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  1. Pete_atHome

    0.9.4 Bug Report Thread

    Hello, I noticed when playing the map Loop, the minimap doesn't match the layout. looks like the old layout. Thanks
  2. Pete_atHome

    What is server overload?

    Yep, getting the same and WoW's server status is 'Green'. Need better indication if there is an issue
  3. Pete_atHome

    7.2 Ship icon Size in Mini Map

    Hello, I play at 2560x1440 resolution and the ship icons in the mini map are large, is this going to be fixed? Also they don;t scale with the change in map size. thanks Pete
  4. Pete_atHome

    New Mini Map Ship Icon Size

    I'm on 2560x1440 and the icons are large. I raised this during the public test, obviously they didn't read feedback
  5. I'm not happy with the compensation overall. I purchase premium camo for T8 Fubuki, a ship that i loved, now at T6 I don't think Ill play it, most likely sell it. I had premium camo applied to the Kagero, which I hate and have sold. I have got the Yugumo, seems nice but still getting the feel of it. So far enjoying the Shiratsuyu, purchased with free XP. My premium camo has gone to waste. Why couldn't I pick the ship to apply it to? Also I had to re org and retain 3 capts and adjust their skill again - costing doubloons. Would have been nice to get a discount on this. It's the camo that has got me upset and at attitude of customer service. I've lost incentive to purchase premium camo again and now worried about it for the other ships I have it. I spend a lot of money on the game and expect fair treatment, especially from customer service. It would be nice to give the customer choice when they have spent money on something.
  6. Hello, When are we going to receive the Dragon Flags? I only received the 10 initial ones. I have over 3K battles. Thanks Victor
  7. Pete_atHome


    It was about the signal flags, I've built up quite a few but like for for the XP to level up captains quicker. Running out of the commander ones. Would love the dragon ones, waiting for them to be given to us for the 1st aniv.
  8. Pete_atHome


    Hello, Why can't we get specials like the other servers can, like flags? NA have great flag deals why don;t we get them? Thanks
  9. Pete_atHome

    Winning Premium Accounts

    Hello, When we win premium accounts can we have an options to activate them when we would like to please? Thanks
  10. Pete_atHome

    Winning Premium Accounts

    Hello, Can you make it so when we win a premium account we can choose when to activate it? Hate getting things on a day when I can't play for very long. Thanks