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  1. Grey_Maker

    8 missing commander skills

    yeah ok, was sorta thinking once they dumped beta(last week) that they might of filled them in ;) hopeful thinking its the way all (95%) games are now. test/play/add/edit/repeat. thanks for replies
  2. Grey_Maker

    Server /forum query

    yeah when logged into my WG account and push forums (at top page) send me to asia. Ok thankyou all very much for your time and info. All sorted and understand now Thanks again Grey_Maker
  3. Grey_Maker

    Server /forum query

    ok i googled and see there are a few link to changing...... i dont have any problems playing on the NA server ping wise.... should i swap or no point??? earlier content on the NA( from what i read) thanks again Grey_Maker
  4. Grey_Maker

    8 missing commander skills

    if not missing ............... Then why do the skills only help the small caliber (under 155) & torps(10%reload) and AA... Nothing for large caliber. They could fill in the blank spaces with Advanced fire fighters (rapid response fire team) or an Advanced Spotter to help detect ships better ( ie dd's) There are plenty of things they (WG) can 'fill' the blank spaces in with. Not asking for fight just curious and wanting to know if/when/possible/suggestion Grey_Maker
  5. Grey_Maker

    Server /forum query

    ok thankyou for all the replies >.< do i lose all my ships ?? wow Alvin 2 min reply time ( thats awesome ) rapid response team ill call you with Conkhead as your commodore ;)
  6. Grey_Maker

    Server /forum query

    I live in australia when i play world of warships i can only get the NA server ( no other server available ) NA = North America when i goto the forums i get sent to the asia forum. WHY ?
  7. Grey_Maker


    A question (or idea) about missions. current mission ( 4 ship torp kills in 1 battle) 3 i can see everyone able but 4 maybe not. Anyways my question is. why dont missions reset after a certain time frame ie ; mission not completed in 24 hours and it changes. not stuck with that same mission which maybe quite hard to complete forever. if you cant complete ( does that mission stay forever ??????????????) stupid if it does Also another question re. missions i thought missions reset every 24 hours. ( so how can you have a mission resetting in 56hours ??????) correct me if im wrong on the 24 hours please. ( but it did say that mission reset every 24 hours somewhere.) Grey_Maker
  8. Grey_Maker

    Taskforce44 - Sign Up Here!

    Hey guys, a fellow aussie, getting sick of pug's. Some organisation in teams would be great. lvl'ing atm US cv (ranger) US bb (north carolina) US crusier (clev) (Edited) DD ( hatsuharu ) Will be lvl'ing russian and german when available Send me a pm or something (let me know the go ) Cheers Grey_Maker Derogatory, Post Edited, User Sanctioned ~lengxv6
  9. Grey_Maker

    8 missing commander skills

    Yes the commanders talent tree has 8 missing spots ....if they not missing why spread them out like 8 are missing then and not stack them side by side ?
  10. Grey_Maker

    8 missing commander skills

    Hi all, just a quick question about the 8 missing commander skills. Wondering when these will be added to the skills tree ??? Grey_Maker