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  1. EnochIsHere

    ASW aircraft can attack....

    That's gonna be a nice surprise for anybody hiding in smoke .
  2. EnochIsHere

    Key Battle : The Betrayal

    Unfortunate that there's no credit/exp rewards per battle.
  3. EnochIsHere

    US 2nd Battleship Code master list

    FELINEPURRFECT Apparently this one gives you a flag
  4. EnochIsHere

    GIFT CODE (each valid once, while supplies last)

    I got sent some too CREU-76THW-5FTTW CREU-76TK2-TBCZE CREU-76TNX-TZVR3 CREU-76TY8-HHB6F CREU-76U6S-WP6YZ
  5. EnochIsHere

    Anshan: which one is correct?

    Last time I played it it just had a regular DCP, might be a UI bug which is referring to the Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya?
  6. Oo so potentially 3 free botes for pure f2p players.
  7. Damn, that tier 4 has a spicy broadside with 3 of those turrets facing forward.
  8. EnochIsHere

    Op of the Week

    Newport? Don't you mean "no operations are available this week"?
  9. EnochIsHere

    OMG Kansas is terrible

    Someone at WG must really love the Colorado experience to release this line.
  10. EnochIsHere

    sekrit mission chain

    Hmm, I just tried having the hard difficulty tab open and it also gave me the easy missions lol. Oh well, thanks for the free goodies.
  11. EnochIsHere

    Research Deflated.

    Inb4 they implement submarines without any changes as well.
  12. EnochIsHere

    Dockyard: Kansas

    That combined with 40 second reload is going to be so fun
  13. EnochIsHere

    Pensacola appreciation

    The old tier 7 Pensacola is still my most played ship, back when the detection range was 15.7km
  14. EnochIsHere

    Which line do you want to see next? [Commonwealth bias]

    I'd like to see some of these ships in one way or another: Indefatigable Class - under a RN battlecruiser line or a separate HMAS Australia for the sake of it. Unfortunately looks like AA would probably be non-existent. Renown Class - would be fun as a RN battlecruiser if it doesn't have the accuracy of a Gneisenau HNLMS De Ruyter - kinda lacking some firepower but maybe under Pan European cruisers? Georgios Averof - WG made a video on recently, maybe as a historic collectible ship Ning Hai Class - like a super slow Yubari with an extra turret at the rear
  15. EnochIsHere


    Log into the site, click the top right button where your username is and click 'activate wargaming code'. Paste any codes there and you'll receive the rewards the next time you boot up the game: