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  1. Just imagine you played the pokies with all your money (& lost all your money)
  2. NO!! I think the mystery of not knowing where the ships will spawn each time we play is fantastic. It makes the op a real challenging one because each time its different... Very boring when playing ops that are so predictable each time, turns into repetitive muck, which festers boredom... I hope they bring back that random enemy spawning to Narai, as it certainly was more interesting to play then... Boring just grinding for dosh all the time... Ordrazz
  3. Ordrazz

    No teamwork

    Social interaction WOULD be nice to have though, wouldn't you both agree? I DO like talking with shipmates..... Ordrazz
  4. Well, Tallin was real, it was originally the 2nd Lutzow, an incomplete Hipper class ship (sistership to Hipper & Prinz Eugen), she was sold to Russia in 1940, with only 2 main turrets & half a superstructure... She was never completed, although she did receive her funnel, & helped with defending Leningrad during the war, afterwards she puddled around as a barracks ship until 1960... So this ship would fit at T8, & definitely was not a paper ship... Ordrazz
  5. Ordrazz

    No teamwork

  6. Ordrazz

    LNY code

  7. Ordrazz

    Double CV @ tier 8 ... why ?

    Dear @Ordrazz, Please be reminded of the World of Warships Forum Rules, 2.1 forum etiquette, which is found here. An original copy of your post can be found here: We have therefore edited your post to make it comply with the forum rules. Thanks, and we hope to see you out on the High Seas! The World of Warships Team
  8. Ordrazz


    Would you like some more salt with your salt ?
  9. Ordrazz

    the death of CN_70

    Yes please, been coming across FERIL , all they do is sail straight into the middle of battle, randomly shooting guns, & die instantly.... , no camos, no flags, no strategy, no support, no brains... They are more bots, & they keep recycling members through their clan, which indicates grinding & then selling on the black market, or grinding for profit.... Which both actions breach the EULA & also security of private data & information of account holders. Ordrazz
  10. Ordrazz


    Also very dangerous, in regards to real life identity fraud..... If accounts are "shared" , what safeguards exist that anyone can't access personal details & do identity theft? Talk about security & data breach... May as well just leave our house doors unlocked & wide open so anyone can help themselves, its as good as the same thing.... I wonder if WarGaming know anything about this & how deep it actually is ? Is this crap happening in Tanks as well ?? @Nya_gaming I think its time that you guys at WG headquarters read this thread again, as the bot problem looks to be bigger than initially feared...
  11. Ordrazz


    Meanwhile, membership cycling continues every few days, churning out more bots, to ruin games for everyone, grinding oil & leveling up, & make money for themselves tax free.. Sometimes 2 on each side.. At the expense of real, decent human players...
  12. Ordrazz

    Plans for 2020

    Everything except 4, 5 & 10 look like moar garbage..... I'm sick of this year already 2021 please
  13. Ordrazz

    fun and engaging

  14. Ordrazz

    BOT Program

    How do you account for CN_70 then?