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  1. Since I can't get more shark tokens?I should spend all 195 tokens and switch to eagle?
  2. Schwarzhelmm

    Is Narai still Bank of Narai?

    I've heard it changes a bit but I didn't play PT during the period
  3. Schwarzhelmm

    About DM AP

    Isn't 203mm AP can't do considerable damage against angeled warships?why wiki only stats "AP cant do damage on well-angeled warships" in Hindenburg's page instead of both DM,Hindenburg and Zao?
  4. It decreased about 20gb after the update,is there any way to stop this?
  5. Schwarzhelmm

    Is Lion worth to play?

    I personally think it's somewhat similar to Conqueror's play style?
  6. Schwarzhelmm

    What's the meaning of TDS?

  7. Schwarzhelmm

    What's the meaning of TDS?

    Watched a conqueror review video and the player had been keep saying he has best TDS in the game?
  8. Schwarzhelmm

    Cleveland exp will be reserved after it promote to T8?

    I researched Pensacola but i didn't purchase it,do I still get free New Orleans ?
  9. Schwarzhelmm

    RN carriers line possible?

    Have been thinking of it since they got lots of carriers build in ww2
  10. Registered one and cant enter
  11. https://gyazo.com/30c69545a76eb659cbdc107965488ea0 I was thinking of grinding hindenburg,could this commentary on hindenburg be trusted?
  12. Schwarzhelmm

    I can rent ships to play clan battle?

    I have one T8 premium ship,does that work?if so where to borrow?
  13. My friend told me I can rent one T10 ship to play clan battle
  14. Just wanna see its building plan in real life