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  1. Kiwi1960

    [PSA][0.8.0] Visibility (gun bloom) fix commentary

    Thank you for fixing this, even if it has taken how long? So, that doesn't bode well for the CV re-balancing does it? How many months of this hogwash will we have to endure before CV's are scrapped? Before...or after the console version is announced?
  2. Kiwi1960

    Regarding being made PINK!

    You can check if you like, I don't think my stats are private. I used to play exclusively on the EU server, but then moved to the NA server for the clan battles. The Asian server is one I have more or less given up on. The CIS server for the advance warning of new ships... but these days, I rarely have time to play on the NA server as it is. So call bullshit if you like, but thinking it doesn't make you right.
  3. Kiwi1960

    Regarding being made PINK!

    I'm allowed to vent.... and I have done... but I'm the only one here not being nasty about it.
  4. Yup, there is no fooling you. I'll keep you on as my lookout, now, up into the cows nest with you, mister. :) BTW, the Otago was a fine ship, she will be missed. It was sad that near her end, she was always breaking down. She knew her life was nearly over. :(
  5. 60's.... as my name suggests, I was in the year of our Lord, 1960. :)
  6. Just don't wander in the way of my torps. :)
  7. Kiwi1960

    Regarding being made PINK!

    Just fine Ralph. Just fine. You have a nice day, sir.
  8. I just want to thank all the decent humans that play WoWs for helping me take my mind off things. I'm taking a very powerful cancer pill called TARCEVA which works, sort of, on a genetic level, to kill the cancer. Some of us have this genetic disorder that provides an opening for cancer cells. The Tarceva fixes that and with luck, the cancer goes into remission, and for me, it has... till my body works up a resistance to the Tarceva and then its back to the drawing board. How much time the Tarceva is going to buy me is anyone's guess. BUT.... I'm 58 and I've had a fun filled life, often hard but never boring. My wife and I plan of returning to my birth nation next year (Holland) because they have two world famous cancer hospitals.... yes, two HOSPITALS dedicated to cancer!!!! My wife came out to New Zealand (from Holland) in 2015 and we got married. When the cancer was diagnosed, I promised her 15 more years of fighting. BUT... and this is the REAL reason I'm wanting to return to Holland... I want to return my wife to where I found her and leave her no worse off than if she hadn't come out to marry me. I digress... this Tarceva pill is.... well, the side effects are such that I have no desire to continue with life... fact is, if I stop taking Tarceva then I die... if I keep taking it then I have pain and discomfort... THAT is where World Of Warships comes in... Thanks to all those that help me take my mind off things.... As such, I'm registered on this server, the EU server, the NA server and the CIS server.... The only clan I'm in is one on the NA server where I mainly play. BTW, My wife also plays this game... she is a year younger than I am. Anyhow, thanks all for being awesome adversaries and team mates. :)
  9. Kiwi1960

    Regarding being made PINK!

    Thing is, all everyone says is correct... the torps were my responsibility... in the real world.... would I come here and complain about it knowing how ANYONE that speaks out gets treated? in the real world, if the other person was a decent play then he wouldn't have run into the torps... right? Fact is, I know how many cretins play this game... Youtube is full of them... Jingles often posts about these people... like the one that kept on ramming an ally and then stupidly making out it was his victims fault... I've put this down to a n00b... because anyone that plays this game SERIOUSLY enough to respect others players (like you all, right?????) would NEVER do such a thing.... would you? And you'd NEVER defend a person (like you have been) that appeared to do it on purpose.... right.... I'm sorry, I was there, you lot were not so you must side with the cretins.....why????
  10. Kiwi1960

    Regarding being made PINK!

    I love all these WoWs forums. People assume.... they make assumptions here, oh its the posters fault.... No, its not. the person who got his was moving away from the torps. As an ally, he can SEE the torps as soon as they are fired. Had he turned right, after my chat warning... open seas and he would be alive... But he turned left... straight into an island.... And via the Chat, he was "laughing" at my having been made pink, anyone caught out like this would be angry, right? Please so not assume I am a n00b. I am not. I have accounts on all 4 game servers. I've seen it all from the earliest days of WoWs. Trust me on this, it was done on purpose... he was nearly dead, time was nearly up... we were going to win regardless.... He had his little joke. The victim becomes the one at fault (with you guys)... except...
  11. There is a new type of player in the wild. So far, WoWs has ignored this player... Who is he? He is the one that thinks since the game is nearly over, (and in the game I was in) he has four kills.... SO... he deliberately turns his ship into oncoming allied torpedoes. WHY? To make a player turn pink. Better that way, the person isn't punished, but his victims are. I'm pink for one more game. This is happening more and more, the humble but but much appreciated Destroyer is falling victim to this act of terrorism and people are not sailing them like they used to, too afraid? WoWs REALLY needs to take not of this as the wrong people are being punished. You KNOW its bad when a person gloats via chat how he made you pink. TOTALLY UNFAIR!