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  1. ImHikaruCat

    [PSA] Clans trading steel in CvC 9

    According to this https://forum.worldofwarships.asia/topic/44595-psa-clan-violating-eula-for-clan-battle-season-8/ UMR_R oh wait it's UMR-R got disbanded and this time they still be able to violates again. So what is the point of this so called "punishment"? How to stop them from violating rules again? I think a more serious action towards them such as permanently ban the account would be appropriated here.
  2. ImHikaruCat

    birthday giveaway

    No u MiyanoBird
  3. Wrong section. Sorry.

  4. ImHikaruCat

    Torps launch in the wrong direction

    Same thing happened with my clanmate. Only found out this was a thing after 0.6.15 patch.
  5. No one give a f with your country policy. And stop arse hurt things ppl said about your country. Keep your bs politics stand point out of the game.
  6. Highlight is a smart function coming with GeForce Exp but you can also increase your Instant Replay limit to 20 mins (which is equal to the time of a WoWS match). If you like your previous match, just press Alt Shift F10 to save it IIRC.
  7. ImHikaruCat

    Chats Displaying asterisk (***)

    Those censored things only happened in ASIA server for whatever reason. Maybe they think using cursing words in a division chat is too inappropriate for ASIAN NoKappa. No offensive but censoring chat is purely 'bollocks'
  8. She even have less amour than Cleveland. It's just a Atlanta of Royal Navy with a worse smoke than Flint.
  9. ImHikaruCat

    How to fight AS Saipan with balans Hiryuu

    Use your fighters to hold his fighters then snipe him.
  10. My bad, I just want to highlight parts that I want to reply to.
  11. No reason to communicate? Why they spam the crap out of those boxed when no one response? Yeah, "squares language" people are "good manner" that after a friendly response from me, they would like to give a "good manner" response as "**** you". #2goodmanner4me
  12. So, is if I am playing in SEA, I should learn all these languages according to this? Great idea man The things is, he was using his "square language" to communicate with us the whole match but no one response and I am just telling him the fact that we cannot understand his "square language".
  13. If they don't want to communicate, why are they spam those squares in team chat? In some matches, they chat those boxes the whole game without anyone reply to him? And then after I was chat that I cannot understand what him say, he replied with a "**** you all". Other time, they are in the same division but spam tons of those boxes in the team chat. Why? I am not pushing English as a speaking medium or some sh like that, I just want to say that if you want to communicate but everyone cannot understand you, is there any meaning to do that?
  14. If everyone use their mother language, how can people understand each others? That why we have English to solve this problem. Also, if this game was released only in their country (E.G: WoWS MY, WoWS CN, WoWS JP, WoWS VN, WoWS TH,...) I would not complain. As a Vietnamese, I expect people to use English in chat team/all and using their mother tongue for division chat (big shout out for division that you can chat with each other by tab the chat box).