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  1. FREE Humble Bundle Flag

    Just curious, what's that triangle flag in the last column? I've been away for ages and never seen that one before.
  2. Fix it now! WG ASIA

    Our clan leader was Risa, XP was our kidnapper recruiter
  3. Fix it now! WG ASIA

    RIP our clan
  4. USN Cruisers split

    Mr Conway replied to the reddit thread so maybe it's legit
  5. Problems with pacific cable again?

    300-500ms ping here too
  6. Update 0.6.3 General Feedback

    Zooming in and out feels much less responsive now, can no longer quickly zoom in and out without delay. http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/120430-063-artillery-camera-issues/#topmost
  7. Very New to this game

    Have you upgraded the Clemson's guns? You get double the firepower once you do German DDs are a bit underwhelming currently to be honest.
  8. Very New to this game

    You'll probably enjoy the Soviet or USN destroyers as a start. Lots of pew pew (the upgraded Clemson is fantastic)
  9. Very New to this game

    You can still experiment/experience the other ship classes while you're at it. You can unlock destroyers or battleships and decide which class you'd like to progress with. No need to rush down a ship line asap.
  10. Very New to this game

    Nice to hear that you're enjoying lower tiers. They currently have protected matchmaking so tier 4s won't be seeing any tier 6. This will change at tier 5/6 where the matchmaking spread is +2/-1 so bear that in mind before diving into that.
  11. New Commander Retraining Cost

    Yup, I cry deeply every time
  12. souther dragon ship

    The screenshot you posted just says "win a battle" so 1 win with any ship or game mode should be fine.
  13. souther dragon ship

    You still need to win a battle (coop/random/ranked etc.) to complete that final stage.
  14. CE is -12% for cruisers right? So roughly 11.2km ish if it's to be true.
  15. Only the rebalanced Erie would stand a chance against such a behemoth. Yuss, too bad I sold it though. That being said you still have to suffer through the stock ship with its Myoko tier turret traverse.