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  1. Really wonder how many ac is involved in the move. The transfer is over-due already, at least tell us what is the progress. My SEA is locked and no info whatsoever from SEA or NA server. This is not how you do bussiness.
  2. I am going to NA from SEA. I had an old acc in the same email there, so I cant use the change password trick, and I cant just change the password of the thrown away emai because that isnt a real email anyway..........so I can do nothing and just wait............ time to explore some good game now XD
  3. hero123567

    Replay Problem

    HI, I am trying to enable the replay recently. I read the guide provided 2 years ago, it's working, but with some problem. They say " Ctrl+Shift+Backspace" can enable free camera, but that somehow just worked once, I really don't know why it's work and all other tries failed............. Also the "<" key for rewind doesnt work too. The "esc" key just worked once every replay, failed afterwards...... And I try to download the exe file in the pin msg, but the link dead already.......... So, anyone has any idea what is going on? How can I enable the free cam?