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  1. Ordrazz

    Is Aim Assist back?

    Do people really feel so INADEQUATE in their own game playing capabilities, that they require a hack to make them play better? If so, then they are better off taking their insecurities elsewhere & not play the game at all... Cheaters are not players here to enjoy playing a game, they are cheaters, who ruin the game for others... Ordrazz
  2. Ordrazz

    DD's in CO-OP

    Did somebody want flak???
  3. This thread reminds me of a popular saying from the game "Age Of Empires"... "You play 2 hours, to die like this ?"
  4. & you have the gall to call me a sealclubber ???? Hmmm ? Hmmm? Ordrazz
  5. Ordrazz

    Cannot play Carriers any more

    I sold all of mine, even my Saipan... For now at least, carriers can get stuffed... All of my free exp & my refunded doubloons will go into something more useful & enjoyable.... Maybe a battleship or 3... Ordrazz
  6. Ordrazz

    No more Noob

    I think I've come across most of these noobs in this thread, in battle one time or another..... I can feel the noobish energy rising, & there are too many noobs in random battles...... .......... Must ........suppress........... My...........inner...................... NOOB...................... NOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooo .............trying .........to.......break..........free......... Somebody..........help..........me......
  7. Hmmm you're right.... Been in game since 2015, well over 10,000 battles.... But I still sail in t 2-3 ships I remember in my erie how excited I was to shoot such a long distance , & to watch it actually land on an enemy ship, & it was even more exciting having start a fire.... & how I learnt to team play in my st Louis, which was the main ship I wanted, I learnt to not charge ahead of the fleet & get focussed on, & how different ship types have their roles to play (BBs, cruisers, DDs) & my job in a cruiser was to go in with the battleships & support them by using HE, & to ward off destroyers, & my first battleship South Carolina, & then the Wyoming, & I remember how frustrated I was with my stock New York... Let's not forget the ship that nearly made me quit..... kitikami, with its bullshit wall of torpedoes, come up against a div of those.. Then there were new DD & cruiser players lobbing off torpedoes at you as soon as the game started ..... Ahh the good old days..... Ordrazz
  8. Ordrazz

    WoWS Update 0.8.0

    We want rollback....
  9. Here's a radical idea, let's NOT have bastion mode at all !!
  10. He is a NEW player, so he isn't really facing any human players as enemies, as @Rina_Pon said, he is in a sandbox environment, not the open & wild full version of randoms like us..... I can't remember when new players get into the open world, isn't it like 50 battles or something? Even then, he won't get into sealclubber land until like 100 battles or so iirc, as they are protected by greenies.... Ordrazz
  11. @Arista_Skyfall Seriously, if you can't play at tier 1, how do you expect you will play at tier 10? & if you think its tough playing with stupid bots, wait until you start playing random battles, against real people, that will really turn the heat up... Playing your first games can be very daunting at first, I know, & the bots are programmed to be dumb, in order for you & any other Human players to sink more enemies, & get the hang of your ship, your team mates, maps & enemy movements.... It can be a very frustrating game to start with... As a great starting point, I strongly advise you to look up some YouTube videos, & get acquainted with the game..... If you look on YouTube there are many such helpful videos , & as you become accustomed to it, there are more advanced videos to look at, such as how to handle certain ships, types of ships etc In the forums here, from the home button, you should be able to find the newcomers area, where there are great tips , articles & discussion topics.... https://forum.worldofwarships.asia/forum/223-newcomers-zone/ As for your post, & certainly in game, you should immediately edit out the swearing, otherwise you will find yourself getting in trouble with the forum moderators, as profanity is neither permitted or welcome, & they come around with a red crayon & edit your post & sanction you.... So you can always look at forum rules, they are usually pinned at the top of each topic menus.... I hope this helps a bit, always remember, if you get frustrated with the game, take a break, have a coffee, go outside , do something else for a bit.... & come back fresh later... Don't let the game make you bald.... If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask, there are plenty of people to talk to if you are nice... Hang in there... Ordrazz
  12. Ordrazz

    No more Noob

    @Grygus_Triss you're just a noob, & you are trying to impinge me with your noobish tendencies.... Go & play co-op, you NOOB !!!
  13. Ordrazz

    No more Noob

    The reason why the noobs are advised to play co-op, is so they can effectively learn how to handle & operate their ship, & practice supporting team mates, & how to utilise the maps in a safe & un-interfering (to fellow players) environment, this is especially true when we see noobs in higher tier ships go charging off at the start of the match, only to get splattered within the first 2 minutes, this often demonstrates that they don't know their ship or the team mate ships, & are no good to the team as a flaming wreck.... As to the next statement, this is all well & good in theory, but a great deal of the players in the Asia server play selfishly, they only consider what they are going to do, & bugger everybody else, they just happen to Be in the same match...... This is clearly demonstrated when the noob sails away from his spawn point, in a direct line to go & cluster with others on the other side of the map , leaving his own side severely depleted in available ships, which usually results in handing the enemy that side of the map.... Another way to spot noobs is to see them all sit in their own cap circle midway through the game with full health, trying to snipe or launch torpedoes at enemies far away, these noobs are only interested in preserving their own paintwork & are useless in the battle... You can "advise them, guide them & help them see" as much as you like, but it isn't going to make any difference because often they are stubborn & won't listen anyway, & then they cry when they are sunk... So the only un-profane way of responding, is to say it like it is to them.... "Nooooooooobbbbbss" Ordrazz
  14. Ordrazz

    how many players actually like new cv play

    They are trying to merge all of their games into one.....