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  1. The Force is strong with this one
  2. May the force be with you
  3. the word cant show to you how to play but Video is the best way
  4. well you can watch Video from Youtube and learn from them >> the most active Youtuber
  5. Discord << have an account << not use any more >> only forum and in-game
  6. RAPTOR she may appear in 2nd PT
  7. *_* all gone never see again ........... >.<
  8. hello there, I clean cache clear every >> no change; try on other browser OPERA 1 first time is EN; 2nd time is Korean
  9. I remember TEMPS huh?
  10. conceal the pic or you'll get ban
  11. God please ban them to hell
  12. By the stupid power We lost historical things
  13. Halloween PVE 2017 is first step << lets hope
  14. update to 0.6.13 Shipyard changed Ocean Changed