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  1. EnochIsHere

    my computer died

    How much did that cost? Every time I look at gaming laptop prices I die a little inside. Also, less politix and more memes plz.
  2. EnochIsHere

    my computer died

    WG be like
  3. EnochIsHere

    This Cereal Snack is R I G G E D

    Some bloke on reddit spent around $1200 USD to conduct the same experiment lol
  4. EnochIsHere

    This Cereal Snack is R I G G E D

    Lol the twitch chat
  5. Apparently they'll be moved to the ships section where the coupon can be used in future. Reddit thread
  6. Would love to get a Flint but probably best to see how the captain skills rework goes first... would hate to just play that thing with the base range lol.
  7. EnochIsHere

    BLUF - Episode 9 - New Mexico (Review)

    Loved that ship back in 2016 even after the matchmaking changes. After playing some of the newer battleship lines with faster speed and faster reloading guns, it's more of a nostalgic memory now
  8. EnochIsHere

    WOWS Advent Calendar

    Hmm free bundles in the armory after the latest patch. More goodies to get.
  9. EnochIsHere

    WOWS Advent Calendar

    Just saw a reminder on the subreddit for daily advent calendar goodies: Calendar link Reddit thread
  10. EnochIsHere

    ​📰​ ST 0.10.0, new ships (French, German, US)

    So an enlarged pasta boat replaces Georgia? Guess I'm going for that one next
  11. EnochIsHere

    100% exp boost already started

    Ohh thanks, looks like there's a nice discount on the dismounts as well
  12. EnochIsHere

    100% exp boost already started

    Just wondering, how do you buy upgrades like that in bulk? I couldn't figure it out
  13. EnochIsHere

    TCoH (The Cult of Hipper)

    Your very own stalker paparazzi? Either a blessing or a curse depending on your tastes.
  14. EnochIsHere

    Massive news on ships

    Yay more longer reload times
  15. EnochIsHere

    Oklahoma - PSA

    Look how they massacred my boy