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  1. Suggest the WWI chatham class cruiser HMAS Sydney for tier II cruiser line, then it can battle the Emden. Ordrazz
  2. HMAS Australia - Indefatigable class Battlecruiser... Swap out the cruiser Australia for the Canberra or Shropshire.... Ordrazz
  3. Ordrazz

    An unusual Sunday

    There were too many vegetables playing on Sunday.... I played about 8 games, & a lot of them losses, even when divvied, so I called it a night.. But yes, it did feel worse than normal, no matter what tier was played... Ordrazz
  4. Ordrazz

    UK CV

    I didn't know you could get a CV with only 44 battles under your belt ?? (& I'M the original Bowler hat wearer around here ! ... I even wear mine IRL) Ordrazz
  5. Ordrazz


  6. Ordrazz

    WG's words on NTC - no more buffs

    My two cents worth... The Duke Of York grind cured me of grinding way back in the day, , that was my last grind, because it sucked the life out of me, so I play purely for fun since, & if I have a bad run, I just log off for the day.... Yes I do get a little disappointed if i miss out, but a lot of the things to grind for these days has been either too tough to grind, or high tier stuff anyway, so I don't care.... I like my lower tiers... Meanwhile, since the CV rework, that really took a lot of the fun out of playing completely, & its only now become tolerable, but its really drained my enthusiasm for playing... When I do play, I usually play t7 & below anyway, because the MM almost always puts t8 in with t10, & it's not enjoyable for me being up tiered constantly, ending up as cat food , add to the mix the CV just wanting to pick off the t8s to boost his w/r.... & not to mention that a great deal of everyone is stuck in the loop of grinding, so the fun low tier games & low tier events we used to have in the clans, have all been replaced by incessant grinding & resource acquisition (ie. Steel) All in all, its become less enjoyable, so I myself have been playing other games... Not everyone is a competitive athlete... Ordrazz
  7. Ordrazz

    Hiding the Rat King

    I don't know about reverting.... But I can plainly see revolting....
  8. Ordrazz

    Update 0.8.5 Bug Report Thread

    id like to report that the NAVAL BATTLES , is not counting my games that i have been having in US cruisers.... ive been having real good games in my cruisers, but they havent counted towards naval battles, even though its enabled....
  9. I stopped after Hipper... Is Roon any good considering current meta?? Ordrazz
  10. Ordrazz

    [2019]Best Tier V Ships For Fun

    I love too konig wait til you put a 19 pt captain in her... Ordrazz
  11. Ordrazz

    Hooray! I'm meritorious!

    Does this mean Im good, or just Meh....... I didnt like this even as much as the Sharks & Eagles event.... & I couldnt even earn the Lazo OR the Captain.... not unless i sat on the computer for 24/7 blowing my brains out...
  12. I love my Nikolai I bought it the day it came out..... I might go & have a game in it now....