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  1. What is it I haven't grasped ?

    A couple of things to consider are. That the enemy ships may have gone outside of your own spotting range ( or your fleets spotting range) , so in effect, None of you can 'see' the enemy in line of sight... Also, different ships have different spotting ranges, so some ships can see (& also be seen) further away. All the spotting ranges of each ship can be seen in the ships information in port, when you look at each on in the tech tree... Generally battleships can see further than cruisers or destroyers, remember we can see them from further away as well. The last technical part of the reply is, the game doesn't render the enemy ship instantly, so they can sometimes be 'invisible' when you shoot at them, it can take up to 2 seconds for an enemy to render on your screen.... But, by the sounds of it, its a spotting issue that you are talking about.... I hope this helps Ordrazz
  2. HMAS Vampire

    Kolbergs guns do that too, as well as the Russian cruisers.
  3. Same here all over Australia, because myself & my clan mates are also experiencing this as well. Ordrazz
  4. It seems physics is out of control

    OMG - its an AIRSHIP !!!!! I KNEW they were developing something secret to deal with Aircraft Carriers !! Ordrazz
  5. So fishy , WG is that you ?

    where'd everyone go then? does that mean its open season if there are but a few mods left?? seriously though, who's to turn to, apart from you, (need a sane mod here :^P ) who will be able to protect us from scams like this, or garbage posted in the forums (or indeed any garbage like stat bashers etc) is @ADM_dude still with the game & moderator ? what about the others? is there any progress on investigating this issue? Ordrazz
  6. Free Freedom Container

    Here he is, he is a bad god.....
  7. So fishy , WG is that you ?

    This email you got seems disturbing, & needs to be thoroughly looked into, & i'm surprised that you haven't got a decent response yet... being a potential scam/account swindling/ identity theft item... mods, staff, please look into this, we don't want our accounts tampered with/closed/frauded @HuginnKR @Spotter @lengxv6 @amade Ordrazz
  8. Have IQ's dropped sharply?

    ...... & you have only JUST noticed this now ?!?!?!
  9. Change the torpedo effect pls

    IIRC, the row of bubbles from the wake of torpedoes, were made by compressed air Being forced past the propellers as its motive force (or at least the earlier ones) & also the high speed movement of the torpedo & its propellers so close to the surface, so it couldn't be helped back then... Unsure of what they do now of course...... But seeing rows of bubbles coming towards you, won't change the outcome if they were correctly aimed at your ship.... It just makes you sweat more, knowing that they are certainly coming, like sirens on stukas.. & when you get a whole lot of them coming towards you........
  10. Free Freedom Container

    Thanks for whatever it is, I'll check it later.. Ordrazz
  11. Scapa Flow Port

    Ummm... Out of respect for the sailors & cadets that were lost when she sank, I would be unhappy if that was included. Ordrazz