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  1. Shell mechanics

    I thought was just me turning into a piece of cardboard, suddenly not being able to shoot enemy broadsides...... Ordrazz
  2. Skaaaarrrr haaaa bbbeeeekkkkkk...... Noooooooooooooooooooo Cooommmmeee bbbbaaacccckkkkkk.....
  3. This is starting to go like diablo, where we end up just collecting more & more camos, flags, signals etc.... End up filling our pockets, always searching for something better than we have..... Slowly turning into cyber hoarders We don't really need so many knick knacks really... Ordrazz

    & what have you learnt from this ? Really putting your ships & account at risk of being perma banned by WG, as a serial TK'er........ Ordrazz

    What about when bots team kill us? Do they turn pink?? Ordrazz
  6. CV-get rid of them already.

    I want the option to have all DD's removed from the game...... Just BBs, CVs & Cruisers will do me fine Ordrazz
  7. They should REMOVE the option to exit battle once you are in one, so then the only way afk would happen, is if someone really is afk, or a computer disconnect.... No more pressing escape key..... This would stop all the nubs who just exit a game because they don't like seeing CVS, or other ships or maps they don't like... Ordrazz
  8. Judging by the size of the new mexico class ship in that dock, I would question whether any tier 8 or above ship would fit... Especially Frederick the gross or grosser kurfurst ! Ordrazz
  9. this game is literally unplayable

    I can recommend a asus g75vw laptop, you should be able to find one under $1000, & I know for a fact it can handle WoWs, as when I'm visiting my brother I use his to play.... Ordrazz
  10. Four-Word-Story Game Redux

    I need a coffee.
  11. This reminds me of what my protoss fleet review looked like when I played StarCraft brood war against others, my friends were saying "no no no !!!! Please leave my base alone !!" My response was : "Carrier has arrived" Lol Ordrazz
  12. If they could do scapa flow, with the german high seas fleet or the British grand fleet riding at anchor in the distance, I think that would be awesome! Ordrazz