    Convoy mode - effects stats?

    ^Yup, so can feel free to run around like headless chickens and it won't affect stats.
  6. EnochIsHere

    Hello Commander Azuma!

    Parents/grandparents: "We're not getting any younger! We want a great/grandchild now!!"
  7. I grinded that mission in ranked playing Georgia/Marco Polo, took around 30 games with 1-2 mil potential damage per game so it wasn't as bad as originally thought.
  8. EnochIsHere

    New Coupon Purchases - What Did You Get?

    Waiting for the Iwami release and reviews
  9. Welp we already have some monstrous torpedo spewing ships so why not bring this old classic back?
  10. EnochIsHere


    lol yep, forgot about that event Oh yeah, that was a pretty nice one since it was a winning player's camo design
  11. This would be a huge bummer, it was quite nice getting tier 6 and 7 permacamos in past events.
  12. EnochIsHere


    The last tier 6 permacamo from early access event was for the Andrea Doria wasn't it? The last few events we at least got the tier 7 one but it would be a bummer if we're not even going to get that now lol.
  13. EnochIsHere

    WG is going to sell Musashi

    Dat feel when missing out on the ship years ago and now it's in the lighthouse