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  1. Ordrazz

    how old are you (in this game)

    July 22, 2015... according to me holding my mouse over my name here... i remember wanting to get the Arkansas Beta, but I didnt have enough games under my belt at that time, so I missed out (I think it was either 50, or 500) I would've joined earlier, but I didnt have a good enough computer or graphics card at the time.... Haven't bothered looking how many games I have done (well over 15,000 all up) ... my first (say 3-4000) was wasted, as I didn't know the icons or mechanics in the scope or anything, so my win rate has been permanently damaged from it (not that I care about win rate anyway...) I remember my first games, when I started off, i kept shooting the ships next to me, as i expected a free for all type arrangement..... Kitikami almost made me quit the game, fortunately they deleted her.. I don't like how they stuffed the signals & Camos up.... Ordrazz
  2. I think "World Of Numpties" would be far more accurate... The sheer amount of stupid, dumb, scared sheep is at an all time record high, & it's making playing at all, less desirable... Ordrazz
  3. Hi all I needed to move my gaming folder to another Hard drive, & now the dumb stupid gaming centre wont find the game (despite me trying to show it) & wants to download all 42 more GIGS of crap... does anyone know how to CURRENTLY get the gaming centre to recognise the new location ??? I have only found old info regarding this topic, but WG & it's obsession of screwing things up for no reason has made the old ways unusable.... PLEASE HELWWWPP Ordrazz
  4. Ordrazz

    fighters on ship

    I think they are alright, you just need to time when to launch them, because they always fly to the back of the ship when you launch them... Ordrazz
  5. Ordrazz


    I'm not worried, I love detonating DDs Pesky lil' varmits Nothing to see here Ordrazz
  6. Ordrazz

    Secondary builds are dead.

    Too much HE everywhere... They should nerf HE in battlesips.. HE should be for cruisers only.... Ordrazz
  7. Ordrazz

    Roast me

  8. What happened to my Bayern? It's gone from 2 funnels, to the horrible looking fastasy bullship refit design that never really happened !! I purposely left my Bayern on the original configuration, because its real, great looking & HISTORICAL, not to mention it had great secondaries... Now i have a turd looking ship, that isnt hisorically accurate... im sick of these paper fantasy designs... If WG want to get rid of history, why dont you just make the game into Starblazers / Space Battleship Yamato , & be done with reality altogether ?? Also another bad change, my Krazny Krym gun range has been reduced from 16.8klm, to 14klm, even with a 19 point captain ! The extra gun range helped the ship be playable (because of its tiny gun caliber & difficulty of starting fires).... But its been nerfed, & it also feels like the acceleration (as a cruiser) has also been nerfed, not the overall speed, but the maneuverability.. WG gets us to buy these ships, or grind to them, then they screw them up.... At the same pushes selling fantasy garbage.... What else have they buggered up?? Not Happy Ordrazz
  9. Ordrazz

    Dutch Uber Alles!

    Are we going to be attacked by spices now ? New secret weapons maybe? Lookout, im gonna fire 12 chillies from my Arizona, the new version of ultra intensity SAP, available for American Battleships Fire coriander seeds from DD guns, cinnamon sticks for torpedoes, & a choice of garlic or ginger powder for smoke CVs can drop pieces of galangal for AP bombs, for that extra kick Ordrazz
  10. Ordrazz


    Yep, it's redacted alright
  11. Yep.. Just happened to me then.... Its been happening more since the last 2 major patches. .. Ordrazz
  12. Ordrazz


  13. & a Happy new year to all, from all of us at Clan Oakum !!!!!! Ordrazz
  14. Ordrazz

    skin mods not working

    I thought they changed the game a while ago to no longer recognise the res_mods folder anymore? I seem to rembemer reading in patch notes somewhere on the forums here.. As a result, i havent been using ship skins for a while.... Ordrazz
  15. Ordrazz

    I suggest WG remove the weather impact

    I like them... Adds randomness to the match... Otherwise it would be boring... I just wish we had heavy seas & big waves as well... Ordrazz