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  1. Bulwyf

    Blue Line Abuse Discussion

    How does a CV get 22 shell hits on others? as per the picture?
  2. Bulwyf

    Larger maps

    No I'm not and to suggest that I am simply because I want larger maps is rather foolish. I hadn't realised you were the one which made the decision on game features Yobbo. No I'm not and to suggest that I am simply because I want larger maps is rather foolish. I hadn't realised you were the one which made the decision on game features Yobbo. As to the last suggestion I may well take that up if the game remains as silly as it is.
  3. Bulwyf

    fix the bullcrap

    Totally agree with you Yobbo, same thing happens on normal islands too. I wouldn't hold my breath for them to fix it though. Realism doesn't seem to count for much.
  4. Bulwyf

    Larger maps

    Don't agree, it could only improve game play as people are bumping the board edges within a couple of minutes on these tiny maps. If people want to run then they should be able to. It was a legitimate tactic unlike what we have now which is akin to a cage fight.
  5. Bulwyf


    What on earth does OP mean? I see people bandy about this acronym all the time. Usually the context is different which changes what the meaning could be. In various posts I have thought it meant: Operator Opinion Overpowered etc I suspect that most of those who use it mean all of those things as the occasion suits. It certainly doesn't impress as an intelligent use of the language.
  6. Bulwyf

    Idea for submarine implementation

    They would probably just make them invisible like DDs which can shoot you without you seeing them now. The visibility rules in place now are a joke so i'm sure they could cloak a sub which sits low in the water with more justification than a DD which wasn't hard to observe at all. Should throw in some birds of prey for good measure huh
  7. Bulwyf

    Topedo spamming by carriers

    2 to 1 BB to cruiser ratio? Sometimes perhaps, but often there are more BBs than Cruisers. Personally I think DDs spam a lot more torpedoes, (high level DDs can fire 15 at a time with no limit on reloads despite in reality having only one) Though the CV ones can be dropped so they cant be avoided which can be a bigger problem. You will get some of the children here denying this but its the truth a good CV player can nail you even if your in a DD. Coupled with the DD invisibility cloak (seriously the most ridiculous idea anyone ever dreamed up) and BBs have a major drama with DDs. At close range so do CAs though they are better at handling them due to their ROF. In a further bit of gamy madness you can be shot at by a DD which you are unable to see. I am always reminded of Captain Kirk vs the Romulan bird of prey except in that case they had a lot more justification for it. There are so many gamy features to this game that it makes it something of a joke in terms of how actual ships performed and their roles. I'm just waiting for something better.
  8. Bulwyf

    Idea for submarine implementation

    Subs would at least give destroyers something realistic to do since this was one of their primary functions. Subs in general would not enter a naval battle like the ones portrayed with the exception of Japanese subs. This was doctrinal and was one of the big weaknesses of the Japanese sub campaign since shooting merchant ships was actually far more important. (the one exception being the japs torping the ship which carried the atomic bombs on the way back despite seeing it on the way there) A couple of points: Subs could fire from front or rear Their torps could be aimed via gyros US torpedoes for the first part of the war were hugely unreliable even to the point of circling back and almost hitting the firing ship. Aircraft were in fact the great nemesis of subs as they could spot them relatively easily when at periscope death and damage them forcing them to surface. The normal reaction of a sub when attacked was to dive and evade often laying on the bottom for hours. Not all subs were faster on the surface, the Type 21 for instance had the following speeds: 15.6 knots (28.9 km/h; 18.0 mph) surfaced17.2 knots (31.9 km/h; 19.8 mph) submerged6.1 knots (11.3 km/h; 7.0 mph) (silent running motors) They could also drop mines. Subs in the game would be totally unrealistic but since little else in the game is realistic have at them
  9. Bulwyf

    Get rid of manual torpedo release

    I have struck the odd player who the L attack and bravo for them for using real tactics. As to the torpedo arm distance, I know they have one its just a fraction of what it should be though.
  10. Bulwyf


    Reload time for torps on a Mogami was apparently 16 seconds, range was more like 30 kilometres. Reloads even in the cruisers were generally 1. I would like to see a lot more realism in this game because it has precious little of it at the moment. DDs can spam a lot of torps though I think you wont see a change, like a lot of people are saying the developers are more interested in making a buck than trying to simulate anything. At some point someone will make something more historically accurate hopefully.
  11. I find that I get a lot of steering disabled hits in the Atlanta. Almost every hit disables the steering. Almost every other hit kills a turret. This happens far in excess of what it does on other ships and with hits which arent even near the steering gear. ie mast gets hit steering is disabled, funnel cops one, bingo no steering. Im wondering if this is an error because it just happens so frequently, last night 4 or 5 times in a game with a turret knocked out for good measure.
  12. Great idea, and since the 3D models already exist I would'nt think it would be hard to implement.
  13. Bulwyf

    terms and slangs v2

    I always thought POI meant point of interest. What does OPS mean? Operator? Opinions
  14. Bulwyf


    I think its the most rubbish ship in the game and I wouldn't have a problem with that since its free excepting that it is a liability to any team it goes on.
  15. Bulwyf

    100% hate Carrier and torpedo

    Not in anyway like they are in this game. Generally CVs were 100 or so miles away and went after other CVs. They didn't really start to go after BBs till they sank all the CVs. In game CV play is so far from reality I really don't see the point in their being there.