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  1. Sparcie

    Thunderer everywhere....

    Is it me of does H-44 look like FdG or GK with only 8 guns? In which case, what's the point?
  2. Sparcie

    Pommern Sprint

    I don't normally play ranked at all, although have dabbled in it in the past. Decided to have a go this time and the format is quite fun. I've been doing quite well in the Alsace oddly, I can see how the Pommern would be very good I just haven't really used it very much. Am currently at rank five having only played it tonight, will have another go at it tomorrow.
  3. Sparcie

    Summer Tokens - The Whale Thread

    Gambling is bad don't do it! I caved and got enough tokens for 1 air supply and 3 santa crates. What did I get? 1000 gold some flags and camos. Not even enough to buy Katori! Quite the disappointment. I should have known better, they tempt you with what others win to get you to spend. If you want a particular ship, just buy it instead of hoping (if you can afford it, the prices they are too high)
  4. Sparcie

    Spawn camping in scenario

    Unless they did it from less than 1km (ship-to-ship distance), and didn't get shot at - period. Then no, it's nothing like that. Don't you think the incoming ships would see you and behave differently rather than charge in to less than 1km before even starting to load their guns, let alone change course. Although it's pretty funny when they (the campers) stuff it up, and get sunk by another ship that spawns. Saw one guy get chased around by two DDs before falling afoul some torps.
  5. Sparcie

    Spawn camping in scenario

    This is the thing they often don't get five stars, I've seen quite a few spawn camp and not bother to go to the exit cap, so often a fail is a potential outcome. They don't contribute to preventing ships entering the haven, cause they're too far away. They're often just farming a damage number instead of trying to meet objectives and actually help. One of the greatest ironies is that they often fail to make much in the way of score despite farming. How you like to play is all well and good, and it is something they can do, so ok then do what you like. But this is an _exploit_ people use for farming and as such should be dealt with by WG, not because player are doing something unexpected, but because it breaks the design of the scenario. It also doesn't make sense for incoming reinforcements to turn up unprepared for battle, and at point blank range to an enemy. Surely they would be at least shooting and evading before even entering the area we see. A simple fix could be just have them spawn outside the map area and sail in with their armament ready for battle. Then someone attempting it would at least have to face some risk and the AI would have a chance to respond/dodge. It's not rocket science, you can still attempt it, but not completely without risk the way it is now. I prefer to play it in fast BB's myself, but have been known to use all kinds of ships, hence why I have a bunch of universal seaman medals. It's actually a very good scenario for Dunkerque and PEF, as their speed and firepower allows for an aggressive push right into the heart very quickly and then out again knife fighting and smashing opposition on the way out again. So I've gone into the base smashed everything up, and come out looking for another fight and there's nothing to do but sail around because someone who did nothing to help meet the objectives has been camping. You have to commit about 20minutes for this operation, and I don't do that for a pleasure cruise around the map regardless of the outcome. I've managed quite good scores in pretty much every T6 ship I've got, even the slow ones like New Mexico and Arizona, and I've not had to spawn camp to achieve it.
  6. I like playing killer whale, but something that annoys the hell outa me is the spawn camping that some people do makes the scenario much less fun. Sometimes I barely get to shoot at anything at all! Can we please just have the bots spawn with their weapons loaded, and if someone is in their spawn have them spawn elsewhere. It's frustrating for every one else when some butt munch kills the opposition before the battle even really begins without any risk whatsoever. This is less of a problem in other scenarios but should be addressed there to.
  7. Sparcie

    Summer Tokens - The Whale Thread

    I get the distinct feeling this is pretty much a cash grab of an event, may be worth it if you get lucky but it's all a gamble and with the odds against you the chances aren't good unless you spend a significant amount. I agree the random premium boxes aren't so bad, as you're sure to get a ship, but that just means they're less gambly than the really bad ones. When previous events for those boxes came by some people bought loads of containers and got pretty much nothing but flags, coal and camos.
  8. Sparcie

    ANZ / SEA Contests

    The scuttling of HMAS Australia, our one and only battlecruiser?
  9. I know a bunch of people that moved to the NA server, because it initially felt better. It didn't fix the experience of the game for them in the long run and they don't play it much anymore at all on either server. It can be bad over there as well, just for different reasons.
  10. Sparcie

    What is World of Warship good for ?

    pretty much sums it up.
  11. Sparcie

    What i think about German CV

    I've only played the T4 so far, and you're bang on for it. It's so hard to use, I can't imagine the others being much better.
  12. Sparcie

    Battleship Pommern Discussion.

    I haven't posted in a long time, but getting this ship motivated me to make this post. Short story. It's bad, very very bad. Do not buy for anything. Heck don't even grind to get it for free. If you get it for free, it should be a port queen or sold for scrap. Longer story. She's tanky enough, but her guns don't do anything at all to most ships she meets. Most of the time you don't hit them, but when you do there is no damage as a reward. Even using HE shells. You'll spend a lot of time saying WTF! The big problem is she has small guns, that basically do nothing to almost nothing to most high tier targets. Having more guns doesn't compensate as they are less likely to hit anything than a blind driver. If you want to know what it's like to play her, it's like FDG but with guns that can't penetrate or damage anything. I want my coal back 😡
  13. Sparcie

    CV experts

    Does this mean he'll finally stop banging on about it?
  14. Sparcie

    Aimbots back?

    It's clear to me you're not understanding that mods and cheats/hacks can be made in similar ways. It's not a black and white difference. I see the difference as motivation of the user and creator. Cheats are mods/hacks that gives an unfair advantage over other players in the game playing with an unmodified client. Some mods have fallen under that category. Mods that aren't cheats don't grant such advantages. WG has a list of official mods that are allowed, so that should make things simple.
  15. Sparcie

    WG wins balance award

    It's so sad but true. The russian bias is so dang blatant. So many other ships from other nations they nerf with sledge hammer, but OP russian ships they barely do anything to. To add insult to injury they release italian cruisers in a state that destroyed any interest anyone who was waiting for them had. You only have to look at the ships that went into KoTS to see it. Russian BBs should never have been that much better than everything else. All the tech tree ships that actually existed are not that great, what are they trying to do? Here's a question, are there any ships from the oldest tech tree lines that are still competitive? do people enjoy playing them? no? well there's your problem.