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  1. Missed him by that much....
  2. WHY am I even reading this thread?
  3. Overhaul MM to make it + or - 1 up to t8... NO t1 - t3 ships to face CVs AT ALL.... Remove multiple strike capability from CVs.. STOP allowing ships being invisible out in the open but visible behind islands... That reverse logic is complete bullshit... Apart from these points, I'm pretty happy with the way the game is... Ordrazz
  4. Ordrazz

    Error Connecting to Server

    I cant log in either... tried the basic things, like rebooting, restarting etc.... but at least one of my clan members are playing as i type this..... so i dont know whats going on.... Ordrazz
  5. Ordrazz

    What happened to the old Borodino?

  6. When this happens to me, I play different games or get off the computer completely.... For my own mental health I play games like Skyrim, or Witcher 1, where I can run around open land for ages, & the games are set in D&D style, & they are really like nature walks....so no guns, etc... I also play Titanquest... These help my own mental health... While i love World Of Warships, if I lose about 5 matches in a row, then I know RNGesus is active, so I stop... & I also agree with @Bex_o7...Don't worry about stats, enjoy the game & don't worry if matches go bad... Mental health is far more important... I also listen to classical music... Also chatting with people on discord is also helpful if you are in a good understanding clan... Ordrazz
  7. Ordrazz

    Major game changing issue

    Oh my god.... This IS an important issue...... Hang on, I'll fix it......
  8. Ordrazz

    CV should be banned from ranked

    I never thought I'd see the day seeing @Skarhabek rant about getting attacked by CVs !! After always telling us to "play CV" ROTFLMAO
  9. Well, if i was in america, I WOULD be a Trump supporter... but since thats irrelevant here... I wouldn't grind an entire line, based on what a tech tree ship at T10 offers as a gun caliber, mostly because of intervening factors ( CVs, cruisers &n other BB fire startring abilities etc... I wouldnt be such a numpty to assume that I alone would be all powerful if I had the biggest caliber = most kills... I would assume that other players might have thought the same conclusions.... so i wouldvbe planned it better... my advise is to move on & upgrade to something else... you've got the nouse to do so... Ordrazz
  10. so, in other words, you want something for nothing?
  11. I'm only trying to apply logic to your post... I'm not in league with anyone , i feel like im stating the obvious... your complaining about the changes to a ship that you didn't have ?? i do think they announced the changes before-hand, so you did have ample time to read about the changes & adjust your grinding accordingly , so it appears your griping about nothing... which is illogical & will appear as silly... we are only trying to help you save face & sanity... IF you feel so aggrieved, then buy the thunderer.. then you can have the guns... they were pretty shit anyway... I tested them in clan wars... i went back to the lower caliber ones... .... but whinging about a ship that you didn't have at the time seems silly... Ordrazz
  12. but, unlike a lay-by system, where you put an actual item on lay-by, starting grinding a particular ship line is not the same as lay-buying a particular ship, as you are grinding a line... if they change the end ship of the line BEFORE you get it, then they don't have to compensate you on something you never had... Ordrazz
  13. its a Tech tree ship, which are subject to change anytime they feel like it, & the change was announced anyhow... if it were premium it would be a different matter..... your whinging about something you never had... Ordrazz
  14. So why should you get compensated for a ship you didn't already have?? if you had it then i could understand your argument, but then people who already had it got their expenditure back anyway... but if you didn't have it, then it doesn't count... you cant expect compensation for nothing... its like saving for something in a shop, but it sells out or is withdrawn from sale before you get it... tough... __ __it happens... get over it... Ordrazz
  15. Ordrazz

    MM can be funny sometime

    The logic is, that because we have over 3000 games under our belt, we are automatically classed as "seal clubbers" (a meaning derived from the practice of people until the 1980s, clubbing baby seals which are helpless, for their furs)... its used here in game as us veterans of the game, going to lower tiers to "stat-pad" ie. easy kills of newer players.... other players seem to dis-regard the fact that some of us like playing the older ships, & are not playing them to "seal Club"..... as they put it... Not all of us play the game to up-tier or grind to get to a higher level as quick as possible... Ordrazz