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  1. Whats the ARP Ashigara

    soooooo they give us the Haruna captain but never her yellow kongo bb to go with her! sigh oh well another free ship to add to the collection
  2. About ARP Ships

    so this voice replaces the voice of Kongou or totally fresh capt of the same model I have to train up!? I hope its just a replacement voice!!!
  3. The new ARPEGGIO mission are here

    ok im confused! the last event was for the kirishima & iona, now this event gives me credits instead of another kirishima & another iona captain, haruna but without her yellow kongo, plushy bear captain for the green kongo I already have & a red myoko & captain when fully complete!? Why no Yellow Kongo for haruna?? Shouldn't they be giving us that to go with haruna instead of the kirishima again?
  4. Timekillers.

    they need to start cracking down on the team killers!! BIG deal they get a pink name, that doesn't stop them killing team mates & all you get is stuff all credits & your time wasted in return!!!
  5. WoWs x Arpeggio Stage II

    why is it that the EU server gets the Yellow kongo & then as part 2 gets a high point captain!!!!??? why does War Gaming insist on treating the servers differently? we should all get the same!!!
  6. ARP Stage II

    why is it that the EU server gets the Yellow kongo & then as part 2 gets a 18 point captain!!!!??? why does War Gaming insist on treating the servers differently? they should all get the same at the same time!!!
  7. Banning of the word 'YOU' In-game

    please add your & who to the list
  8. Why don't we have German battleships

    WG have already confirmed that Russian cruisers will be here soon & followed by the German battleship line
  9. oh wow really? they will do that? I'm from NZ & find it really hard to get people to play together as a team on the SEA server, it's only when I've come across other kiwis or aussies that we work together & usually do quite well, especially helpful from T7 & above!! ping wise im at a stable 100ms & 65fps, just wondering what others were getting ping wise before making up my mind.
  10. Banning of the word 'YOU' In-game

    it's also the words your & who which now come up ***r & ***
  11. Banning of the word 'YOU' In-game

    Tested & confirmed, You, your & who are all coming up as ***, ***r & *** who ever did this at WG needs a smack on the knuckles with a metal ruler! It would be funny if it was April 1st but it's not! it makes communicating even harder!!!!!
  12. anyone having issues with the arp myoko challenge stage 2, I set 3 fires with my tipitz but none showed up in the stage 2 bar, bar is still empty showing 0 fires but yeah getting my kongo the cruiser kill stealing that happened ahahahahah it was crazy! kongo stage 2 is easily done with bogue running fighters x2 bombers x1
  13. I gave up on team work because im in NZ & playing on an Asian server & 90% of the time what is posted in the team chat box is little green rectangles. I just play to have fun now & not to take this game serious, I tried the USA server but 200+ latency is a lot worse than the stable 90-100 I get on this server. the games with English typed & the team works together are great though but it's few & far between
  14. Every time I click battle I hope to see lots of furutakas on the other team because my Murmansk eats them alive, they are so easy to citadel volley after volley