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  1. One man doesn't like the Taiwanese flag........ 50* (arbitrary number inserted here as numbers unknown) clans from Australia / New Zealand (30 players each clan) doesn't like the clan battle availability times due to it being too late because of time zones........ Which selection is worth working on? 1: yes sir, right away sir. 2: no way, impossible to do. ?????????????????????????? Ordrazz
  2. AFAIK it was only ONE Chinese person, saying that HE was offended... Does he know WG staff have nothing to do with politics in that (or any ) region?? Why did he even give a about what someone says ??? Why change it JUST FOR ONE PERSON?? Do we even have 1.4 billion Chinese players? What about the real flag ?? Does he ring up newspapers & magazines & complain if they show it ?? Does he ring up or write letters to the Taiwanese ambassador telling him that he doesn't like the flag? Maybe he should delete his own account, so he won't possibly get offended in the future. On the home front, we should keep our eye on Tasmania..... Ordrazz
  3. One person who needs a nappy whinges about a flag in the game, or comments made by staff (who's influence in political bullshit made long ago by people who are long dead, is absolutely a big fat 0 ) , & WG goes into damage control & political correctness (gone overboard), to make this one person happy (who only plays the game in spare time, & not actually cares about the game) Yet we see the Soviet flag & it's symbols proudly displayed, even though it's deemed offensive to many people (same as the CURRENT Japanese naval flag, & the historical German flag) Not only this, but we have MANY people who are dedicated to the game (not just one casual playing student ) Pissed off about clan wars being inaccessible due to late time, & we can't even get the time brought back 3 hours ???? Maybe we should write to the embassy too, or human rights & say we have been descriminated against because of where we live ? this is equally as stupid as this issue. Ordrazz
  4. I know this might be considered a silly solution, & please by all means shoot it down if you deem it necessary.... But would it alleviate the problem if we had our own time frame, our own window for Australia/New Zealand (& anyone else effected by the timezones) exclusively ? WG should be able to see who is from where, & set up a separate time for us, at the earlier period, that finishes just before the +8 timezone they like? I think I saw someone mention league, what if we had a "ladder" like the AFL, where the Aussie/Kiwi clans (& others) climb the ladder, we can even have a "grand final" if we wanted... If we couldn't have the Stalingrad as a prize, then maybe we could have a Tone, or a Shinano as a "local" prize? It could be from 8pm AEDT (10pm NZ), & it could run to 11pm AEDT (1am NZ) It would make us feel included, it shouldn't disturb the setup too much, they could even include the Friday night for us, & others (like west Australians) could still do the late night shift if they wanted to.... My input, don't be rude if you don't like the idea.... Ordrazz
  5. In case any of us learn to speak korean, then we'll have something to read.
  6. I wouldn't want to risk adding any more submarines to the game, esp what happened last time... & no, there is not too many BBs, we need more.. . Delete the DD population instead, that would be much better. Ordrazz
  7. This would be the best solution, this actually happens in WOWS blitz (the Android version of World Of Warships) , I play with a mix of humans & bots all the time... (I play it on my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 GT N8020 android 4.4.2) Ordrazz
  8. I find it much more relieving to go crook at them publicly in chat, & THEN report them, for the idiots they are. Same if they play well, they deserve public mention either way (I only compliment enemy players, usually after a brawl) Ordrazz
  9. Perhaps the crew thought they were going to the soviet union some day.
  10. What? Do they make cakes out of frogs? Where do they get the frogs? Do they import them from Queensland? Do they batter them, & deep fry? Fruchocs? Serial murderers? Glad I don't live over there then..... We don't eat frogs. @lengxv6 the grated potato "cake" you are talking about, over here in victoria they are called home made hash browns, they are 100 times better than the things Maccas sell, which are a poor imitation. Ordrazz
  11. I'm not living in Adelaide..... Unless you mean you
  12. Neeehhhhh , neehhhhh
  13. This happened at the internet cafe today too, after the update.... Rebooted computer & seemed to be fine afterwards... Never happened before this update.
  14. Middy ? Is that short for midday? No, icy pole is an icy pole.... Like frozen lemonade on a stick... You know...? Potato cake is the PROPER term, not fritter or scallop... Unless its a pineapple fritter, but they are thick, coated in batter & deep fried, then rolled in sugar.... Sanger ? Is that something you wear? Crikey, you're starting to sound like Steve Irwin mate, do you have a broad accent?? Or mangle words like Sth australians, or do you speak "proper" like us Victorians? Fritz?? Would you be referring to straz?