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    Update 0.6.6 Bug Reports

    i'm stuck on login loading when change to Ultra Client + Ultra sound . it's that bug ? My PC CPU I5-6500 RAM 8 GB VGA GTX 760 OS Windows 7 ultimate 64bit
  2. Adm_Ashigara

    Colorado is worst ship.

    Colorado class should change to be South Dakota Class (1920) or give some buff for this ship. i know we should upgrade a hull for a better than stock, but how we can do without re XP to free XP ? when i'm search match i'm always matched with tier 8 9 and 10 how i can fight when i'm play on stock hull ? just you run away from montana you will survive .... nope another ships will shoot you !! especially Nagato from same tier and she can shoot on 20+ Km and fast better than Colorado.run on she and shoot ? it's just go to suicide.it's hard to play. when i'm play with NM i'm so enjoy with she,Because it have a low change to matched with high tier.i'm try to play but when you sunk without any damage you can do, Do you think you will got money and much XP ? you will lose 60000+ Credit for recover your ship.Less likely to have enemies run on you and give you ez shot. it just Personal opinions. so sorry i'm not well with eng language.