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  1. Sparcie

    6 inches of pain.

    I thought perhaps a part of an oerlikon gun (outer casting on the gun?)
  2. I have to agree with you, I've taken a few of my DDs out in the last week (I only have up to T8) and found it ok, just had to change my play style to be less aggressive but still supporting the team. Even ones with weaker AA like Cossack have options. I suspect the main reason for the crying is mostly because of the fact there are CVs in the game, pretty much all the CV related stuff was worse before the rework. The main difference is that there are CVs in many more battles now. Edit: having said that there are some very serious balance issues surrounding CVs, Hakuryu in particular is complete BS. At this stage I will not play T8-10 games anymore as there are a large number of Hakuryu captains busily exploiting the game. Also as much as T10 CV's are OP, the others suffer to much from +2 MM, they can't get any attacks off resulting in games where you're lucky if you break 5k damage.
  3. Sparcie

    CV rework day 1 observations

    I think part of the issue is the entire server player base has gone full retard. We all know you should never go full retard. It's like the whole player base yelled Leeroy Jenkins all at once. As CVs I've played the T4 and T6. T4 CVs can do consistent damage but find it hard to sink ships. You can focus on a single BB, repeatedly striking them the whole game and they'll survive to the end of the battle. This is most evident if you play co-op and the only human players are CV's, generally the enemy bots win because you can't sink even the bots and that leaves them with an advantage of several BBs over your team. T6 CVs have some teeth, but regularly end up fighting in T8 battles where they might as well not launch planes at all. The AA from T8's are so strong and un-dodge-able that you basically can expect to do no damage at all. none. If you're lucky and end up in a T6 battle things are much more playable, but we all know that T6 ships end up playing against T8's the majority of the time. Playing these CVs feels like a horrific waste of time that isn't fun at all. I don't have T8 or T10 CVs, but just judging from what the PT was like they will be different experiences in and of themselves. But as things are with the T6 ones I won't be grinding to get any of them. T6 is too painful to play. Surface ships have had their AA changed so much that any expectations from before should be thrown out the window. Bismarck as an example is actually stronger against planes now than before. Yamato as another is significantly weaker against planes than many T9 BBs. In general if you use the AA sector boost and dodge as best you can you will shoot down some planes and dodge some of the attack. But because the planes linger longer you'll be continuously attacked for quite a while which can be very draining. You might get stuck with multiple DOTs and you won't be able to effectively combat surface forces whilst the planes are attacking. concealment also basically means little as planes flying everywhere basically perma spot many ships. They won't necessarily sink you, so you have to go through it all again when they return in a short while. WG seem to have gotten one thing balanced. They've annoyed everyone equally
  4. Sparcie

    Prince Eitel Friedrich or PEF

    I dunno what's happened in your play of her, but she's definitely not garbage. Not awesome but not garbage. Maybe bad luck? doesn't suite your play style? She is suffering a little of the new ship syndrome so perhaps that's it? Gun wise she has close to the same dispersion as Scharnhorst with about 1.1Km less range (ie. slightly worse dispersion) and 2.0 sigma. I've found with decent aim it's pretty easy to citadel cruisers, but it struggles to damage BBs. However since it's guns are bigger it can over-match many ships that Scharnhorst can't. Reload is comparable to other ships like Fuso with similar sized guns. Speed wise @ 28Kts it's only slower than Dunkerque. It's a little clumsy because of her length, but otherwise ok if you use your brain to predict fish a little earlier. Secondaries have been surprisingly useful, but I wouldn't build for them necessarily. Armour is where she doesn't compare so well to german BBs. No turtleback and thinner armour. But I've found it will tank a bit if you're angled, just don't expect it to tank well against T7 and up. If you play it poorly it will punish you. Bad aim will result in poor damage and bad positioning will get you killed early or citadeled. Persist and you'll find it's ok, not awesome, but ok. As far as I can tell it's fairly comparable to other T6 BBs in one way or another. If you think this ship is bad stat wise you're mistaken. It's like people think she should be on par with ships further down the tech tree.
  5. Sparcie

    Prince Eitel Friedrich or PEF

    I finished the grind recently and think she's ok, not great, but good enough. You gotta remember that it's a BC and fight accordingly, avoid head on conflicts with BBs. Perhaps it's peoples expectations that ships you buy/earn need to be OP/powerful that needs adjusting.
  6. Sparcie

    Prinz Eitel Friedrich Grind completed

    Just finished the grind myself and have found the PEF is much like Scharnhorst. If you like the Shiny horse you may like PEF as well. Ok armour, good AA, decent maneuverability and speed, but guns that struggle against BBs. Where she shines is fighting cruisers, which she can generally citadel quite easily. Hardly surprising as she's a Battle cruiser rather than a full BB. You get out of her what you put in, play well and you can get a good result. Seems to me people aren't happy because they expect something that is OP. She doesn't fit that category, but certainly isn't really bad either.
  7. Sparcie

    technical problem

    It's definitely a desync/packet loss issue. When using ping tools you'll probably notice some packet loss.
  8. I'd say they should be repairable, but with each hit (or transition to 0 hp for the mount) perhaps they could have a _small_ chance of being permanently knocked out. Like the way main guns are often repairable, but are sometimes knocked out.
  9. Sparcie


