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  1. WG shoot to oblivion
  2. I'm not maniac So dont forget it Its just a silly phase I'am going through Enjoy if you like
  3. my peak, something shall increase Scenarios 588 battles
  4. new ships Kagero Chappie Torpitz Lexion Bensonny Baltimora Bigmess ZobiKaku
  5. just to some where, it not useful at all, textures was stored in content, thats the only you need others folder shall conflict to GUI and visual it should look like this (notice red underlines)
  6. U only need to keep 1 folder "content"<<(the biggest size and most slow loading); others else move out(dyndecals; GUI; particles; maps; helpers....etc) move your game to other drive; D: or E: never install game in Drive C:
  7. folder path ok delete "preferences.xml" [C:\Games\World of warships\preferences.xml] and start game and set those settings again
  8. where? error 401 ship not found
  9. cost lots of time to download Tip: after re-install successful make a copy for Game example: I have 2 Folders of World of warships 2x 32GB
  10. world of HE Spammers
  11. 1./ open your "My PC/My Computer" right click on the drive where your game installed and choose properties >> Tools>> check 2./ turn off your PC for 5m and turn on again 3./ Run WOWS launcher >> Settings >> support >> check (again) 4./ RUn game 5./ if nothing work u should report to customers service
  12. may I ask what is your HDD type? Magnetic Disk or Solid State? BTW run Disk checking for sure and turn off your PC for 5m and turn on again(RAM maybe overheated )