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  1. Ordrazz

    Guiennes to Soverigns?

    Guineas were actually more face value than sovereigns, a guinea was 21 shillings each & a sovereign was 20 shillings (pound)... Ordrazz
  2. Ordrazz

    Ships with all their guns in the front?

    Possibly the radio antenna guy wires? I'd imagine they would get pretty tangled....or snap... Ordrazz
  3. One of his many accounts ... I've worked out his favorite movie is "star wars attack of the clones"
  4. Ordrazz

    Frustrating loss - 604k damage (Halloween Op)

    Ra ra Rasputin, lover of the Russian Queen, it was a shame how he carried on..... Oh, those Russians
  5. Ordrazz

    Tirpitz sorrow

    I personally think its because she is so stealthy, with full concealment build she can sneak up pretty fast on you with her high speed, & has a pretty good reload, good secondaries & also torpedoes.... That combined with being at t8, can make her a priority target (because t10 like to bully small ships to try get easy kill) Ordrazz
  6. Ordrazz

    My first Kraken Unleashed :)

    Yippee, welcome to the kraken club, well done getting squiddy !!  Ordrazz
  7. Ordrazz

    Unequal spawns

    This is an ACTUAL wows battle plan pictured below, its been tried & tested in all maps & scenarios, & it is indeed very popular.....
  8. Ordrazz

    Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    I want one too !! Ordrazz
  9. Ordrazz

    Some special offer, which one is worth

    Oh, hello..... Ltns..... Your're still trolling I see.... Why do you even care what I think?? Did you even READ my post before trolling it with drivel? I said they ARE good deals / good ships... If you don't happen to agree with me, DO I CARE?? Go back to your precious t10s & leave us non unicums alone... Go flame someone else.... Ordrazz
  10. Ordrazz

    Some special offer, which one is worth

    Wrong, none of these are crap. They are all good. Texas reload time is disappointing & slightly worse rudder than new york, but she can tank & is pretty good accuracy for citadels... & she can certainly punch above her tier. Also, almost guaranteed that CVs will not send planes near you.... Marblehead I love, I personally think she is better than Omaha because she has 8.2 klm torps which usually surprises people, & can burn & shoot fast... Huanghe I haven't played very much so I can't say a lot about it, other than I find she sorta plays like Molotov, so you need to kite a lot.... I haven't got Leander or Perth so I can't compare... Smoke is in puffs, so you can use it to distract enemies but you can't hide in it.... Ordrazz
  11. Ordrazz

    Is it still World of Destroyers?

    That's great.... That's how I WANT THEM to play !!!! Death to DDs !!  Ordrazz
  12. Ordrazz

    Second Ranked Sprint

    Yep, I love playing my Marblehead, & I just burnt everything that came my way, & being nimble enough to scoot around the incoming shells & the DD torps is a plus.... I started late in the last ranked & got to rank 5 before it closed, & Marblehead/Lima is mainly all I played.... Except the odd times I played my Krazny Krym.... Like icy said, the biggest threat that i found was the Okt.Revolution, esp if you got close, & also Giulios, I found Texas & New Yorks relatively easy to deal with.... Konigs could be a bit of a pain... I loved setting all the Kongos on fire constantly, they seemed the easiest for me to sink... The biggest challenge I found actually was trying to deal with other Omaha class ships, as usually they were as good as me..... Which made it enjoyable.... Ordrazz
  13. Ordrazz

    Arsenal Error 503

    I have been.... Also the chat server was playing up today.... Couldn't select anyone from NY contacts list as it kept saying unavailable we are working on it... I even tried different computer at the internet cafe...., then it worked for a bit then went down again, & I couldn't play because I was stuck in a div but couldn't press ready or battle or anything.... Ordrazz