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    Random questions, etc.

    So, Hi. I'm kinda new, so bear with me. I was just wondering if accounts will get restarted/wiped after the OBT ends. Will this happen or not? And, if the wipe does happen(which I presume will), will I be able to keep my ships(I'm planning on buying a prem ship) and port slots and doubloons or whatever they're called? Or do I have to grind again? -.- Also, I was thrown into a match where there were mostly tier 5's and I was the only tier 3. Dafuq was with that? I thought only WoT had screwed MM? O.o And what's a cutter? I hear it's a kind of ship class, but I'm not really sure(2 lazy 4 wiki n googel m8). So why's it not on here? Anyways, to anyone who's gonna answer and stuff - Thanks, have a nice day.
  2. Captain_Feel

    Game shits me to tears

    I raged more in 3 matches in this game than 1 year in WoT. Also, the game does get annoying but at least, no random rounds flying 30m from your target *cough * WoT *cough* (I think)