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  1. Axion_Nova

    The best tier 10 destroyer

    Edit: seems like they just like to post a lot about random thoughts and may not have known about edit. Sometimes the ships considered terrible are fun to play or require skill that most don't have; I would have never played USN CA's if I had asked which was best T8 and I really enjoy those ships.
  2. Axion_Nova

    dear WG, can we trade for a premium ship

    Just put them on all of your main ships with auto supply on, flags are just a pointless number otherwise.
  3. It takes time to research, develop and test ship lines; a clone or slight variation takes little time to do and can earn decent money so why not make masses of them. I'm not interested in RN BB's (seem to be mostly mediocre) and I don't play CV's so it doesn't matter to me,
  4. Axion_Nova

    The best tier 10 destroyer

    Whatever people think is the best is irrelevant if you like something different or have a different play style, just pick what sounds best. Not sure why your so focused on T10 anyway...
  5. Axion_Nova

    Detonation Smoke

    It would be interesting to have more realistic detonations; but would be better for the game to remove them, also I think there is enough smoke in the game already. I have been detonated in BB at very start of the battle by TB's, I haven't seen BB's detonate that often though except in rare cursed games where there are 4-5 detonations.
  6. Axion_Nova

    How to Pensacola

    Detection range isn't a problem anymore so it's a lot easier to play as a CA hunter without having to bide your time and hope the team is competent. AP angle is excellent and armour can protect against most CA's if you angle well; and constantly keep watch of every enemy BB to avoid broadside. The only painful thing is the upgrade from stock (esp. turrets)
  7. Axion_Nova

    tier 7 + german cruisers

    Good to know; I always considered angled penetration to be the only important aspect of AP since it gives more cit chance overall.
  8. Axion_Nova

    tier 7 + german cruisers

    German CA Concealment: T7 worst T8 worst T9 second worst after Dmitri Donskoi T10 second worst after Moskva I thought USN had best AP?
  9. Axion_Nova

    [Update 0.6.1] Release Feedback

    The inventory only lists unequipped modules.
  10. Axion_Nova

    [Update 0.6.1] Release Feedback

    Inventory opens a page that says failed to open URL. Update: Seems my firewall was blocking access.
  11. Axion_Nova

    WoWS Fatigue + feeling strange

    I played way too much before and during the graf event so I'm taking a break until the next anime themed event, it just feels like burning precious time after a while.
  12. Oregon City would have slightly better shell deflection and they could just add more health/range so it would still be a viable upgrade.
  13. Probably move Cleveland up to 7 with fixed and/or buffed abilities.
  14. If they fix pepsi concealment I would be happy, would be nice to have a New Orleans style citadel change (if supported by history). The split into heavy/light crusiers would probably lower the pepsi by one tier and have the T7 Portland (sister ship of Indianapolis); then buff the Baltimore to be useful. I have almost unlocked the Baltimore but never going to use it in current form.