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  1. Senkan_Suiki

    Philippines WoWs Community

    Should totally have a Discord group
  2. Senkan_Suiki

    Stuck in loading

    Just did that. Apparently the mod's are incompatible with the combat interface due to the addition of radio messages. Thanks for teh welp Syanda senpai o wo/ Gonna have to dissect Tsukotaku's mod again QQ
  3. Senkan_Suiki

    Stuck in loading

    Issue: Stuck in loading Screenshots: N/A (It can't even reach loading screen of ship-preview battle tab)Ship: Experienced in using Nagato and TenryuMap: AnyOccurrences: Every time after recent 800MB patch.Tested: Occur's every time I que in match even tried to restart client.Severity: Severe and unplayable.Details: Currently unable to play, stuck in loading while able to hear the progress of the fight BGM, sound effects and shots being fired near or at my unmanned ship. Tried closing client and re-logging during match to re-join the battle, but still gives the same result and gets me stuck in loading while I hear the creeks of my sinking ship. Able to reach battle results upon end of match if left alone and stare at the spinning wheel. My internet is a cable broadband and currently pinging the server by 35~90ms.
  4. Senkan_Suiki

    Furutaka x Omaha

    I got baited by the title of "Furutaka x Omaha" possible action.
  5. Senkan_Suiki

    blue line fix

    It works like a charm for me, just aimed normally after it hits the blueline head-on into it. Shoot the lead normally and hits landed and it looked like my shells are drawn to the blueline itself than over shooting ahead of it.
  6. Senkan_Suiki

    KanColle Summer Event 2015

    No Teruzuki Bad End QQ Overt promotion/linking to other games. Thread locked, user warned. ~amade
  7. Senkan_Suiki


    Just UI mod.
  8. Senkan_Suiki


    So cute, so many deaths... @Conan No kanmusu, no life
  9. Senkan_Suiki


    Muey kanmusu, muey laifu... GONE! QQ
  10. Senkan_Suiki

    Tell me about your epic moments in the game.

    15 Citadel hits and 5 kills, single salvo'd a Nagato(3 Citadels) and Montana(6 Citadels), normal killed an Atago 2x, Izumo. Still lost... did I made a mistake?
  11. Senkan_Suiki

    Day in the life of a BB.

    BB is love, BB is life. poi
  12. Senkan_Suiki

    Buff Atlanta's gun range.

    Someone didn't read the specs before buying.
  13. Senkan_Suiki

    Just asking: What is Poi?

    To poi or not to poi?
  14. Senkan_Suiki

    Yamato Secondary and AA bug

  15. Senkan_Suiki

    Yamato Secondary and AA bug

    Issue: Secondary and AA preview bug Screenshots: Ship: YamatoMap: PortOccurrences: ContinuousTested: Yes, it's been there for quite some time now.Severity: If this is a visual bug then it is a Low, but I'm starting to get worried if it reflects on its performance.Details: As you can see on the screenshots, under the Artillery tab, it previews the 155mm secondary when selecting the 127mm and reverts to default view when selecting the 155mm along with 127mm under the AA guns tab. #On the side note shes missing 4x Type 96 AA guns mounted on two of its main turrets, based on the recent video inventory of Yamato.