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  1. Battle of North Cape

    Yay! I finally finished my grind..... got the DoY & a 3 point captain.... now I can play my other ships again... after a rest... my poor behind Ordrazz
  2. Giving up on Ranked...

    I'm glad someone has discovered this independently, this is why I don't play it.... its shit Ordrazz
  3. I never liked all the ships available at once anyway, it made looking in the shop crappy... I liked the mystery of wondering what would be available in the shop each week. Ordrazz
  4. Gib Santa box plox To Ordrazz I need more luck
  5. i couldnt escape it, coudnt control my guns..... i could steer my ship but coudnt see properly where to go.... i could type in chat window...... after i got sunk i couldnt escape the game... had to restart warships screen shot attached super annoyed as first non t10 game i was in for today in my tirpitz Ordrazz
  6. A mod got moderated? What did I miss?
  7. Well hang on, Why are you playing then on a weekend, if 85% are trash, doesn't that make you trash as well?? & if everyone plays shit like you suggest, then it should be easy for you to win most matches, shouldn't it? Of course its a literal diceroll of what players you get, that's why the battlemode is called RANDOM.... if it makes you happy, you can always load the game & just sit in port like you suggest, at least they are animated.... Another suggestion could be DON'T LOAD THE GAME YOURSELF ON THE WEEKEND, then you wont see the weekend players..... Or play with the monitor off & just go by sound.... Did you know you get trash playing any time of day, on any day?? There's one more suggestion I can make...... LUMP IT !!!!!!!! Ordrazz
  8. What with all this musashi hype, I never saw an answer to my earlier question, about this stupid oversized lump on Roma control top in some pictures.... it is only a joke, right?
  9. Hello Macras, welcome to this game... & to the forum... A number of things I have not seen brought up as yet may help you, as they have helped me improve generally in playing & therefore enjoyment... & thry should help you in lower tiers, as I play a lot of lower tiers myself.... some of these you may already know or have picked up... You probably know to always keep an eye on the minimap, as it shows you where your team is, you , & the enemy, but a tip here is to hold the Ctrl button & move your mouse over 2 tiny cogwheels on the top cnr of the minimap, & it will bring up options, such as show maximum shooting range, hyrdo effectivness, smoke, & also last known position of enemy ships, click this one on especially, as it shows you where enemies were last seen & what class (eg. DD or BB), so then you know what is in the general area, & it'll help you work out what their objectives may be (like sneak around edges, or sneak into cap, or hunt you), have these things turned on.... When you shoot, you can follow your shells or torps by pressing z, then you can watch them hit or miss, allowing you to adjust your aim.... Learn the roles of the types of ships, many people jump into them & just want to shoot, & get the biggest kill, or the most kills, without thinking strategy, so they go charging off at the start & usually get splattered.... this is what unicums & more experienced players feed off.... DDs role is to scout for the fleet, surprise the enemy ships by torpedo attacks, to try & deny enemies capture of an area, cap an area, & to ward off other enemy ships from coming too close to his own fleet CA/L (cruisers) role is to support DDs from getting picked off, provide AA defence, do some scouting if needed & provide support to BBs BBs role is to be the main heavy gun support, to smash through enemy lines, to protect cruisers & destroyers, destroy enemy battleships & where possible assist DDs in capture, & give dupporting AA. one of the better strategies I am sure you will agree with, is generally don't rush in... if you haven't already started picking it up, you can roughly work out what enemy ships will spawn where, & if you put yourself in their shoes, you can even estimate its mission, this also comes under the map awareness flag.... I cannot help you much in playing DDs, as a battleship main, I hate them, & I seldom play them, & I suck with them as well, but note what other players say, as they will have better tactics than I can offer.... If you look in port you should be able to display the armour thicknesses of each ship, study that & it can help you work out where armour is thinnest & where best to hit... In binocular mode on the centre left of view there is a tiny clock when you hold shift, this tells you how long in seconds your shots will travel to hit the target, & also distance... with this into it can help you measure your timing... general rule of thumb, shoot BBS at about 5.5 on the scale, (except IJN French & Italian as they get slightly faster) cruisers shot at about 10.5, (French at least 15), & DDs around 15-18+... if you need to allow for more shell travel times (some ships have slow shells) roll the mouse wheel back 1click.... In settings (top left in port, or esc), in controls tab, you can get the game to display damage, & that's in real time in the match, showing this as I play greatly helped me get better, you can also tweak hot keys, f keys etc My main bug bear in having trouble with atm, is knowing other ships concealments, & this is my main killer for me.... so ill have to get back to you one day about this...... CVs, I only have got the us ones, & im learning well in them.... the biggest thing I have found is to help your team by spotting, not necessarily attacking at the start... & when my planes are empty, I keep them in the area spotting for torps, DDs etc. Until I can relieve them with other planes... & I manually control to maximise spotting for the team....... but they are harder to learn because of micromanaging.... I play lower tiers more often, I have kept my low tier ships & I enjoy playing them because I love ships... I can seal club, But usually find that in not the only one out there... those DDs are pesky at any tier.... basically thing to remember, is us & russian DDs have very short torpedo distance, usually 5klm & under, French & British are longer, British can be sent as single torpedoes, German roughly 6-8 klm, but the Japanese 8+ (so I tend to target Japanese DDs first) (except kamikaze, they get me every time due to concealment & long torps) Also its worth glancing at seconday guns, as these can be painful to dds if they get too close, & also AA ships.... Hopefully my tips will help you, I picked a lot up from watching ship specific videos on you tube, & trial & error, & just observing in other ships once I was sunk... or if you find helpful people you can ask them some tips.... For the other replies, even though some are very salty, they are mostly right, & are even adaptable/practicable at lower tier... you just have to excuse the salt from the old salts... I myself have had over 7000 games, I play for fun, & still get splattered & hopefully learn something from every match... when I get cranky at players/losing/exasperated, I leave the computer & come back another time, as there is also an evil god called rngesus (stands for random number generator, a mechanic in the game structure to "balance" out the shots from everyone, to make us hit or miss even when shots are lined up).... Anyway, I hope you can understand my input, I always try to help when I can.... See you out there in the lower tiers.... Ordrazz
  10. I pity CV players

    ^^^ this says it all in a nutshell.
  11. Giulio Cesare

    NO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. I have been experiencing similar problems of late, sometimes ramping out to 1000 ping..... but hard to fight if suddenly ship is stuck in the sea then boots you out of the game & you cant get back in.... Ordrazz
  13. I hope this water tank atop the control tower of Roma isn't part of the complete model of her, because if it is I will NOT be buying it.... it is so stupid it ruins the whole ship..... I hope its just a skin prank that is being pulled on us........ It is rediculous. Ordrazz
  14. So, if I don't run patches, fixes etc, will that mean I can still keep my frame rate??? I like to see my own ships sink in highest quality possible, & detonations look extremely realistic at the moment I remember back in the days of the good old commodore 64... never had any of these worrys, & the coveted elusive jewellery to find was a 1571 disk drive, & yes, I did finally get one, as well as the rare 1570 disk drive........ those were the days when things were simpler...... Load "*", 8, 1 Run Ordrazz