    I'd like to point out that IRL the Yamato and Musashi were both the only ships of their size and power that actually got built. So there was a significant gap in capability between them and most other ships (except maybe the Iowas). This made them very scary. The game is a very different scenario because there are other similar sized ships with comparable firepower. So the theoretical performance gap is much smaller and Yamato seems less scary because there are other equally scary ships around in the game. The same thing could be said for Bismarck in the Atlantic theatre, All the comparable or better designs from the royal navy are paper ones that never got completed or built. The ships that actually existed at the time Bismarck was a threat were less capable, thus making Bismarck seem scarier because there wasn't really a counter. In game it's still powerful, but because there are equal or stronger ships around it's not as scary as it was during the war. So just by virtue of there being other similarly capable ships you're feeling like Yamato isn't the powerhouse in game you think it should be. If you take away all the ships that are paper ones and only compare Yamato to the ships that actually existed you'll find that she is indeed pretty scary. The best real BB in game other than Yamato and Musashi is Iowa, and I'm sure you'll agree that Yamato is more powerful. Although given the right circumstance the Iowa could win. All the other non-paper BB's in game don't really hold a candle to Yamato. If you look at it this way I'd say Yamato in game does hold up to her IRL reputation. In fact she probably performs comparatively better. I've not had Yamato long, but I know with proper angling and good shooting she's a tough beast. Although RNG does like to troll you sometimes, and with the large number of Musashi and Yamato players in the MM lately you will get penned through the nose frequently. I'm still learning how to master this beast, but I'm pretty sure it's not weak.
  10. Sparcie

    Never add submarine into PVP

    You guys are worried over nothing. WWII submarines are very very slow. The top level US submarines of the time (the Gato, Balao and Tench class) could only go 20Kts surfaced and 10Kts submerged. A very easy target to chase and kill which has to surface after a period. I dunno about the other nations, but you can bet they won't be fast when submerged. The scenario mode also demonstrated how easy it is to dodge the incoming fish. It will take a bit of skill for a sub captain to hit a human player. The bots play very predictably in the scenario mode and they can manage to dodge reasonably well. Given these facts even a South Carolina has a decent chance to evade. I don't necessarily think they fit the game, as subs were never really involved in most naval battles outside of spotting and intelligence. But they probably wouldn't be the end of the world if they did turn up.
  11. Sparcie

    Unequal spawns

    lol... Whenever I have held out against the odds 9 times out of 10 the flank with the advantage fails hard and all die before I do. Often because they get cocky and over extend. As someone else has said it's increased when there's a tier difference. I've been faced with multiple T10 BBs and their escorts when on a weak flank in a Bismarck (only one T8 CA and DD with me). You can't run or hide, you can only accept your fate. That being said I did hold a flank alone in the itchy zucchini the other day, but the enemy players clearly weren't experienced and made a critical mistake.
  12. Sparcie

    A bug about CV reworked

    I also noted that the flak effects were causing severe loss of FPS, on my old potato by half. It made playtesting in any reasonable way basically impossible
  13. Sparcie

    Unequal spawns

    It's not so much the un-even distribution as the fact that your flank will face twice as many (or half as many) foes. Team mates are too self interested to come and help a flank they know will be overrun, some even flee before the enemy is spotted despite the consequences of an uncontested flank. Ask them to stay or help and they flee faster or ignore you. Communication is a waste unless you're on voice comms in division. As I said if you see the spawn pattern you know what's coming, even before the battle starts. So who would willing go where they know they'd likely get overrun quickly. Unless of course that's where they spawn. I usually try to contest the flank, not much more you can do, but it's usually a fruitless endeavor, I'm often forced to kite them across the map if I don't get killed. When you consistently get trolled by the MM constantly putting you in this scenario it makes you want to quit, and so often I do.
  14. Sparcie

    Unequal spawns

    I dunno about you guys but I've seen a bunch of very unevenly spaced spawns. For instance one flank will get 3 ships and another will get 8. Now this wouldn't be so bad if if opposition had a similar disposition, however they turn up with twice as many ships and everyone is forced to flee. Either that or they die very quickly. This is annoying as hell, you either clobber them so hard they'll be tasting shoe polish or you have to run for the majority of the game because there are literally twice as many enemies right from the start. If people had lemming trained, that would be the stupidity of the players, but this just makes it uneven from the start, and it's no-one fault. It's not fun to know the outcome of the match before the battle timer even starts.
  15. Sparcie

    Is Izumo still crappy?

    I didn't like Izumo at first like many others, but after the upgrades she does get better. I even managed a decent WR and damage after a while. I think it took some time to get used to very different play style she has compared to Amagi, and she's not so good stock. Other than that it can work ok, just you have to adjust your play style quite a bit. I recently got the FDG, and that is the true T9 POS BB. It just basically isn't good unless RNG gods smile upon you, and even then you can struggle.