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  1. LitScheR


    理性看待吧,更多的人还是希望能够在线上线下和谐相处的。 来而不往非礼也,善意的出发才能赢得彼此的尊重和认同,一起来为游戏环境的改善尽绵薄之力。
  2. LitScheR

    Kreml Get Stuck in Mountain Range PT 0.9.1

    I met the same question.. My Minotaur cant move anymore. It happened in the RANK battle,so I hope this problem can be solved before 0.9.1 released to the live server. 20200126_200840_PBSC110-Minotaur_37_Ridge.wowsreplay
  3. LitScheR

    Winrate mean nothing (just my opinion)

    In fact, if you want to achieve a high winrate, it will be the best way to team up with other 2 experienced players.But we should't always judge a player with his or her data anyway. We play games to enjoy the process, not to get a "perfect" data.
  4. LitScheR

    Winrate mean nothing (just my opinion)

    As a solo player(most of the time).I value average exp and damage more.Because in many cases, one player has too limited effect on the winning compared to three reliable people in a division.You can't stop others from teaming up or stop your teammates from sinking too quickly.But I think it's not too hard to get enough exp and damage as long as the game doesnt end too fast.At the same time when you do a lot of things for the team or deal much damage,usually you wont own a terrible overal winrate.
  5. LitScheR

    Looking for good AA ships

    Here are my suggestions: Battleships:T6 P.E.Friedrich T7 Hood,Gneisenau,Scharnhorst(of course,Germany battleships are very afraid of AP bombers) T8 all USS battleships,Bismarck Cruisers:T6 Huanghe T7 Atlanta,Helena,Flint T8 Cleveland,Baltimore,Wichita Destroyers:T6 Monaghan T7 Sims,Mahan T8 Kidd,Akizuki,Prinz eugen,Irian Also if u wanna make a div with your cv friend.I think friesland will be the best choice :)
  6. LitScheR


  7. 「HSF Harekaze」の艦長が欲しいです