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  1. Brendon_2015

    What's your worst experience in World of Warships?

    My last 2 days playing... Lol.... played 15 tier 3 and had 13 again tier 5's... Talk about outgunned and seriously out ranged, gave up so went over to WoT.... Lol... Tried a few today and got detonated first game.... Sigh... Went back to WoT... Hopefully tomorrow will have more success....
  2. Brendon_2015

    Should I start again?

    Thanks guys I haven't spent anything on the game as yet as I wanted to make sure I knew what I was doing before I invested in the game. The only ship I have that's not standard is the ARP hiei but I should get her back before the close off date quite easily. Especially with 15 days worth of Prem.
  3. Brendon_2015

    Should I start again?

    Okay, I've literally just got a new PC and noticed it has a free Diana invite, 15 day premium included so I'm wondering if I should just restart again. I'm 200 games in with the vast majority on them using a laptop with a subpar graphics card (2-10 fps, would start anywhere up to 30 seecs into game - now 60fps and now starts 55 secs before the match begins)... I wasn't bad as I had a fairly good hit rate (well I thought so) but I'd hit and basically do no dmg all the time. Talk about frustrating.... but like all new players you go through the learning curve, IE: where to aim, ammo types, etc... (yelling and screaming at the laptop doesn't miraculously improve its capabilities or bring you back from sinking beneath the waves, etc) But after 200 games 53% WR but having lousy dmg on most ships compared to avg players, (well that what the websites tell me) I'm wondering if I'm better of just starting again, get the premium ship, know what I'm doing and have fun with 15 days of Premium time. My avg dmg over the last week continues to climb in each game so I've definitely improved a lot. I don't know, maybe I'm being precious but a free prem ship and prem time seems pretty good to me. It's also early enough for me to get the ARP Hiei again with plenty of time to spare. Thoughts.
  4. Brendon_2015

    Asus Event HELP!

    my bad - Wrong post .
  5. Brendon_2015

    New ship package in shop

    Yes I know, but I'd have preferred it for the 40 odd dollars... lol
  6. Brendon_2015

    New ship package in shop

    They missed a German Premium ship! Couldn't they have slotted in the Tirpitz instead of one of the USN ships for the same price... lol Hoping I don't see Davey Jones any time soon!
  7. Brendon_2015

    Another day of crappy MM

    I'm confused, you have more top tiered than they do (1) and one more lower tier and if my adding up is correct the total tiers matches? Don't both teams have a total of 87 tiers? I can understand if this was your first few games with the Fuso, but otherwise it seems fair to me. Am I missing something
  8. Hi guys, Can I get some confirmation about MM in WoWS as it's seems really strange to me when you go up a tier. At this stage my first 3 games in any and all ships I've played have always seen me at bottom tier. (I've only played tiers 2-5 at this stage and yes it's happened every time). Is this normal as frankly it seems ridiculous if this is the case. Maybe I've been unlucky but as a new player it's extremely disenchanting to see this happen every time I go up a tier. My first 5 games with the tier 3 Bogatyr (today) were against tiers 5,5,5 3 & 5. In 3 of the Tier 5 match ups I was the sole tier 3 player on the side. Ironically the only match where I didn't do over 20k dmg was the one tier 3 game! My WR over the 5 - 40% and only 1 of the tier 5 games were won by my side - frankly my teams were not particularly good and maybe I could have done better, though I'm not sure how as I felt I definitely did more than my fair shear of the carrying in these games. Now people may say that that's hardly enough games to talk about a WR but when you're bottom tiered and you're solely the bottom tiered player your WR is basically outside of your control during this initial adjusting in period. Not only that but at lower tiers you don't play that many games before you advance up to the next tier so each lose has a big impact on your ships WR. I have no problem with losing games but you should at least have a chance to start off on a positive note. Besides how many new players want to have this arses kicked to the ground every time you go up a tier. NB: I find it really unusual as in WoTBlitz which I'm use to playing, it has you always as top tiered for the first 3 games to enable you to get use to playing her. Is it simply a case of you have to play them in co-op until they're upgraded? My salvage teams got paid well today, Davey Jones will not be happy!.
  9. Brendon_2015

