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  1. Regarding being made PINK!

    I love all these WoWs forums. People assume.... they make assumptions here, oh its the posters fault.... No, its not. the person who got his was moving away from the torps. As an ally, he can SEE the torps as soon as they are fired. Had he turned right, after my chat warning... open seas and he would be alive... But he turned left... straight into an island.... And via the Chat, he was "laughing" at my having been made pink, anyone caught out like this would be angry, right? Please so not assume I am a n00b. I am not. I have accounts on all 4 game servers. I've seen it all from the earliest days of WoWs. Trust me on this, it was done on purpose... he was nearly dead, time was nearly up... we were going to win regardless.... He had his little joke. The victim becomes the one at fault (with you guys)... except...
  2. Regarding being made PINK!

    There is a new type of player in the wild. So far, WoWs has ignored this player... Who is he? He is the one that thinks since the game is nearly over, (and in the game I was in) he has four kills.... SO... he deliberately turns his ship into oncoming allied torpedoes. WHY? To make a player turn pink. Better that way, the person isn't punished, but his victims are. I'm pink for one more game. This is happening more and more, the humble but but much appreciated Destroyer is falling victim to this act of terrorism and people are not sailing them like they used to, too afraid? WoWs REALLY needs to take not of this as the wrong people are being punished. You KNOW its bad when a person gloats via chat how he made you pink. TOTALLY UNFAIR!