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  1. KiwifromtheTron

    WoWS down again?

    I was in the middle of a battle last night when the game froze and everyone was disconnected at once. I couldn't log back in so I gave up and did something else.
  2. KiwifromtheTron

    15 game losing streak

    The most successful battle performance I ever had was one where I sunk 6 ships. We still lost because the rest of the team played poorly. Sometimes you just can't win no matter how well you play.
  3. KiwifromtheTron

    The Leander cruiser

    My avatar photo is the HMNZS Waikato (F55) from the subsequent Leander class of frigate. Back on topic, HMS Achilles (prior to being transferred to the RNZN) was the first RN vessel to be equipped with fire control radar. And, more famously, played a role in the sinking of the Graf Spee in the Battle of the River Plate.
  4. KiwifromtheTron

    Please change F4U to F6F

    Mostly true. The Corsair had three huge design faults which made it very dangerous to land on a carrier: 1) Poor forward visibility over the nose, exacerbated by oil leaking out of the top cowl flaps. 2) Badly designed undercarriage oleos which when combined with a too steep approach caused the aircraft to bounce over the arresting wires. 3) An aerodynamic issue which caused the left wing to enter a stalled condition well before the right. Very dangerous when low and slow, and it killed several test pilots. It was the British who solved the first problem with the now ubiquitous curved approach combined with at first wiring the top cowl flaps shut then replacing them entirely with a fixed cowling plate. The Americans redesigned the oleos with a bleed valve which limited the rebound characteristics, they also redesigned the tail hook as well. A stall strip outboard of the gun ports on the left wing fixed the stall issue.
  5. KiwifromtheTron

    Is it worth to skip furutaka?

    Doesn't the ARP Myoko mission require ships of tier VI and above?
  6. KiwifromtheTron

    XVM for World of Warships

    Here's a question for you then. Would XVM in WoWS have more or less of an effect in ranked battles vs random battles, and why?
  7. KiwifromtheTron

    When will Free XP be transferrable from WoT to WoWs?

    There are already inexperienced players at high tier, and I don't mean the wallet warriors running round in Tirpitz/Mikhail Kutuzov/Atago.
  8. KiwifromtheTron


    Oh I fully understand the way replays work, Amade, but WG could do something about it by having web based virtual machines running legacy versions of the clients so we can watch old replays.
  9. KiwifromtheTron

    XVM for World of Warships

    I've just looked at your WoWP stats, I'm guessing you are not referring to yourself.
  10. KiwifromtheTron


    I wish WG would fix the backwards compatibility problem with replays. It's the same for all their products and it's annoying having to run different versions of the client just to watch old replays.
  11. KiwifromtheTron

    Make Battleships more competative

    I don't know what all the fuss about XVM is. One thing I have learned from other WG products which have it is, the good players will just adjust their tactics slightly and continue to dominate. So you'll have proof that your random battle team is full of scrubs before the countdown ends? So what? I can already work it out on my own about 30 sec after the battle starts.
  12. KiwifromtheTron

    Australia Day

    Throw another destroyer on the barbie!
  13. KiwifromtheTron

    Need Ability to "Group" Air Groups

    Is your micro not über enough?
  14. KiwifromtheTron

    [SPOILERS] Star Wars

    Will all due respect, you sir, are a troll.
  15. KiwifromtheTron

    Someone said I cheated!

    Congratulations, you are now officially leet.