    New Teamkilling Consequences ( from NA fourm )

    lo. I was in a match today where I and another cruiser were fighting of a battleship on one side and a cruiser on another with our closest support being 6-7k's away. There Cruiser torpedoed my fellow cruiser and whilst I manuevered around the dead hull of my team mate l was able to get around him without the second run of Torps hitting me, alas the same can't be said of the torps fired our way by those players who simply sent torps into the fray at a 6k distance.... Thankfully we won but honestly said, if you send torps into a combat situation it's you're responsibility to make sure they don't hit your team mate. Torps are high damage but with it comes a higher responsibility and it's associated high risk so an accidental TK is still a TK... I'm in no hurry to meet Davey Jones, Are you?
  10. Brendon_2015

    Where are the German Premium ships?

    Thanks for the info, though I find it funny when they say they don't sell, the Tirpitz is so expensive it's ridiculous so why would it sell? Lower the price and they'll sell. The laws of supply and demand really so they only have themselves to blame there. However my real issue is that as a relatively new player buying a Tier 8 Battleship when the only one I've played so far are the Kawachi & Myogi, (neither of which are particularly good IMHO) and I just don't want to ruin other peoples games if I stuff up. So I can either be a Tier 8 newb (which everyone on every WG forum severely criticizes) whilst training and collect credits at the expense of the team until I work out how to play her or I consider going down another line until the sort it out. Russian Cruiser maybe as they seem to be released every month.
  11. Brendon_2015

    Where are the German Premium ships?

    I've played all the Germans up to 8 today, 9 & 10 tomorrow and so far other than the Yorck (I can't get use to that gun traverse speed) I found them much easier to play with the extra AA and upgrades, hulls etc. Having a fighter sure helps at tier 5. The Hipper looks and cruises fabulously with that new hull. I may look at free doing the Yorck grind to get to the Hipper. i guess having a L15 captain at the helm helps somewhat to, hence my desire for a good premium German cruiser.
  12. Hi guys. Why are there very few German premium ships? Every few weeks a new premium seems to come out but other than the Tirpitz which is insanely priced (and a BB when they currently only have a CA line) and the tier 2 CA Emden, every new premium seems to be either Russian, USN or IJN. Especially the former 2 at the moment. Even the RN and Pan Asian countries have 2 ships each and neither of them even has a line, but the difference is that they're at good tiers for playability and at a reasonable cost. So it seems everybody is getting them except the German navy. It's very frustrating as I don't see the point in using a tier 2 ship for training a ships captain owing to the low XP you get at such a low tier, but using the Tirpitz is simply crazy for an inexperienced player, so I'm stuck doing the slow grind up an extremely difficult line. So where is the German love?
  13. Brendon_2015

    A stat that should be considered (NA)

    Why? I get really confused by people wanting to know how good or bad other players are. Besides a player who's in the top half doesn't necessarily mean he's a good team player. I could have played 30 games and be at the top, buy a tier 8 premium and still have no idea how to play. Would you rather have a mid range player with 2000 games or a player who is deemed to be better yet has only 50 games
  14. Brendon_2015

    What's your worst experience in World of Warships?

    Heck i thought that this was normal! Every new ship I've researched has been placed as bottom tiered for the first 3-4 games... Looks like the only way to beat it is to free xp to tier x.... lol... (I wonder if thats why people actually do it)
  15. Brendon_2015

    Premium ships moving to tech tree ( from NA )

    Do you have to also purchase a ship slot as well and being a new player what would be a relatively good ship to get. I'm going up Kvm Cruiser line (tier5) as well as having tier 4 ijn and usn cruisers. Nb. Can you practice with them in the 5.6 public test this weekend as that would mean i get to try before i buy. Thanks