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  1. MM Rant

    You guys sound like you _want_ the MM to be rigged. If you wanted to ensure you don't have win/loss streaks longer than any set length the MM would have to set up one team to lose and another to win. It doesn't matter whether you're on the winning or losing team, that will make for a lousy experience. My guess is the MM would basically have to rig every game to be able to achieve this goal of less than x length streaks. How would it feel if your skill mattered for nothing and you won or lost on the whim of the MM algorithm. That is assuming of course they use a skill metric that was useful and produced the results expected. Or you could just accept the teams in randoms are exactly that... random. Sometimes we have "bad" teams and sometimes "good" ones, it affects us all equally.There are many variables outside the game that may cause you to have a winning/losing streak. Play when you're awake and feeling reasonably good, stop playing if you start losing a bunch, you're probably not in the best condition to play your best. Or just don't care about it so much, less stress will probably mean you'll play better.
  2. I had a bit of trouble with her at first as well, but once you get used to her weirdness it gets better. Don't go full bow on to avoid citadels from the front. Think of it as angling the front bulkhead armour as well as the belt. You'll probably still get citadelled occasionally, but you will get fewer of them. I think the spot where the rear turret just gets enough clearance to shoot works well, but be sure to turn back and forth to throw enemies aim off. Also don't get too close as that increases the chances you'll take serious AP damage.
  3. So fishy , WG is that you ?

    It does look more like a malformed genuine email but it is possible that it is a scam. It's easy to spoof the from address on emails given the right knowledge, and the text displayed for the link isn't necessarily the target URL. When you hover your mouse over the link does the target match the text? It's usually displayed at the bottom of the window when you hover over a link.
  4. OMFG Colorado is so slow

    Yes she's slow, and has experienced power creep. But she still has decent guns, AA and is very maneuverable. Be careful where you position yourself, angle up to protect your citadel and you'll find she can be quite a good ship. The bad side of her is she can't get away (no kiting) and she can't keep up with a serious push.
  5. Regarding being made PINK!

    Your torpedoes, your responsibility. Lets say there are people deliberately trying to be hit by friendly torps. If you put your fish where they couldn't hit friendlies they wouldn't be able to troll you by deliberately hitting them. If you put your torps in a place where there is a risk of hitting friendlies sometimes it will happen, whether they are trolls or not.
  6. You can hope they try to no-cap-kill-all and gradually sink them as they try and catch up to you.... if you can. Seriously though just do your best to fight on til the end, sometimes there's nothing you can do to carry.
  7. Des Moines with spotter plane

    It's not skilled players I'm talking about, it's players that get trapped against the island they initially camp and then overwhelmed when the enemy flanks or pushes to the point they kill them. partly because they don't have an escape planned or don't try to escape when they should. Often they don't do much damage in the process. The idea that they must be there for radar is half the reason they fail, get trapped and die. Yuro demonstrated an alternative play style, you don't have to like it, but it clearly worked well for him. I thought the whole point of the Des Moines was she''s a DPM monster, but if you think it's ok I guess it's fine. I haven't played her so I don't know.
  8. Des Moines with spotter plane

    I think the point Yuro was trying to make was less about the build but that camping an island near a cap where you have limited options for shooting at enemies will limit your DPM quite a bit or in some cases have none at all. Sure you can pop radar on a DD and have it knocked out, but what have you done in the meantime? I think there are certainly players camping islands contributing nothing but radar. I don't play cruisers at that level, so I can't say how it should be done, just I've seen people doing it wrong.
  9. Potato famine?

    This could be a sign of fewer new players coming to the server. In the past we had events such as the launch on steam that brought floods of new players, so it's to be expected that fewer are joining now. You've also got to expect to hit market saturation sooner or later. People who came in those large floods of newer players either got better or left, so fewer potatoes.
  10. Supercontainer Drop Rate

    I actually prefer not to get the SC, as every time I get one I get something I don't need or want. They are almost always a let down.
  11. It honestly doesn't really matter that there are other OP ships available to everyone. Those shouldn't be in the game either. It doesn't matter how the ship is available if it's OP it will ultimately be bad for the game. Arguing that there are other OP ships doesn't make it valid for a reward ship to be so. All OP ships are not invincible so arguing that there are some flaws while they retain features that are game breaking is also not an argument of value. There's a bunch of straw clutching going on. If Stalingrad turns out to not be OP, I won't give two hoots, even if it's totally exclusive. I don't need to have every boat, I only make effort to get ones I want. But if running into one ruins the fun for me in battle the way some other OP ships can do, well that's no good at all.
  12. I'd say the main contender would probably be black, I had it mixed up with flint earlier which is less of a problem (but still one). But this was more in reply to someone who earlier expected the reward ships to be OP in order for them to be "worth the effort" because they found playing clan battles such a hassle. Such an expectation deserves scorn. Oh and those OP ships aren't really fair to the general population either, although the only really bad one that I've encountered regularly is Belfast. Not saying the others aren't bad, just not had much exposure to them by comparison. Some like KGV or Orion aren't really all that OP if you counter them correctly.
  13. How to avoid trolls?

    In short you can't avoid trolls, just try not to feed them. They're looking for a reaction, anger generally, don't give them that. That particular case sounds pretty bad, the only thing I can think of is to play dead (all stop no activity) or yolo the enemy as fast as possible so you and them are killed earlier. They might make a handy torpedo shield. Your situation is part of the reason I think ramming damage should be excluded from the team damage system unless some kind of thresh hold is crossed. It makes it possible for players to troll people who are pink as well by keeping them in that state for longer. I had a similar situation ages ago where the offender took a bunch of torpedoes for me lol.
  14. what about another unicum? would they fair as well against a OP reward ship when they sail the ones that aren't?
  15. As far as I understand it only steel will be hard to acquire for non-clan-battle-players. As it stands there is sort of an all or nothing approach, where you earn a bunch or steel by reaching rank 1 or some goal in clan battles, but nothing otherwise. I imagine they'll eventually add intermediate rewards in ranked, which honestly would go a long way to solving the problem for said players.