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    0.5.1 Dev Notes

    [edited] About the "night battle" - it's another lost in the translation. The RU one says EVENING map, but it will be bright enough to shoot as before, no new gameplay.
  2. SharanaEU

    0.5.1 Dev Notes

    First of all the IJN torpedo spread won't come in 0.5.1. The is mistake in all non russian bulletins where this was cutted out and will soon be cutted out from the other portals. Then even with the new spread HIA won't do more damage then the nerfed Midway (and it's nerfed in 5.1), because they have different jobs - HIA is killing DDs and CAs much easier while Midway is nuking BBs which brings more damage. Also that's not exactly night battles - you will still see where you shoot pretty good, it will just be darker. No new mechanics.