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  1. WG failed to clamp down on BOT

    I just checked again on that Aoba bot i came across late FRIDAY & partial name above, & since then it is now up to 3722 matches..... when on friday afternoon it was 3344.... thats a massive 378 games since then...... I put a message into the latest patch evaluation thread too, so staff can see it there... Im glad some members from here have put it up on reddit, & it looks like its been noticed by thew right people, & hopefully in team with thier security people, they can hunt down the exploits these charlatans are using, & get all these account grinding bots exterminated..... The Daleks are coming..... Ordrazz
  2. Yay !! I got my Marblehead Lima Yesterday !! now Ive got the whole set...... Omaha, Murmansk, Marblehead & Marblehead Lima !! Plenty of pain givers to those damn DD's !! Ordrazz
  3. WoWS Update 0.7.8

    Since the last 2 patches, the game has been inundated with Bots, running 24-7 doing grinding for unscrupulous people so they can make profit on the accounts..... so something must be wrong with the security measures that you have in place, to get such a sudden massive increase in bot activity..... Most of the bots that i have seen (now its like at least 1-2-3 per every second or 3rd match) have names that are just strings of numbers, & if you look at thier profile they have a massive amount of games played vs the time that they registered.... i have even come across bots that are in some clans, where most of the stats in the whole clan are hidden, but if you see them play, they play worse than a potato player, by exhibiting the same bot behavior that the others do... some people have suggested that they are operating from scripts, so please ask your tech boys how to disable script running, & find the exploit they are suddenly using, as it is ruining game play for both sides Ordrazz
  4. WG failed to clamp down on BOT

    I just checked again on that Aoba bot i came across late yesterday, & since my post here about it, it has now done 3434 games.... so thats 100 battles since 4;32pm yesterday..... no human can do that here it is, the bot name partially hidden... other people have named the bots...... 1781834*** please WG, deal with it & stop these bots from ruining games, farming xp & grinding by default to higher tiers by just being in battle, just so some cheat assho** can make money off Wargaming !!!! as for us players, I am now incredibly suspicious of anyone with just numbers as a username, as its more than likely another one of these bullshit bots !!!! Ordrazz
  5. WG failed to clamp down on BOT

    ive just checked back on that Aoba bot i came across 4 hours ago with the 3344 games, it is now up to 3380 games.... so in the past 4 hours this "player" has done an additional 36 games........... does anyone think 'he' isnt a bot??? can i name it here for investigation form the devs/moderators ???? please?? @tc1259 @ADM_dude @HuginnKR anyone??? is there or can we make a thread to put the names (numbers) of these bot accounts so they can be dealt with???? Ordrazz
  6. WG failed to clamp down on BOT

    i just had a t5/6 game with 2 bots in it, a t6 Aoba & a t5 emerald...... both went slowly charging into middle of map, emerald launched its plane, & both got wiped out (so did i because i got surprised by a october revolution while looking at the bots & not paying enough attention because i was shooting at a texas & fuso at the same time).... the aoba registered less than 2 months ago & has had over 3344 battles already (is that possible?? maybe if glued to the seat.... as i play every day & i dont even clock that amount up), the emerald has done 219 battles & is already up to emerald,with quite a number of other ships..... i want to lodge a ticket to report them, but im looking everywhere on the website but cannot find anywhere to submit... .as the page takes me thru FAQs like a automated answering telephone (you know, phone bots)........ so how can i report these 2 @HuginnKR ? i have written their numbers down as they have no names just numbers....... i dont have replay but i have screenshot of end of battle report they are at the bottom. i am extremely suspicious of anyone with a name made up of just numbers after all these bots Ordrazz
  7. New CoOp Bots?

    The Human/Bot conversion is well on the way.... Soon we will call our planet "Mondas".... "You will be like us " "We will survive"
  8. If we get Swedish ships, I want mine captained by a chef !! ( at least then I know I'll eat well) Ordrazz
  9. I would be extremely happy if they put predreadnoughts in the arsenal, but not more of the same copies of other ships..... But honestly, I think they would rather put new ships in the shop to make money out of, instead of giving them away for freely obtainable coal.... Ordrazz
  10. Chat banned again

    Red, red, my eyes are red.... Lyrics From a song I know by Paul Mauriat Red, red, crayons are red.... Inb4threadlock