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  1. MatterCore


  2. MatterCore


    hope, the only thing we can do
  3. MatterCore


    holy shit again the most popular warship in this server how bad it could be? [from Rank SS10]
  4. MatterCore

    What's your Warships music?

    0.7.11, 1 week to wait?
  5. MatterCore

    After 2 Months, But RNG trolls you :(

    next time, post in here
  6. MatterCore

    Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    nerfed and now undo
  7. MatterCore

    US CL line prioritise IFHE over CE?

    CE first IFHE later (19) focus on helping DDs and try to survive longer in battles
  8. MatterCore

    Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    no, its not ridiculous Its god damn toxic racy campaigns
  9. MatterCore

    If I like Perth, would I like Haida?

    did u read Wiki?
  10. hmm another way to eliminate Detonation ?
  11. MatterCore

    Ships with all their guns in the front?

    here the fact next update 0.7.11 RN DDs event: there are special missions which require Nelson and Duke of York [from PTS 0.7.11] weird or not, no problem
  12. MatterCore

    Captain Skill For La Gasolina

    u need last stand for Steering gear even Charles Martel and Saint Louis, Except Henri